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Simply put, speech recognition is difficult.

Affordable speech synthesis and recognition tools are now available to anyone with a PC and a microphone.

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There are many inherent difficulties involved in speech recognition.

The Bosphorus Database is a new 3D face database that includes a rich set of expressions, systematic variation of poses and different types of occlusions. This database is unique from three aspects: (1) The facial expressions are composed of judiciously selected subset of Action Units as well as the six basic emotions, and many actors/actresses are incorporated to obtain more realistic expression data; (2) A rich set of head pose variations are available; (3) Different types of face occlusions are included. Hence, this new database can be a very valuable resource for development and evaluation of algorithms on face recognition under adverse conditions and facial expression analysis as well as for facial expression synthesis.

The analysis ends with a brief description of some of the applications of speech recognition.

P.N. Belhumeur, J.P. Hespanha, D.J. Kriegman, Eigenfaces vs. Fisherfaces: Recognition using Class Specific Linear Projection, Proc. of the 4th European Conference on Computer Vision, ECCV'96, 15-18 April 1996, Cambridge, UK, pp. 45-58
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The first stage of the speech recognition process is preprocessing.

Links to speech synthesis and recognition resources can be found on this

Applications of speech recognition systems are usually grouped into four categories: Command-and-Control, Data Entry, Data Access/Information Retrieval, and Dictation ( ).

It’s easy to confuse voice recognition and speech recognition. Both use recordings of the human voice, but they do different things with it. Speech recognition strips out the personal differences to detect the words. Voice recognition typically disregards the language and meaning to detect the physical person behind the speech. Speech recognition is language dependent, while voice recognition is independent of language. In essence, voice biometrics provides speaker recognition rather than speech recognition.

This can be seen a great deal in the area of speech recognition.

Speech recognition forums for both PC and Mac users can be accessed at this  page.

Just like clicking with your mouse, typing on your keyboard, or pressing a key on the phone keypad provides input to an application, speech recognition allows you to provide input by talking.

The military as well as the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) were the primary government agencies responsible for the research and funding for automatic speech recognition....

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  • There are many types of speech recognition.

    There are three main stages involved in speech recognition: preprocessing, recognition, and communication.

  • The last major application of speech recognition is Dictation.

    At the initiation of speech recognition, research was funded and performed by universities and the U.S.

  • Fundamentals of Speech Synthesis and Speech Recognition.

    Speech recognition solves this problem and destroys the boundaries between humans and computers.

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College student's informative summary paper on speech recognition 2.

The primary advantage of having ears is the ability to identify the of the sound. Human listeners can detect the difference between two soundsources that are placed as little as three degrees apart, about the width of aperson at 10 meters. This directional information is obtained in two separateways. First, frequencies above about 1 kHz are strongly by the head. In other words, the ear nearest the sound receives a stronger signal than the earon the opposite side of the head. The second clue to directionality is that the earon the far side of the head hears the sound slightly than the near ear, dueto its greater distance from the source. Based on a typical head size (about 22cm) and the speed of sound (about 340 meters per second), an angulardiscrimination of three degrees requires a timing precision of about 30microseconds. Since this timing requires the volley principle, this clue todirectionality is predominately used for sounds less than about 1 kHz.

One of many speech recognition questions answered.

This is why sexual intimacy is reserved for married love – marriage is the only context wherein sex between a man and a woman can speak the true language of self-gift.

A large list of Speech Recognition links on the web.

Through voice recognition systems and voice interfaces, users can input data into a computer, retrieve data from a computer, and direct the processing of computers simply by speaking a few simple commands....

Key Differences Between Speech Recognition and …

Speech recognition algorithms take this a step further by trying to recognizepatterns in the extracted parameters. This typically involves comparing thesegment information with templates of previously stored sounds, in an attemptto identify the spoken words. The problem is, this method does not work verywell. It is useful for some applications, but is far below the capabilities ofhuman listeners. To understand why speech recognition is so difficult forcomputers, imagine someone unexpectedly speaking the following sentence:

section to describe how to build speech synthesis and recognition ..

Most speech recognition algorithms rely only on the sound of the individualwords, and not on their context. They attempt to , but not to. This places them at a tremendous disadvantage comparedto human listeners. Three annoyances are common in speech recognitionsystems: (1) The recognized speech must have distinct pauses between thewords. This eliminates the need for the algorithm to deal with phrases thatsound alike, but are composed of different words (i.e., and ). This is slow and awkward for people accustomed to speaking in anoverlapping flow. (2) The vocabulary is often limited to only a few hundredwords. This means that the algorithm only has to search a limited set to find thebest match. As the vocabulary is made larger, the recognition time and errorrate both increase. (3) The algorithm must be on each speaker. Thisrequires each person using the system to speak each word to be recognized,often needing to be repeated five to ten times. This personalized databasegreatly increases the accuracy of the word recognition, but it is inconvenientand time consuming.

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