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General coupling matrix synthesis methods

The general coupling matrix is used to represent the coupling relationship for filter synthesizing =-=[15]-=-–[18], [21].

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Abstract—This paper presents a two-stage optimization method for accurately extracting the coupling matrix (CM) and the unloaded quality factor (unloaded Q) of each resonator from the measured (or simulated) S-parameters of lossy cross-coupled resonator bandpass filters.

Their off-diagonal elements are coupling coefficients kij between ith and jth resonators.

For the first time, this identity is applied directly to an electrical engineering problem, simplifying N+2 order coupled matrix filter synthesis (general case, which includes lossy and asymmetrical filters).

Synthesis and Design of Microwave Bandpass Filter …

Index Terms — Dual-band, duplexer, microwave filters, non-resonating nodes.

Abstract—This paper presents a method for extracting the coupling matrix and the unloaded Q from the measured (or electromagnetic simulated) S-parameters of a narrow band cross-coupled resonator bandpass filter with losses.

Once the characteristic polynomials of the S-parameters with the phase shift removed have been determined, the coupling matrix of a filter with a given topology can be extracted using well established techniques.

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Computational Cost Reduction for N+2 Order Coupling Matrix Synthesis Based on Desnanot-Jacobi Identity.

Abstract—This paper is an overview of important concepts and formulas involved in the application of coupling coefficients of microwave resonators for the design of bandpass filters with a particular emphasis on the frequency dispersion of coupling coefficients.

We present a filter design formalism for the synthesis of coupled-resonator optical waveguide (CROW) filters. This formalism leads to expressions and a methodology for deriving the coupling coefficients of CROWs for the desired filter responses and is based on coupled-mode theory as well as the recursive properties of the coupling matrix. The coupling coefficients are universal and can be applied to various types of resonators. We describe a method for the conversion of the coupling coefficients to the parameters based on ring resonators and grating defect resonators. The designs of Butterworth and Bessel CROW filters are demonstrated as examples.

The method can be used in computer-aided tuning (CAT) of microwave filters to accelerate filter design and physical realization.
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