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The Route 301 bridge across the Potomac River had opened in 1940, and the location of the Maryland-Virginia boundary made it easy for Virginia customers to access slot machines in St. Mary's and Charles counties. Slots in Maryland were legalized during the days of segregation, and black customers stayed in black-operated motels and gambled in black-operated taverns and restaurants.

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K. A New Approach to Indian Musicological Methodology: An Ethnomusicological Perspective . Rethinking the Concept of the Tune Family.Ross, Thomas Wynne. A Tune Beyond us, Yet Ourselves: On Transcultural Hearing. Blood Drum Spirit: Drum Languages of West Africa, African-America, Native America, Central Java, and South India.Subramanian, Karaikudi Sambasivayer. South Indian Vina Tradition and Individual Style.Condaris-Mannello, Christine. The Band Business in the United States between the Civil War and the Great Depression . The Estey Reed Organ: Imagination, Music, and Material Culture in Nineteenth-Century America.Labaree, Robert R. 'Finding' Troubadour Song: Melodic Variability and Melodic Idiom in Three Monophonic Traditions .Sam, Sam-Ang. The Pin Peat Ensemble: Its History, Music and Context.Swift, Gordon Nichols. The Violin as Cross-Cultural Vehicle: Ornamentation in South Indian Violin and its Influence On a Style of Western Violin Improvisation.Brown, Leonard L. Some New England African American Musicians' Views on Jazz: An Ethnomusicological Study .Herbst, Edward W. Voices, Energies and Perceptions in Balinese Performance.Wenguang, Wu. Wu Jinglue's Qin Music in its Context. Static Harmony: Elemental, Contextual and Internal State Approaches to Pitch Structures in Late Twentieth Century Music. Mrdangam Mind: The Taniavartanam in Karnatak Music .Wolberger, Lionel A. Music of Holy Argument: The Ethnomusicology of Talmudic Debate . The Tamil Padam: A Dance Music Genre of South India.Cormack, Josepha Anne. Svara Kalpana: Melodic/Rhythmic Improvisation in Karnatak Music Chromodality and the Cross-Cultural Exchange of Musical Structure. Dominican Merengue in Regional, National, and International Perspectives.Kelsey, John Russell. The Music of the Irumu People, Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea.Schloss, Myrna Frances. Out of the Twentieth Century: Three Composers, Three Musics, One Feminity.Skiba, Norman. Creation, Form, and Tradition: A Cybernetic Study of North Indian Tabla Drumming .Hast, Dorothea E. Music, Dance, and Community: Contra Dance in New England. Unplayed Melodies: Music Theory in Postcolonial Java.Pillay, Jayendran. Music, Ritual, and Identity among Hindu South Africans.Stubbs, Frederick W. The Art and Science of Taksim: An Empirical Analysis of Traditional Improvisation from 20th Century Istanbul. Immigrant Music and Transnational Discourse: Chinese American Music Culture in New York City .Webb, Michael Hugh. "Pipal Bilong Music Tru" / "A Truly Musical People": Musical Culture, Colonialism, and Identity in Northeastern New Britain, Papua New Guinea, after 1875.Yih, Yuen-Ming David. Music and Dance of Haitian Vodou: Diversity and Unity in Regional Repertoires .Vélez, María Teresa. The Trade of an Afro-Cuban Religious Drummer: Felipe García Villamil . Sensational Knowledge: Transmitting Japanese Dance and Music.Mokkapati, Vijayasree. Modal Action: an Indo-European Perspective in Gregorian Chant.. Power and Delight: Vocal Training in North Indian Classical Music.Lausevic, Mirjana. A Different Village: International Folk Dance and Balkan Music and Dance in the United States .Sherinian, Zoe Carey. The Indigenization of Tamil Christian Music: Folk Music as a Liberative Transmission System . Musical Labor Associations in Sukumaland, Tanzania: History and Practice.Rasmussen, Ljerka Vidic. The Newly-Composed Folk Music of Yugoslavia (1945-1992) .Galinsky, Philip Andrew. "Maracatu Atômico": Tradition, Modernity, and Postmodernity in the Mangue