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Who is Jan Ingenhousz and how did he discover photosynthesis

What did scientists discover when they arranged elements in order of increasing atomic mass? - 1446475

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Scientists Discover New Pathway for Artificial Photosynthesis

Publishing this new finding, however, was not straightforward. Other researchers claimed that what Kohler and Hudson saw was a well-known “dirt effect” and not something real. They actually claimed the dirt was in the window of the cuvette and not in the polyenes themselves. Schulten, a rookie in computational biology at that point, summarizes how the paper was likely received by some in the scientific community: “Do you know what foolish thing Karplus did? He wrote a paper on this dirt effect.”But Schulten and Karplus persevered and eventually published their findings. Schulten's understanding of these polyene excitations would later inform his photosynthesis research.

21/06/2010 · How did the scientists discovered the age of ..

Since this discovery, scientists around the world have been puzzled by how chlorophyll d is able to get enough energy from infrared light for photosynthesis.

But chlorophyll f works at even lower light levels than chlorophyll d.

Scientists Are Rewriting the History of Photosynthesis - WIRED

08/12/2017 · Jan Ingenhousz: Jan Ingenhousz, Dutch-born British physician and scientist who is best known for his discovery of the process of photosynthesis.

At first, most scientists did not believe that all the reaction centers found in photosynthetic organisms today could possibly have a single common ancestor. True, all reaction centers harvest energy from light and lock it into compounds in a form that’s chemically useful to cells. To do this, the proteins pass electrons along a transfer chain of molecules in a membrane, as though skipping along a series of stepping stones. Each step releases energy that’s ultimately used down the line to make energy-carrier molecules for the cell.

Using large-scale mass spectrometers located at EMSL, scientists discovered how blue-green algae use proteins and how they respond to varying natural conditions. Blue-green algae are responsible for nearly half of the photosynthesis necessary for sustaining life on earth and can be used to create renewable, carbon-neutral biofuels

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