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"Cultural distance" among speakers of the same language

Finally, some of the research has failed to support any significant relationship between cultural distance and adjustment.

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Trans-cultural diffusion - Wikipedia

1, issue 1, 72-91Abstract:Purpose - The purpose of this paper is to examine the relationship between cultural distance and cross-cultural adjustment.

Cultural Distance and Foreign Direct Investment Flows: The S-Curve Hypothesis

Abstract/Résumé : In Nunavik, the 14 communities are not linked to each other by roads, they are only accessible by plane. A primary school exists in each village and teachers from the small communities work in an isolated context. Since 2010, a project of implementation of a new technology to support the teacher training has been experimented in the communities of Puvirnituq and Ivujivik. The project aims to integrate distance session in the intercultural and trilingual teacher training which is developed since 1984. The relevance of the development of this new tool has been already demonstrated and the use of this technology is now taking varied formulas. In the perspective of improving the general schooling process and educational achievement of Inuit youth, the authors will demonstrate that a lot can be done to bring isolated communities closer. This paper will present how Inuit students and teachers are developing ways to connect and collaborate together: networking of the students to do team work, networking between students and the professor, networking of the pupils, networking of the co-management group.

Statistical hypothesis testing - Wikipedia

Cultural distance was first operationalized as a composite of the scores on Hofstede's cultural dimensions.

Management School, The University of Sheffield, 9 Mappin Street, Sheffield, S1 4DT, UK Abstract: This paper investigates the effect of national culture distance on cross-border acquisition performance.

In this paper, we hypothesise that culture distance relates negatively to cross-border acquisition performance because it hinders integration capabilities, but that culture distance also elevates the positive association of integration capabilities and cross-border acquisition performance because it provides more learning opportunities that can only be exploited with strong integration capabilities.

CEU, Cultural Competency Continuing Education

We propose a theoretical framework for the study of cultural distance and FDI flows includes both liability of foreignness and benefit of foreignness.

We find that culture distance constrains communication between acquirers and their acquired units, bringing about a negative indirect effect on acquisition performance.

Our study provides additional support for a double-edged effect of culture differences on acquisition performance, and illustrates the importance of integration capabilities. Keywords: cultural distance; cross-border acquisitions; acquisition performance; national culture; integration capabilities; learning opportunities; UK firms; United Kingdom; mergers and acquisitions. DOI: European J.

13/05/2009 · Hypothesis 3 The effect of cultural distance of an organizational leaders from BUSINESS 101 at Anglican High School
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    This study addresses an apparent impasse in the research on organizations’ responses to cultural distance

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    of cultural distance on the ..

  • How does national culture impact on consumers decision-making styles


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a cross cultural study in Brazil, the United States and Japan

Findings - The authors concur with the Cultural Distance Paradox that greater differences in individualism between home and host cultures facilitates work adjustment.

The Transcension Hypothesis, John M. Smart, 2011

Since the results of this work are not as conclusive as would be required for the complete corroboration of the hypothesis, we decided to add as an independent variable for the measurement of the degree of integration to the reception society the cultural distance between this one and the origin society.

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Practical implications - Based on the Cultural Distance Paradox, firms may be well-advised to direct their expatriate training efforts toward those assignments where the home and host cultures are presumably similar, as there may be a tendency to take adjustment for granted and therefore forgo cross-cultural training.

Second Language Acquisition Theories as a Framework …

Originality/value - Rather than fixate on one set of findings from the literature, this study considers all four of the possible relationships between cultural distance and adjustment, as found or suggested in previous research.

Cosmology: Hubble Redshift. Huygens Principle …

The authors address four hypotheses regarding this relationship: the Cultural Distance Hypothesis; the Cultural Distance Paradox; the Null Hypothesis; and the Asymmetry Hypothesis, in an effort to reconcile the disparities found in the literature.

Cultural Distance and Foreign Direct Investment Flows: …

This comprehensive approach should advance our understanding of cultural distance as a complex construct, with a role that cannot be consistently defined across all situations.

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