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ras oncogenes clearly help cause a large percentage of human cancers.

Explain the importance of myc oncogenes in certain cancers, and the two ways myc is activated.

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DNA Damage, Aging, and Cancer — NEJM

Autophagy is a degradative process conserved among all eukaryotic cells and is required for the rapid degradation of large portions of the cytoplasm and unnecessary or damaged organelles in the lysosome lumen. It has long been known that this catabolic pathway is essential to generate an internal pool of nutrients that permit cells to survive during prolonged periods of starvation. Recent studies however, have revealed that autophagy actively participates in other cellular processes such as development, cellular differentiation and rearrangement, aging, elimination of aberrant structures and type II programmed cell death, as well as contributing to the cell’s defense against pathogens (both viruses and bacteria) and tumors. Consequently, defects in this protective barrier correlate with a growing list of diseases, including cancer, neurodegenerative disorders such as Huntington’s, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, and cardiomyopathies.
The main morphological feature of autophagy is the sequestration of the cargo targeted for destruction by a large cytosolic double-membrane vesicle called autophagosome that delivers it into the lysosome/vacuole interior for destruction. Despite the identification of many specific components, the molecular mechanism that directs formation of the sequestering vesicles remains largely unknown.

Risk factors are known for variouskinds of genetic injury, and various kinds of cancer.

While I was re considering chemotherapy, I received a text from a Danish friend asking me if I had heard about Cannabis oil (CO) as a treatment for cancer? I had not but if I had a pound for every cure for cancer that had come my way since 2011 I would be a rich man. A few weeks later another friend got in touch asking me about cant say I was too impressed, it was presented as a panacea for all types of illnesses, nevertheless I had nothing to loose except my pride and 3,0000 Euros. How I came to get CO (buy it or grow it yourself )and take it, I will deal with in the Blog over the coming weeks. But at the time there was very little, what I would call credible information on the web about CO, I found a very helpful FaceBook Forum Called where there are many people in the same boat as you, who can offer advice on how to take it as most doctors know little about CO and have not even put it in my medical notes for fear of being blamed for putting “Quack” ideas into my head.

Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) and Cancer: ..

ABSTRACT: Dihydrofolate reductase (DHFR) was discovered in the late 1950s by investigators searching for folate-dependent enzymes involved in 1-carbon metabolism, with its already known application as anti-cancer and as antibiotics. This study focuses on structure of Dihydrofolate, its interaction with specific amino acids, mechanism of DHFR catalysis. The reason of study was to focus on compounds which can inhibit DHFR and has applications as antifungal agents, antimalarial agents, ant tuberculosis agents, for Leishmaniasis and Trypanosomiasis treatment. Also, to find out the reason of resistance to antifolates and ways to overcome them, recent drugs under each class of agents and drugs under clinical trials.

The principles of radiation therapy are the same as surgery: to curethe dog of cancer or to relieve the bulk of cancer in dogs with advanced disease whilesparing normal tissues. Radiation produces its biologic effects when it comes in contactwith the atoms of the dog's tissues. When radiation travels through these tissues, itcauses excitation of these charged atoms that ultimately leads to biologic damageparticularly in the form of DNA double-stranded breaks.

Folic Acid Metabolism: A Role in Cancer's Cause and Cure

In some situations radiation therapy may provide advantages oversurgery, particularly when tumor invasion is widespread or if the dog's general healthplaces him at high risk for surgical complications. Because of the clinical evidence ofthe efficacy of radiation treatment of dogs with particular tumors, more and moreveterinary facilities are beginning to offer this form of treatment for cancer and somebenign tumors.

So when I first saw this article by Jeffrey Dach it was very reassuring to know there was a theory behind the use of CO for cancer. When I started taking CO in 2014 there was one paragraph on the Cancer Research UK saying their was no evidence of its benefits. Now there are and all over the internet, yes much of it is anecdotal and as I am often reminded N =1, nevertheless when you are told there is no hope for the largest group in the bell curve of research, you start looking at the exceptions in the tail of the curve and wondering why N=1 is alive while all the others are dead. Is CO a miracle drug? who knows? All I can say is in 2011 I had radiation, surgery and chemotherapy for early stage 3 Rectal cancer and the cancer was not visible on scans for about 9 months. In 2014 I had radiation followed by CO for stage 4 ( there is no stage 5) and I have been clear of cancer for over 30 months. That is not to say it wont come back with a vengeance any time soon, but given my time again I would not have had chemotherapy even though I apparently tolerated it better than most patients and will talk about it later in the blog

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  • There are several ways in which legumes may act to prevent cancer

    People with cancer do not die of the disease itself, but of secondary effects of the tumoror its treatment.


    As of this writing, there is still no known antigen unique to any cancer (Nature 369: 357, 1994, still holds).

  • Hydroquinone: Is the Cure Worse Than The Problem?

    Relaxation of imprinting in the pathogenesis ofWilms tumor:Nature 362: 747 & 749, 1993; Cancer Res.

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Research & Development Cell Cycle in Cancer

The goal of surgery is to completely remove the solid tumor. Thoughthe early consensus regarding surgery for the treatment of cancer recommended aggressive,radical approaches for removing tumors as well as regional lymph nodes and underlyingtissues, clinical studies have not demonstrated any therapeutic advantage to thisapproach. Instead, dependent upon the tumor type, oncologists may combine a regimen ofsurgery with radiation and/or chemotherapy to target residual disease left by the primarytreatment.

Nutrition and Cancer: Frontiers for Cure

It is an exciting time for medicinal cannabis, now legal in twenty three states as of , and widely used by ordinary people as a home cancer treatment. There has been considerable success, and one can read the inspiring of remission from cancer on internet Blogs and Message Boards.

This article from and reprinted from Gregory K

Some tumors are exquisitely sensitive to the effects of radiationand therefore, radiation therapy may be used as the only course of therapy with the intentto cure. Such malignancies include tumors of the brain that are often inoperable. Braintumors respond well to radiation with either complete cures (as in the case of smallpituitary tumors), or longer survival times (intracranial tumors and spinal lymphomas).Tumors of the nasal cavity can be difficult to control in terms of growth and invasion bysurgical intervention. Additionally, surgical excision of these tumors often producesdisfigurement and debilitation. Since these tumors are sensitive to radiation, there is anadvantage for utilizing radiation treatment over surgery.

Molecular Determinants of the Response of …

Another name for Programmed Cell Death (PCD) is “Apoptosis”, a Greek word for “falling away”, coined by Dr J.F. Kerr in his groundbreaking 1972 .(10) As a normal part of our life cycle, 10 million of our own cells are lost daily via apoptosis, and require replacement cells to take their place. (11) In disease states, there may be disruption in the cellular machinery or signaling pathways that control apoptosis. Excessive apoptosis may cause neurodegenerative disease. Not enough apoptosis may cause cancer.(11)

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