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02/01/2018 · Do plants need uv light to grow

Why don't plants use UV light for photo.

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UV light for plants - Tips Plants need for photosynthesis UV light

In many systems, planets may be subject to stellar flares, particularly in the close habitable zone orbits around dim red dwarfs. Even planets orbiting two bright Sun-like stars at farther habitable orbital distances, however, could be still be subject to harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation, particularly from stellar flares. As a result, plants that evolved in such systems would need to develop UV-blocking sun-screens to coat their surfaces on in their tissues. Even so, photosynthesising microorganisms may need to move during a sudden flare, especially those lifeforms that developed in aquatic environments subject to frequent flares but become more protected by a thicker layer of water overhead if they can move deeper underwater -- more discussion below). (See also: Royal Astronomical Society news releases of and ; University of St. Andrews ; and )

Photosynthesis Science Fair Projects and Experiments

Or maybe you can come to like Haworthias, Gasterias, or other succulents that don't need blazing sun all day.

You can have too much artificial light, but you've got to go some to do it!

The amount of light needed for growing a desert cactus full time is upwards of 2,000 lumens per square foot.


The main problem is that the back side of the plants in a window never gets enough light and they can lean or stretch.

Other than cost, the heat put out by the required level of lighting for cacti can be a huge problem and you will need to run a fairly robust system of fans both to stop the plants overheating and to stop the rest of your house overheating.

You might be better looking for types of cactus or other succulents that will grow well in your western window or outside without much sun.

The beginning aquarist is likely to think that if there's enough light to see then it's enough for plants to grow.
However, that's not true. If you want to grow healthy plants, and not just algae, you need enough light for them to use for photosynthesis and create energy.
It used to be that people advised 3-4 watts per gallon as a VERY basic principle. But, due to modern lighting technology this is now considered an outdated notion (with PAR now more the norm).

Light Spectrum and Plant Growth

For those needing a bit more economy, but cannot afford a well made/longlife HO LED such as the GroBeam or AI Hydra, instead of the shotgun emitter, low quality daisy chain drivers of Fluval, Current Satellite, or Finnex LEDs, a consideration would be the relatively new SHO (Super High Output) compact fluorescent lamps (CFL).
These use 65, 85, & 105 watts, however these awesome bulbs put out the equivalent of 325, 425 and 525 watts respectively! (Pictured to the left and below in a photo-shop example of placement.)

Honestly, for any aquarium plant keeper who is remotely handy in DIY projects, the , especially for tanks over 50 gallons. Many in the green house industry have already discovered this lamp for its plant growing capabilities, which for the price there is simply no equal for planted aquariums!
The aquarium hobby/industry is much slower to adopt many technologies and this light is a major example of this. Without question, this is the lamp that could or should be used by any serious planted freshwater aquarium keeper.

For PROFESSIONAL GRADE planted aquarium liquid fertilizer products that are best suited to the "Estimative Index of Dosing".
Products designed for persons who want to have a more advanced planted aquarium without the hassles need for a degree in science to do so. Consider these products too:

These products work for both low light and high light planted aquariums, just different dosages.

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Lights for Cannabis Growing - Weed Farmer

The simulations indicated that habitable planets in multi-star systems could host exotic forms of the more familiar plants found on Earth. As indicated in NASA studies announced in 2007, plants evolved under dim red dwarf suns or in more distance habitable orbits around a brighter star may appear black to Human eyes because they would probably need to absorbing more parts of the visible wavelength range to more effectively exploit as much of the available light as possible. Indeed, some in particularly dim environments may also evolve to use energy from infrared or ultraviolet radiation to power photosynthesis.

ACF Indoor Plant Grow Lights & Information Guide

This is an often misunderstood aspect of aquarium plant keeping.
There is so much anecdotal information that is out of date with more current aquarium/plant biochemistry information. Not only do plants need many of the minerals found in GH, but, just as important, potentially dangerous upward pH swings can occur if your GH is much below 50 ppm during peak plant photosynthesis.
For example, I observed a pH of 6.8 in the morning and then a pH of 7.4 in the afternoon in a tank where GH was low or almost non-existent.

This is certainly not the case for Oxalis gigantea

My experience as well as research is that it is very rare for an average healthy planted aquarium with a normal bio load (especially using the Walstad or German Method) should need to have phosphates added to the aquarium. However when going with high tech, high light, "crazy" plant growth methods such as similarly advocated in "The Estimative Index of Dosing Method".

240 Watt Full Spectrum G8LED Veg/Flower - Dorm Grow

These include LED grow lights made by , HID bulbs such as the and Eye Hortilux , and for fluorescent lighting, the PowerVEG Full Spectrum+UV.“We engineered our LED grow lights specifically for cannabis, with wavelengths and intensity that drive photosynthesis and production to new highs,” explains Matt Johnson, co-founder of Lush Lighting.

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