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DSCB - Drug Synthesis and Chemistry Branch

Saeid Abbasi Maleki Department of Pharmacology, Urmia Branch, Islamic Azad University Urmia, West Azarbaijan, Iran

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It is Drug Synthesis and Chemistry Branch

Research outcomes from medical sciences/case study and biotechnology of pharmaceutical and organic chemistry including synthesis, bioorganic, medicinal, natural products, organometallic, supramolecular, molecular recognition and physical organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, inorganic and physical chemistry interest are also considered.

Chemistry2011: Main Branches of Chemistry

As with graduates in other branches of chemistry, the skills acquired during this degree programme will make you highly attractive to employers in a wide variety of areas. In addition to the pharmaceutical industry itself, business, finance, administration and teaching are all possibilities that are open to you as a Medicinal Chemistry graduate. Former graduates of this course are working in companies such as Pfizer, Abbot, GlaxoSmithKline, Servier, and Deloitte and Touche.

A listing and description of the five main branches of Chemistry

Electrochemistry – branch of chemistry that studies chemical ..

Joel Morris serves as Chief of the Drug Synthesis & Chemistry Branch (DSCB), Developmental Therapeutics Program at the National Cancer Institute. Prior to his current appointment in 2010, Dr. Morris spent a significant tenure in the pharmaceutical industry as a Senior Scientist with The Upjohn Company/Pharmacia & Upjohn, and as a Research Fellow with Pfizer.

The Drug Synthesis and Chemistry Branch (DSCB) in collaboration with the Laboratory of Synthetic Chemistry (LSC) at NCI-Frederick, provides chemistry support to the drug discovery and development efforts of the DTP. In the context of the NExT Program, the DSCB and LSC interact with various DCTD centers, programs within NCI, and outside contract laboratories to identify hits and potential leads that should be developed as drug candidates.

Types and Branches of Chemistry - ThoughtCo


In third year, the course will branch off into more specialised aspects of medicinal chemistry, although there will be considerable overlap with the Chemistry degree. This overlap is primarily in organic chemistry; less emphasis will be placed on physical and inorganic chemistry in order to allow for the delivery of medicinal chemistry modules.

This work was initiated while these authors were members of the Drug Design and Synthesis Section, Laboratory of Medicinal Chemistry, National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Diseases, NIH.

What are the branches of chemistry and their definition?
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  • Organic chemistry is a branch of chemistry involving ..

    This branch of chemistry is ..

  • The Organic Chemistry of Drug Synthesis - Medical

    This was the first example of small molecule synthesis by combinatorial chemistry.

  • Chemistry Chemistry Is The Branch Of | What Are The …

    Chemistry is a branch of physical sciences ..

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The Organic Chemistry of Drug Synthesis ..

Medicinal chemists are the creative talent behind the modern pharmaceutical industry. As well as being expert chemists, they have extensive knowledge of molecular design, drug synthesis and the biological function of drugs.

and medicinal chemistry; Medicinal Chemistry, Drug Synthesis;

There is a significant need for new antibiotics due to the rise in drug resistance. Drugs such as methicillin and vancomycin target bacterial cell wall biosynthesis, but methicillin-resistant (MRSA) and vancomycin-resistant (VRE) have now arisen and are of major concern. Inhibitors acting on new targets in cell wall biosynthesis are thus of particular interest since they might also restore sensitivity to existing drugs, and the -prenyl transferase undecaprenyl diphosphate synthase (UPPS), essential for lipid I, lipid II, and thus, peptidoglycan biosynthesis, is one such target. We used 12 UPPS crystal structures to validate virtual screening models and then assayed 100 virtual hits (from 450,000 compounds) against UPPS from and The most promising inhibitors (IC50 ∼2 μM, i ∼300 nM) had activity against MRSA, , , and a vancomycin-resistant sp. with MIC or IC50 values in the 0.25–4 μg/mL range. Moreover, one compound (1), a rhodanine with close structural similarity to the commercial diabetes drug epalrestat, exhibited good activity as well as a fractional inhibitory concentration index (FICI) of 0.1 with methicillin against the community-acquired MRSA USA300 strain, indicating strong synergism.

A crucial branch of stereochemistry is that the study of chiral ..

The Drug Synthesis and Chemistry Branch is responsible for the following activities in support of the discovery and development of novel anti-cancer agents:

Pharmacology: Pharmacology, branch of medicine that ..

“I spent 4 amazing years studying Medicinal Chemistry at TCD. This course provided me with a solid fundamental understanding of chemistry and delved into the biology behind how drugs work. During my final year I had the opportunity to carry out a research project at the University of Calgary, where I worked on finding new methodologies to synthesise KDO glycosides. The varied skills and knowledge I acquired during this 4-year course are to this day invaluable to me. Upon graduating I completed a Masters in Translational Oncology at TCD and am now carrying out cutting edge research at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, one of the world’s leading biomedical research institutes.”

Drug Synthesis and Chemistry Branch;

This work was supported by the United States Public Health Service (National Institutes of Health Grants GM065307, CA158191, GM08326, GM31749, and HD071600); the National Science Foundation (Grant MCB-1020765); a Packard Fellowship for Science and Engineering (D.A.M.), the National Biomedical Computation Resource, the UCSD Center for Theoretical Biological Physics, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and the NSF Supercomputer Centers. F.F. acknowledges financial support of the Beatriu de Pinós program from AGAUR for a postdoctoral grant (2010 BP_A 00339). We thank the Drug Synthesis and Chemistry Branch, Developmental Therapeutics Program, Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis, National Cancer Institute, for providing chemicals, and Professors James Wells and Paul Hergenrother for providing bacteria.

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