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i.e., you cannot use just one comma ..

That means you can not use image processing operators like "", "", "", "", "", and "" ina "" command.

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You must use a comma after an introductory phrase of a dependent ..

PhD [Latin philosophiae doctor or doctor philosophiae] Use with a comma. Goes after the name when Dr. is not in the front of the name. Bonnie Duncan, PhD or Dr. Bonnie Duncan. Never both. Old fashioned way was Ph.D., which may still be used if the publication is more formal/conservative.

20/01/2017 · Not sure whether to use a comma after parentheses or ..

Parentheses ( ( ) ) are curved notations used to contain further thoughts or qualifying remarks. However, parentheses can be replaced by commas without changing the meaning in most cases.

Should you use a comma/period after Dashes, and Commas, and ..

A comma should be used after a term comma before or after parenthesis ..

When using the traditional form of abbreviation, use commas to offset them: Washington, DC, was built on what was essentially swampland. Note that the term is District of Columbia, but the abbreviation is not D of C. Generally, we leave the little words like determiners and prepositions out. However, earlier we saw that the Department of Defense calls itself the DOD…among other things. (There are actually to abbreviate those three little words.) That’s fine. I’m not about to argue about abbreviations and acronyms with anybody who’s that much more powerful and better armed than I am, and the military glories in its abbreviations. Would you believe that there’s a : Department of Defense Index of Specifications and Standards.

This means you can specify a "" containing image specific longbefore the image it is to be applied to is actually read in. Only when thelabel is actually attached to the image (just after it is read in) is the expanded,so that it can make use of the attributes of the image to which it is beingapplied.

Put a comma before and after if you do not use ..

Comma before or after brackets: You'd use a comma only if it were necessary ..

We use the comma to set off parenthetical elements.
Ex.) The hawk flew over the barn, which was burning, to get a fish.

You can take the parenthetical elements out of the sentence without changing the meaning of the sentence.

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However, the odds of me ever agreeing to attend something like this are slim to none. I get her rationale for it. I am so disassociated, and somehow, I have to come to terms that it is me that this happened to…it’s not some thing I am all surgically removed from.

Do You Use a Comma with Dear, Hello, and Hi? - Grammar Monster
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    Tsarist and pyaemic Gino bestialises your watt-hours to minimize comma before or after parenthesis ..

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Parentheses -- The Punctuation Guide

The ability of ImageMagick, to process any image, in a standard, programmed,and automated way, using multiple steps all in the one command is what makesIM such a powerful tool. You can script up a very complex operation, thenapply it to many images. Image list operators, and parenthesis just madeIM an order of magnitude more powerful, allowing you to write more compleximage manipulation programs, with fewer commands.

Parentheses and Brackets | Punctuation Rules

After you have the image processing steps debugged and settled then you canoptimize the code, so that you don't use as many parenthesis steps, as well asfewer , and resulting in less intermediateimages to at the end.

Use parentheses to enclose words or figures that clarify or are ..

Alternatively instead of "" youcan use '' which will display the resulting image on screen,and then allow the original command to continue or exit. See for more information.

(You'll be amazed.) This is a ..

when to use -e: you can use -e (indicating sed commands) with any search expression but when you have multiple command sequences you must use -e. The following are functionality identical:

Commas, Dashes, and Parenthesis - Clarendon College

With the formalization of the command line options, the processing order isnow exactly predictable, and it has also become possible to add parenthesis(or brackets) to the image processing. This has been a desired feature by IMusers for a long time, and allows you to do things never before possible in asingle command.

Commas, Dashes, and Parenthesis; ..

We use the comma to set off parenthetical elements.
Ex.) The hawk flew over the barn, which was burning, to get a fish.

You can take the parenthetical elements out of the sentence without changing the meaning of the sentence.

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