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Manufacturer and OEM of high-end test and measurement equipment with private-labels. Products include universal counters, timers, synthesizers, pulse, function and arbitrary waveform generators with 1 ppm clock accuracy, waveform creation software etc.

New Laboratory Makes Kilogram-Scale Chemical Syntheses of Plastics Possible - Fraunhofer LBF

Medical research and therapy are natural applications for microdevices, and Ikuta has developed a series of promising biomicromachines. For instance, he has used two-photon nano-stereolithography to fabricate nano-forceps — controlled by optical trapping — for grasping and handling individual cells. Other medical devices that have emerged recently from Ikuta's laboratory include nano-scale needles for piercing cells, a microcatheter driven by the pressure of physiological saline solution for conducting intravenous endoscopic surgery, and a versatile modular micro chemical device called a 'biochemical IC chip', which contains micropumps and other micromechanical components for performing biochemical analyses and syntheses.

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Your thinking is along the lines of combustion synthesis, which is the technique used to form developed by Dr. Bryce Tappan at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Combustion synthesis techniques are tricky but when you find one that works you can do all sorts of cool stuff!

"Necrotic Organics Reactivation Technologies 7"Note to chemistry administration protocol #1An important synthesis unit that produces drugs for cloned brains has malfunctioned and broken.

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Experimentation. Replicative automation technology will permit a tremendous expansion of the concept of a "laboratory" to include the Earth-Moon system and ultimately all of the bodies and fields in the Solar System. A number of grand experiments could be undertaken which would prove too costly if attempted by any other means. For example, an Earth orbital cyclotron could be constructed as a series of thousands of robot-controlled focusing coils and stationkeeping target assemblies within the terrestrial magnetosphere, with operating energies possibly as high as TeV for electrons and GeV for protons. Additional experiments on magnetospheric propulsion and energy generation could be conducted by free-flying robot drones manufactured on and launched en masse from the lunar surface. Gravity field probes, including mascon mappers and drag-free satellites, could be coordinated to perform complex experiments in kinematics, special and general relativity, and celestial mechanics. Investigations of artificial in situ lunar crater formation dynamics, solar wind composition and utilization, unmanned ecological simulation modules, and isolation or "hot lab" module manufacturing for conducting dangerous experiments with explosive, radioactive, or biologically engineered materials are still further possibilities.

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Since then Watanabe has devoted himself to modifying the oxidizing behaviour of haemoproteins — particularly myoglobin — by specific mutagenesis. For example, by a process of careful replacement of selected single amino acid residues in the myoglobin active site, he and his team have managed to create a synthetic enzyme that enhances the rate of hydrogen peroxide-dependent oxidation by a factor of over 1,000 to bring it into line with the level of reactivity more commonly associated with peroxidases. They have also replaced the iron porphyrin active centre in myoglobin with salophen units and introduced different metals, such as copper and rhodium, in place of iron. Another research theme centres on the design of synthetic organometallic enzymes to catalyse useful synthetic processes such as hydrogenation and the aryl coupling reaction. In this context, the Watanabe group have prepared alloys of gold and palladium within the protein complex ferritin — more commonly known in living systems as an iron storage receptacle. The performance of these metallobiocatalysts can be adjusted by modifying the structure of the ferritin at selected points using mutation techniques. These recent new directions have caused Watanabe to reassess yet again the way he describes himself: "I guess you'd say I'm more a biologist than anything now," he laughs, "but I started out as a chemist, and now there's this term 'chemical biologist' going around. That's probably about right."

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Most iGEM teams’ designs involve many more manipulations of DNA; some teams create a dozen new BioBricks during the summer, but this hole-maker would be City College’s sole contribution to the registry. Even if the battery never worked, another synthetic biologist, 50 years from now, might stumble upon this custom-made part, take it off the shelf and put it to a totally different use in an organism he or she was designing. That is, if the City College students ever managed to actually create the BioBrick. If they didn’t design the primers correctly, a reaction would fail. If Hunter’s arm wasn’t totally steady as she deposited those chemicals into the machine, a reaction would fail. If flecks of her skin or her hair — or any other stray DNA in the room, for that matter — fell into the machine, a reaction would fail. And reactions were failing — again and again, for most of August and into the fall.

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A more advanced development of this idea is the self-assembly of 'ABC' stars — three anti-affinity polymer chains joined at a central node to form a three-point star. The nodes of adjacent stars are strung along an imaginary locus like beads on a string, and the microscopic appearance of the patterns formed from the many different combinations of polymers that can be created using this model follow the 12 archimedean tiling patterns, including regular honeycomb and kagome lattices through to more exotic quasicrystalline arrangements. With some regret, however, Matsushita notes that he has yet to synthesize all 12 patterns. A current area of interest is the synthesis of polymer–metal hybrids by generating nanoporous polymer materials from an A–B block copolymer and another polymer segment C to form a regular structure. Removing C by chemical treatment then creates a material containing voids into which metal atoms can be introduced. The resulting species function as photonic crystals, entities that are attracting much attention as potential materials for optical computers and optical cloaking devices. But for Matsushita, the joy is in exploring basic science and pushing back the boundaries of human knowledge. "Applications are important," he says, "but I leave that up to others. I'll just keep coming up with the ideas and doing things that interest me."

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