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I would like to know if there is an organization that accepts used breast prostheses

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I just arranged to donate my bilateral breast forms and gently used bras to a 501C3 charity (meaning you can itemize donations on your tax return) called Pink Heart Funds. They are located in Mississippi. It was mentioned in older posts, but the link was bad. I was able to easily find their website and contact information via Google search and I was able to reach them via Facebook message (search Facebook for Pink Heart Funds). They were excited to receive such donations, and are in great need. I prefer to donate as close to home as possible before donating abroad, especially given our own under-insured.

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Products you can donate: gently used post-mastectomy bras, breast prostheses, post-surgical camisoles, wigs in good condition, head scarves, or compression and lymphedema products.

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Can I donate my used breast prosthesis?

Please make a tax decuctible donation to help pay for Angel's medical care.
Donation's make it possible for us to continue taking the abused, sick, unwanted animals from all over the United States. Please donate so others less fortunate then Angel may have a chance. Thank you.

the fitter that i used gave me a brochure for radiant impressions which is a custom breast form. the brochure says they take an impression of existing breast and match exactly. also says they will create your prosthesis form a carefully casted model of your chest wall. supposedly can be adhered to the skin so it can be worn with anything. 2 years ago she said they were very expensive and was not covered by insurance but things do change so i don't know about now. my 2 years will be up soon so i will be covered for a new form (every 2 years for silicone forms) and i will ask about this one since i have problems with the mast. bra shifting until the form is in the center of my chest. not cute i assure you, lol.

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Maine Donation Breast Prothesis

Amoena and other manufacturers make "contact" forms--which stick on--for the same price as other breast forms, about $300 apiece. And insurance will cover those. Sometimes the contact forms can be found even cheaper, especially online. Some of the custom forms are attachable, but you don't have to spend that kind of money for a form you can attach to your chest. Also, the attachable Amoena forms come with a pad you can put over it so it can be worn like a regular prosthesis, unattached.

Thank you so much for the info. regarding Breast Cancer Connections in Palo Alto, CA. I just contacted them and they said they would gladly take my mother's prosthetic bras. Thank you for helping me find a good home for them!

01/01/2018 · Donate wigs, breast prostheses, camisoles, hats and scarves
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Thanks you guys. Now I won't feel quite so stupid when I go into the shop. Diane, the web site was very helpful! I'm hoping I can wear one of these contact forms and wear regular camisoles. I don't know if I can find some that are high enough tho...

One other thing, I remember last June at one of my visits to the breast center, the nurse handed me a brochure about some sort of custom made prosthesis. She said it would cost about $3000 but insurance may cover it. Does anybody have experience with these custom ones? I'm wondering if it's the same sort of thing, stick on for the day...
Thanks again,

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I live in Eastern Washington and when I was real sick I was directed to a place in Spokane called "Cancer Patient Care" where I found wigs, bras, chemo caps, hats, tops and a whole lot more. I only needed a shower chair and got one for no cost. It was all donations and free for those who needed. There are blankets, quilts, and clothing for those with cancer issues as well as items such as shower chairs, walkers, and wheelchairs. Now that my journey is over, I will be taking all my hats, wigs, bras, swimsuits and prosthesis back to the place that helped me. I have a lot to donate, I had no breasts for three years due to delayed reconstruction and over two years with expanders. I certainly hope you can find a place such as this in your area. Hope this helps.

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