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The de Broglie equations relate the wavelength and frequency to the momentum and energy , respectively, as

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De Broglie graduated from university with a degree in history, but he began seriously studying science after serving at the Eiffel Tower radio station during the World War I.
Intrigued by the work of Planck and Einstein he concentrated his studies on theoretical physics.

In general, the De Broglie hypothesis is expected to apply to any well isolated object.

The theoretical value of the wavelength of matter waves of incident electrons having mass m and momentum p is calculated using the de Broglie’s relation as follows

What is de Broglie hypothesis? - Quora

Thus the de Broglie’s relation and his hypothesis of matter waves are verified.

De Broglie had originally intended a career in , and receivedhis first degree in .Afterwards, though, he turned his attention toward mathematics andphysics. With the outbreak of the in 1914, he offered hisservices to the army in the development of communications.

In his later career, de Broglie worked to develop a explanation of wave mechanics, in opposition to the wholly models which dominate theory. Today, thisexplanation is known as the , since itwas refined by in the 1950s.

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The de Broglie wavelength

While this seems like a return to a Newtonian particle view, the return was not and complete. For the wave-based notion of frequency was part of Einstein's hypothesis. And whatever else may come, the experiments on the interference of light remained.

This effect has been used to demonstrate atomic , and it may allow the construction of an atom probe imaging system with nanometer resolution. The description of these phenomena is based on the wave properties of neutral atoms, confirming the de Broglie hypothesis.

Since the original Davisson-Germer experiment for electrons, the de Broglie hypothesis has been confirmed for other .
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    Louis de Broglie - Wikipedia

  • De Broglie–Bohm theory - Wikipedia

    The concept that matter behaves like wave is called De Broglie Hypothesis

  • The de Broglie–Bohm theory, also known as the ..

    Cite as: Debroglie hypothesis.

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4 Answers - How is De Broglie's hypothesis related to …

In it's simplest form, de Broglie's hypothesis is meant to be applied to fundamental, indivisible particles, like an electron (an electron is fundamental and indivisible to within our current experimental precision at least). In that case it doesn't make semse to talk about half an electron, or to divide the mass of the electron among its parts. There is a single well defined frequency/energy for an electron at rest (but not a position :) ).

How does de Broglie hypothesis explain the stationary orbits?

For composite particles like molecules things are more complicated. De Broglie's hypothesis only applies to free particles, so you shouldn't apply it naively to the bound degrees of freedom within a composite particle. You can however think of a de Broglie wavelength for the center of mass degree of freedom, which is particularly useful when you do experiments that don't probe the internal structure of the object.

How does de Broglie hypothesis explain the stationary orbits

The Davisson-Germer experiment confirmed the deBroglie hypothesis and served as a foundation for the formulation of quantum mechanics. The experiment essentially applied the Bragg law of diffraction to particles. The experimental vacuum apparatus measured the electron energies scattered from the surface of a heated wire filament and allowed to strike a nickel metal surface. The electron beam could be rotated to measure the effect of changing the angle on the scattered electrons. The researchers found that the intensity of the scattered beam peaked at certain angles. This indicated wave behavior and could be explained by applying the Bragg law to the nickel crystal lattice spacing.

Why is the de Broglie hypothesis not considered a law?

If it helps, you can think of the de Broglie frequency of a composite particle (like an atom) as a beat frequency. This is not a formal result. The de Broglie wave was a conceptual "step" in the development of quantum mechanics, and was considered to be superseded when the full theory of Schrodinger, Heisenberg, Dirac, etc. was developed. It would be interesting to see an analysis using the full theory of the frequency and wavelength of an atom from its bound constituents. I have not seen it and do not have a reference I am sure contains it, however in a 2007 paper by Wignall (open access here: ) there is mention of "...the possibility of writing the solution of the N-particle Schrodinger equation for a bound system as the product of a free de Broglie wave with angular frequency equal to the stated additive absolute mass, representing the behaviour of the composite’s centre of mass, times the solution of an (N-1)-particle Schrodinger equation in terms of reduced masses," and some references are given.

De Broglie's hypothesis and Bohr's atom - Nsb Notes

Wignall was proposing the use of de Broglie frequency as a replacement for the international standard of mass, so obviously his answer to your question is that it is a mass concept, or can be. He has written numerous papers on the subject you can easily find.

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