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Other aspects of this study did not match up well with Beck.

Chris Fraley

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This application takes as input two basic kinds of parameters.

Traditional acupuncturists placed great emphasis on the body’s own healing power. Rather than forcing out illness using strong drugs, Chinese doctors tried to stimulate the body’s own innate healing power. This approach is always followed by naturopaths too.

This application can be used to plot the regression of Y on X for various values of Z.
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Another key strand of Naturopathic Acupuncture is the promotion of wellness, not just the elimination of symptoms. All too often health is defined merely as an absence of disease. One feels unwell, goes to the doctor, and has a variety of blood tests and scans. The results come back showing no abnormalities: the patient is told they have nothing wrong with them. If the patient still complains of feeling unwell they are dismissed as a hypochondriac or a neurotic: perhaps the doctor will refer them for therapy or counselling.

The degrees of freedom are used for the simple slopes t-tests.

Such graphs can be used to better understand the form of the interaction in question.
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It isn’t unusual for a patient to be suffering from two or more psychological conditions simultaneously. As we’ve already seen, depression and anxiety seem to be closely related and it is common for a patient to be suffering from both in some form. For example, 39% of agoraphobics also suffer from MDD.

This suggests that different disorders as classified by the DSM and ICD may not be quite so distinct as they suggest. It also raises a more practical issue; which disorder should be treated first?

Reliability and Validity of Beck’s Depression Inventory (BDI)
The BDI is one of the most widely used tests for assessing the severity of depression. When it was first published in 1961 it signalled a major shift in the view of depression which until that time had been viewed in psychodynamic terms. Aaron Beck considered the cognitive symptoms of depression rather than seeing it as a self destructive and inwardly displaced anger.

The BDI consists of 21 item self-report questionnaire. Each item is designed to test the severity of a specific symptom.

Items 1 to 14 consider psychological symptoms. For example:


Arbitrary classification and measurement of symptoms
Many of the diagnostic criteria are very loosely defined. How much energy does a person need to lose? How much does the ability to concentrate need to be reduced…and so on. It seems to be assumed by the diagnosis, that people with just a few of the symptoms are healthy and pucker. However, over half of these patients go on to develop other symptoms and become officially depressed.


The df is not used for the RoS X/Z analyses.

The program can be configured to evaluate the simple slopes for any value of the moderator.
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It is important to note that this does not take anything away from Beck's work, but actually strengthens it through empirical research which clarifies Beck's ideas, which can then be used with even more confidence in later studies.

Death Resistive Body is the mixed-blood ability of the real . Instead of simply regenerating from heavy wounds, his body is able to reshape on its own, so that he can survive even without vital organs. This also allows him to crystallize his blood, which then can be used as an extremely fine sword or thrown weapon.

It is also possible to evaluate the simple slopes for the regression of Y on Z at any value of X.
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  • (Simply enter a positive value.

    These values indicate the values of X for which the regression of Y on Z is statistically significant.

  • As such, it be copied and pasted like a traditional image file.

    These values indicate the values of Z for which the regression of Y on X is statistically significant.

  • It is a supplement to Roisman, G.

    This article gives an overview of current research programs based around Beck's Cognitive Theory of Depression.

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Development and Psychopathology, 24, 389-409.

In such a short article it is difficult to describe all the methods of detoxification which we teach at CNM in great detail. Here we will just give a brief summary of some of the main methods taught at CNM.

Chris Fraley | University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

According to the ancient Chinese, detoxification is best carried out in the spring. This is the time for rejuvenation and renewal of life. Naturopaths also follow this guidance, which is working with the laws of nature. Winter, on the other hand, is a time of building up reserves and resting.

Retrocognition is the ability to perceive the past.

The Naturopathic approach focuses on clearing toxins from the body, using the body’s own organs of detoxification. These organs include the lymphatic system, the skin, the kidneys, the lungs, the colon and the liver. By getting these organs to work more effectively, the body will release toxins and return to health.

Keywords: depression, children, adolescents.

So what are these toxins? They can include internally generated toxins, such as urea, or waste products of bacteria or yeasts. They can also include external toxins, such as drugs (illegal or prescription), alcohol, caffeine, food preservatives, pesticides, cosmetics, environmental pollutants and heavy metals.

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Acupuncture was developed in a very different world to ours. Our pattern of disease is therefore often quite different to that seen in ancient China. At the time acupuncture was developed, much disease was often caused by a simple lack of basic food, and by chronic overwork. In our society, by contrast, disease is often caused by an excess of toxicity. This is one reason why CNM has developed Naturopathic Acupuncture, in order to focus on reducing the level of toxins as part of the return to full health. In our experience, modern diseases benefit hugely from an approach which includes a method of detoxification.

Consequently, I feel that the paper may be a bit misleading.

As we increase our wellness, we are less attracted to junk food, excessive alcohol and drugs. Our culture of bingeing is another sad reflection of our sickness as a society. When people are unhappy, unwell, frustrated, they want to block it all out with bingeing.

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