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A Cruel Angels Thesis.

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People who reject this advice and continue to put themselves in a proximate or near occasion of sin will undoubtedly lose their souls, since God will allow the devil to fool them in some way since they rejected the Word of God, and chose to put themselves in the way of temptation. Many there are, indeed, who presumptuously claim that they won’t get tempted by watching or listening to worldly media, or that they will be able to control it, but here we see in the condemnations of Blessed Pope Innocent XI that one may not even put oneself in “the proximate occasion for sinning for a spiritual or temporal good of our own or of a neighbor”. God will undoubtedly leave a person who is presumptuous and prideful, and the Church and Her Saints have always condemned such individuals that trusts in their own strength. As a matter of fact, one can even understand from the light of natural reason that one is not allowed to put oneself in the occasion of sin, so those who do this act will have no excuse whatsoever on the day of judgment. In addition, a person who watches bad, worldly or ungodly media, tempts his fellow man to watch these evil things also, and thus, by his bad example, puts both himself and others in the way of damnation by his selfishness and presumption. So in addition to damning himself , such a person also actually tries to damn others by his bad example, trying to drag others with him into the eternal darkness and fire of hell. This is a kind of evil that is breathtaking to behold! It is thus a fact “that when men avoid the occasions of sin, God preserves them; but when they expose themselves to danger, they are justly abandoned by the Lord, and easily fall into some grievous transgressions.” (St. Alphonsus Liguori, , Mortification of the Eyes, p. 221)

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“Brother Roger, a Franciscan of singular purity, being once asked why he was so reserved in his intercourse with women, replied, that when men avoid the occasions of sin, God preserves them; but when they expose themselves to danger, they are justly abandoned by the Lord, and easily fall into some grievous transgressions.” (St. Alphonsus Liguori, The True Spouse of Jesus Christ, Mortification of the Eyes, p. 221)

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Now, many people claiming to be Catholic and worshiping God and desiring forgiveness of their sins and enter Heaven strangely don’t care anything about this advice, and even chose to ignore it because of their perverse and evil will and attachment to images. Now if they really wanted forgiveness for their sins and cared anything about God, and to please Him, and not to offend Him, they obviously would not surf the internet with images on and thus expose themselves to innumerable bad images of sensual women or men tempting them everyday to fall into occasions of sin against the all good God.

– Novus Ordo Watch's Evil Practices, Beliefs and Heresies Exposed (added on 2014-07-04). Novus Ordo Watch is a sedevacantist organization who "wish to compare and contrast the Catholic Church and the Catholic Faith with the new religion ("Novus Ordo") instituted after the supposed election of Cardinal Angelo Roncalli as "Pope" John XXIII in 1958 and his disastrous Second Vatican Council (aka "Vatican II" – 1962-65)."

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– Extracts of the Revelations of St. Bridget uploaded in the Norwegian language.

The Interpretation of Canon 7 states: “As for adultery, sodomy [anal and oral sex], and bestiality, the Fathers canonized these sins doubly more than fornication, or, more expressly, each of them eighteen years, because the sin involved in them is also double. … As for sodomy, on the other hand, and bestiality (or sexual intercourse with beasts), in these too besides the unlawful pleasure they afford, there is an actual injustice done to what is strange or unnatural, or, more explicitly speaking, they violate the laws of nature, in that they are sins contrary to nature. The number of years for each of these sinful deeds has likewise been economically fixed like those for fornication, but doubly as many: that is to say, in other words, adulterers are to spend six years in weeping outside the church, and so are those guilty of sodomy and of bestiality; they are to listen for six years, and to kneel for six years more, and then they are to commune.”

There’s no evidence that a life of chastity or celibacy is a more holy or virtuous life than getting married, and those who try to say that celibacy or chastity is better than marital life, are just influenced by the prudish, false and heretical Manichean and Stoic teachings and worldviews which both extolled chastity and generally rejected as gross or evil the sensual pleasures of the flesh. Many of the Fathers and the Saints were very prudish in their worldview since they were heavily influenced by the heretical Manichean and Stoic teachings concerning marriage and sexual desire that flourished during their time, and that is why they taught that chastity or celibacy is a more holy or virtuous life than getting married. Indeed, the Fathers even go further than that, teaching that sexual desire and the normal, marital act even in marriage can be dangerous or harmful for the soul. In addition, the teaching of the Fathers and the Saints that one should despise and reject one’s sexual desires even in marriage, is outrageous and reek of gnosticism, and the Bible and the Church totally rejects this view of theirs as well as their other errors concerning sexual pleasure, marriage and celibacy.

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Yes, one needs to be careful if one wants to be saved, and those who are not careful about themselves and just expose themselves to all kinds of dangers (as almost all people do today, whether they be self-professed Traditional Catholics or not ) will not be saved, since they will be abandoned by God and fall into sin, .

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