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[2] Design Compiler user guide.

1) The synthesized gate level netlist and updated UPF file from Design Compiler.

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For synthesizing multi voltage SoC, standard cell libraries characterized at different VDD is essential. Additionally the libraries must have the level shifter cells. For synthesis, layout and timing analysis we will need the UPF and HDL code. Almost all the design flow will be automated with TCL scripts. This project will use Synopsys library compiler, Design Compiler, IC Compiler and Prime Time PX.

The designwas implemented using Active-HDL and Synopsys Design Compiler.

To alleviate today’s immense time-to-market pressures, Design Compiler 2010 extends topographical technology to further optimise its links with IC Compiler, tightening correlation down to 5 percent. Additional physical optimisation techniques are applied during synthesis, and physical guidance is created and passed to IC Compiler, streamlining the flow and speeding up placement in IC Compiler by 1.5X. Design Compiler 2010 also provides RTL designers access to IC Compiler’s floorplanning capabilities from within the synthesis environment. With the push of a button, designers can perform what-if floorplan exploration, enabling them to identify and fix floorplan issues early and achieve faster design convergence.

Design Compiler: RTL Synthesis - Synopsys

[4] IC Compiler design planning user guide and IC Compiler user guide.


Apparently the prefered way of using design_vision is to load the .dbfile produced by design compiler and tell design_vision to generate anew schematic from that.

The initial UPF file is created and loaded into the Design Compiler for synthesis. After synthesis is done the updated and modified UPF file is saved for subsequent design steps involving IC Compiler, Formality and PRime Time.

Design Compiler Graphical - Synopsys

You can also compile your design within design_vision by loading fileusing the analyze menu and then using the same dc_compile script.

The simplest flow through our designs is: design entry, simulation, synthesis, simulation, place & route, simulation, extraction, and simulation. Note that each forward step is followed with a simulation step to verify the design functionality and performance. These simulations can use the same “test bench” to test the design as it progresses through the phases of design.

The post layout timing analysis is performed with Prime Time, the static timing analysis tool from Synopsys. As input Prime Time expects the updated post layout netlist from IC compiler, the updated UPF file, the layout parasitics in .SPEF format and the timing constraint file [3][5].

Most of the examples have been simulated by ActiveHDL Simulator and  Design Analyzer, as well as synthesized with Synopsys Design Compiler .
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  • Design compiler - Download as PDF File ..

    You will have to add the standard cell verilog modulesas a file under analyze in order to compile your .vg design.

  • Logic Synthesis with Design Compiler, July, 2006 ..

    The Design Compiler - Home Pages of All Faculty at …

  • Synthesis using Synopsys Design Compiler Tutorial ..

    Synopsys Design Compiler (DC) Basic Tutorial - YouTube

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Synopsys - Design Compiler Flow ..

Multi-VDD design in the arena of SoC is not new. An emerging area of research is Near Threshold Computing. The concept of Near Threshold design is relatively young, it is yet to be taken into account in automated synthesis flow. Several research groups have looked into design automation considering Reliability and process variation. Such tutorials can be obtained from UCSD VLSI CAD group and Prof. Maly`s group at CMU.

Synopsys adds RTL power to Design Compiler upgrade | …

Synthesis is the process in which synthesis tools like design compiler or Synplify take RTL in Verilog or VHDL, target technology, and constrains as input and maps the RTL to target technology primitives. Synthesis tool, after mapping the RTL to gates, also do the minimal amount of timing analysis to see if the mapped design is meeting the timing requirements. (Important thing to note is, synthesis tools are not aware of wire delays, they only know of gate delays). After the synthesis there are a couple of things that are normally done before passing the netlist to backend (Place and Route)

The IC Compiler design flow is an ..

3) The UPF scripts will partition the design into domains of different VDD and implement the level shifter strategy. For synthesis Synopsys Design Compiler is used.

RTL Compiler Beginner’s Guides ..

The Unified Power Format (UPF) is a standard to specify the low-power design intent for chip design. UPF gives the designer the ability to specify the power intent early in the design process. UPF supports The entire design flow - from synthesis to layout – is supported by UPF.

HFNS can also be performed at synthesis step using Design Compiler

Design Compiler 2010 includes a new, scalable infrastructure designed to deliver significant runtime speedup on multicore compute servers. It employs an optimised scheme of distributed and multithreaded parallelisation techniques, delivering an average of 2X faster runtime on quad-core compute servers while achieving zero deviation of the synthesis results.

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