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I think all dentistry must be painful. Dental implants have come a really long way!

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It’s a bit disturbing what ancient civilizations used for false teeth. It makes me happy that I was born after the 18th century when there were major developments in dental implants. I’d prefer not to use a bamboo or copper pet as a tooth.

History of dental impant is very good post it is very nice information for online reader.

Dental implants are now considered the most advanced solution for missing teeth and some dentists have as high as a 97% long-term success rate. Dental Implants are the only reliable solution that:

Dental Prosthesis; Prosthesis, Dental - …

Thanks for sharing this with us – Even in my dentistry I came to know many interesting facts those I don’t know.

Dermot, thank you for sharing this information. It’s really interesting to see the history behind implants. I had no idea that they dated back so long. It’s amazing that thousands of years ago there were even people who had some kind of dental implant.

It is really interesting to hear the history behind dental implants! I can’t believe that it all started with titanium place in a rabbit femur. I’ve been thinking about replacing one of my teeth with an implant instead of getting a root canal. I will definitely ask my dentist about the procedure.

dental prosthesis explanation free

Dental implants seem like a really great solution for those who have had concurrent teeth problems or those who’s teeth are completely gone altogether. I appreciate you taking the time to get this information out there Dermot for those who are pretty new to implants! I do not need them yet, thankfully, but if I was ever to get dental implants, hopefully, I will be living in Virginia. Do you know any good dentists in Fairfax area by chance?

That’s fascinating that dental implants have been around for 4,000 years. However, as you mentioned, dental implants of today’s world are much more successful and natural looking. They are a fantastic way to replace lost or damaged teeth with a high success rate and reliability while being aesthetically pleasing.

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  • Dental implants are changing the way people ..

    I never realized that dental implants went back so far in history! We’ve come a long way, and thank goodness for that.

  • The Dental Geek takes a look at the history of dental implants.

    Dental prosthesis - Wikipedia

  • Pros And Cons Of Dental Implants Vs. Bridges – the …

    Dental implant - Wikipedia

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Pros And Cons Of Dental Implants Vs

I’ve always found these brief history lessons on dental implants pretty cool. It amazes me that even thousands of years ago there was technology like this! I can’t imagine how difficult or painful it would have to be back the, but now it is relatively painless. My wife will be getting an implant this year, and I am glad that she won’t have to deal with it like times of old.

bone of the jaw or skull to support a dental prosthesis such ..

Thanks for the post. I loved the idea. It is a great way to get children to learn about dental health, and its a fun way for them to learn. Thanks for the idea, happy blogging!

Dental implant definition by Babylon’s free dictionary

It really amazes me that dental implants went back to over 4000 years ago. However, I’m sure that the process then was a lot more painful than the processes today. I’m glad that they did advance the technology, since I couldn’t bear the amount of pain it would be for someone to pound a fake tooth into my jaw.

Dental implant Definition from Language, ..

This post is really useful. I also found some interesting apps for dentist around the world like dentalink nos dentist in 20 countries are using it.

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[…] Human beings have understood the value of teeth for a long time, and they’ve come up with a variety of ways to replace them, according to The Dental Geek. […]

Phoenician Dental Art - Encyclopedia Phoeniciana

[…] The History of Dental Implants Do you ever wonder how the most advanced solution for missing teeth came to be? Turns out, the first dental implants existed 4000 years ago in ancient China. Carved bamboo pegs were used to replace missing teeth. Take a closer look into this article for a detailed dental implant timeline. […]

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