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This compound is used as a solvent to dissolve cellulose ethers, lacquers, resins, fats, waxes, oils, bitumen and crude rubber. It is also used in perfume manufacturing, during surface coating operations (lacquers), in synthesis of adipic acid for production of nylon 66 and engineering plastics, during synthesis of caprolactam in nylon 6, paint and varnish remover, in the extraction of essential oils, in analytical chemistry for molecular weight determinations, in the manufacturing of adipic acid, benzene, cyclohexyl chloride, nitrocyclohexane, cyclohexanol and cyclohexanone, in the manufacturing of solid fuel for camp stoves, in fungicidal formulations (possesses slight fungicidal action) in the industrial recrystallising of steroids, organic synthesis, recrystallising medium glass substitutes, solid fuels, in analytical chemistry and in manufacturing of adhesives.

 Deoxidized grade products can be used in anaerobic and hydrophobic reactions.

Physics: “Ideal gas law. Heat, temperature, phase”. Pressure; gauge pressure. Ideal gas law. Heat, temperature, and phase changes; specific heat and heat of transformation

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Physics: “Correcting nearsightedness and farsightedness”. Correcting nearsightedness and farsightedness; optics of glasses and contact lenses. Near point and far point. Lens power;

Physics: “Optics of lenses and mirrors”. Introduction to the optics of lenses and mirrors. Concave, convex, converging, diverging; real, virtual; upright, inverted, magnified, shrunk. Sign conventions for focal length, image distance, object distance, magnification. The lens/mirror equation; the magnification equation. Introduction to ray tracing.

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For its landmark Etileno XXI project, this company -- a joint venture of the premier thermoplastic resins producer in the Americas and one of Mexico’s leading petrochemical groups -- secured a total investment of $4.5B to build the largest petrochemical facility in the Americas, capable of producing 1+ million tons of ethylene and polyethylene annually.

Physics: “Some quantum number problems”. Some quantum number problems, involving possible quantum numbers and ground-state electron configurations

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  • Physics: “More on one-dimensional kinematics”.

    Structure, properties, spectra, suppliers and links for: Cyclohexane, 110-82-7.

  • Kinematics equations and method

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  • Problems discussed in the videos

    Synthesis of (-)-Tetrodotoxin - Organic chemistry

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Kinematics equations and method

Organic chemistry: “Amino acids and peptides”. Biochemistry--amino acids, peptides, and polypeptide sequencing. Acid/base properties of amino acids. How to draw amino acids at various . How to determine of a peptide; . of the N-terminus; conversion of the C-terminus into an amide. Total acid hydrolysis (TAH). Sanger’s reagent and chloride. Hydrazine (NH2NH2). enzymes--, , . A polypeptide sequencing problem

Kinematics equations and method

Organic chemistry: “Introduction to amino acids and peptides”. Biochemistry. How to draw amino acids. Acid/base properties of amino acids. Finding net charge of amino acids and peptides (proteins) at a specified pH. of amino acids and peptides. Peptide (amide) bonds. Amino acid sequencing with partial digestion by enzymes such as . Total acid hydrolysis (TAH)

Kinematics equations and method

Organic chemistry: “Carbohydrates”. Carbohydrates (sugars). D vs. L sugars; . Ring formation; projections; vs. ; vs. . . Glycosides (sugar ). Attack of acetone on sugar units to form cyclic

Kinematics equations and method

Organic chemistry: “Introduction to amines”. Amine nomenclature. and of amines. Synthesis of amines—through SN2, through lithium aluminum hydride (LAH) reduction of amides or , through the Gabriel synthesis, or through reductive . Overview of LAH reductions—of and , of carboxylic acids, of esters, of amides, and of .

Problems discussed in the videos

Organic chemistry: “Amino acid and polypeptide synthesis”. Amino acid synthesis--Gabriel synthesis; synthesis. degradation. Polypeptide synthesis-- () and () amino-protecting groups; protection of the terminus via ester formation; DCC () -activating reagent. An example of calculating and charge at a specific pH for a long polypeptide

Kinematics equations and method

Organic chemistry: “Reactions of and ”. formation through attack of secondary amines on and ; as ; of ; synthesis problems involving . condensation; crossed condensation; condensation. condensation; condensation; crossed condensation; condensation as a route to . ester synthesis; ester synthesis. Michael addition; Michael acceptors; Michael donors

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