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The Greenhouse Effect and Greenhouse Gases - Indian …

What is the greenhouse effect?

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The Greenhouse Effect and Greenhouse Gases

Profitable greenhouse vegetable production depends on a complex system of chemical processes that make up plant growth. With optimum greenhouse and cultural management systems, growers hope to maximize the efficiency of plant growth so that high yields of high quality vegetables result.

But how do trees and photosynthesis help against the threats of Greenhouse Effect?

Instead, ocean life absorbs CO2 during photosynthesis and, while most of the gas escapes within about a year, some of it is transported down into the deep ocean via dead plants, body parts, faeces, and other sinking materials.

Causes of the Greenhouse Effect - Conserve Energy Future

The major objective of the greenhouse manager is to maintain photosynthesis in the plant. Nearly everything that a greenhouse operator does is with regard to optimizing the greenhouse environment so that growth rate is not slowed.

The products of photosynthesis undergo many transformations in the plant to produce all of the necessary compounds for plant growth and fruit production. These compounds include sugars, amino acids, proteins, starch, enzymes, energy compounds, cellulose, lipids, and nucleic acids, among others.

One of the main greenhouse gases that ..

The consequence of the absorption of infrared radiation by carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is that Earth is much warmer than it has any right to expect based upon its distance from the Sun. In fact, Earth’s average surface temperature is 59 degrees Fahrenheit when it would be 0 if carbon dioxide and other such greenhouse gases (like water vapor and methane) did not exist in our atmosphere.

For planets, such as the Earth, which have an atmosphere containing gases that can create a greenhouse effect, there is always a delicate balance between the quantity of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and the resulting temperature on the planet’s surface. It is this balance that may be upset if human activity changes the contents of our atmosphere by, for example, increasing the amount of carbon dioxide. If we do that, the average temperature all over the Earth may increase significantly and we would have , which could possibly lead to serious .

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    Trees fight greenhouse effect by using photosynthesis to limit the amount of carbon dioxide that goes into the upper.

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    Every photosynthesizing thing will slowly stop the evil reign of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

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    20/01/2013 · Causes of greenhouse effect: The greenhouse effect is nothing ..

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Photosynthesis vs. Greenhouse Effect - Prezi

The level of C02 in the air affects the rate of photosynthesis. Typical ambient outdoor air has about 350 ppm CO2. Research has shown that plants can increase growth and yield by increasing the CO2 concentration to 800 or 1000 ppm as long as light, temperature, etc., are optimum. CO2 can be introduced into the greenhouse by injecting CO2 gas from cylinders or by burning natural gas or propane in special burners. Growers in the northern states take advantage of this by injecting CO2. To benefit from CO2, the injection must be done during the light hours of the day, and the greenhouse ventilation system must be off. The latter requirement is difficult to meet in Florida, even in the winter, because some ventilation is needed even on cold but sunny days. Therefore, it is questionable whether CO2 injection will benefit Florida greenhouse growers.

The Greenhouse Effect - Columbia University

The greenhouse effect, which occurs in the Earth's atmosphere, creates a barrier to stop heat escaping from the Earth. It effectively forms a cosy layer around the Earth, which keeps the surface temperature at an average of 15°C. Without our atmosphere and the greenhouse effect it causes, the surface of the Earth would be a very chilly -18°C.

How the Greenhouse Effect Works

Immediatelyafter exposure to 14CO2, the plant's photosynthetic tissue iskilled by immersing it in boiling alcohol, and all of the biochemical reactions cease.

dioxide for photosynthesis through ..

The amount of gas dissolved in the water is in turn influenced by the amount of phytoplankton (microscopic plants, particularly algae), which consume CO2 during photosynthesis.

BBC - GCSE Bitesize: Economics of greenhouses

The rate of respiration, like photosynthesis, is affected by several factors such as temperature, moisture, plant injury, age of plant tissue, CO2 level, and the amount of food (photosynthate) available.

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