Movement and "New Music Scene" of Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil.. Northern Sun, Southern Moon: Identity, Improvisation, and Idiom in Freie Musik Produktion.. Western Art Music in Korea: Everyday Experience and Cultural Critique.Rumbolz, Robert Charles. "A Vessel for Many Things": Brass Bands in Ghana.. Echo: Dub Music and the Acoustics of Diaspora.Yu, Hui. Political Economy of Music in China: The Impact of Danwei System on Luju. Javanese Gamelan in Britain: Communitas, affinity and Other Stories. Divine Songs: The Music of Alice Coltrane Beyond the Roda: The Berimbau de Barriga in Brazilian Music and CultureNetsky, Hankus Klezmer in 20th Century PhiladelphiaCatra, I Nyoman Penasar: A Central Mediator in Balinese Dance Drama/TheaterLancefield, Robert Charles Hearing orientality in (white) America, 1900-1930 Musik Kontemporer: Experimental Music by Balinese ComposersHadley, Peter Duncan The Didjeridu Dispersion: The Transmission and Transformation of a Hollow LogFerrigno, Emily Daus Technologies of Emotion: Creating and Performing Drum 'N' Bass
Poplawska, Marzanna Inculturation and Christian Music in Indonesia
Wu, Chao-Jung Performing Postmodern Taiwan: Gender, Cultural Hybridity, and the Male Crossdressing ShowDewar, Andrew Raffo. Handmade Sounds: The Sonic Arts Union and American TechnocultureHurie Ranvig, Harriotte Cook, Taking It To The Third Level: A Model for Identifying Aspects of Personal Style In The Khayal GenreStrand, Julie Lynn. The Sambla Xylophone: Tradition and Identity in Burkina FasoCambria, Vincenzo Music and Violence in Rio de Janeiro: A Participatory Study in Urban EthnomusicologyEagleson, Ian M. From Thum to Benga International: Continuity and Change in the Music of the Luo of Kenya, 1950-2010Ingram, Amelia Parang in Perspective: Spanish Creole Culture and Nationalism in TrinidadOba, Junko Performing Japaneseness in a Time of Postnational TransitionArevalo Mateus, Jorge Somos Colombianos en Nueva York/ We Are Columbians in New York: An Ethnography of a Colombian Musicians Community, 1995-2010Field, Garrett, Music for the Majority: Sinhala Song and the 1956 Cultural Revolution of Sri LankaStele, Peter M. Balinese Hybridities: Balinese Music as Global Phenomena
Scherbenske, Amanda, Multiplicity and Belonging among New York City Improvisor-Composers, 2000-2011

By 2015, there was just one under-served market feeding customers to Maryland: Virginia, especially south of Fairfax County from Lorton to Richmond. Many potential customers could be interested in entertainment that includes gambling, but reluctant to drive through congested Northern Virginia traffic to reach Maryland's existing casinos. That creates one more opportunity for Maryland to expand its gambling operations, by authorizing a new gambling riverboat docked near the Virginia shoreline.

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in 1958 Maryland required customers to access gambling facilities from land in Maryland, so the SS Freestone operation at Leesylvania was closed and boats carried Virginia customers across the Potomac River to a new slot machine casino/restaurant at Sweden Point (now Smallwood State Park)
Source: ESRI,

As late as 1979, the Coles Point Tavern was raided by Maryland State Police. They took a boat across the river, found gambling equipment, and arrested the owner. It was, of course, no secret to the Virginia customers that the shack, self-described as a "weather beaten bar that has been in St. Mary’s County, Maryland, since 1953 when it was constructed on pilings over the Potomac River" offered entertainment that was not readily available elsewhere in Virginia. As Captain Renault said when closing down Ricks Bar in the movie Casablanca, "I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here...")

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The number of suitable locations for such boundary-based riverboats is limited. The boundary line between Maryland and Virginia does not follow the low-water mark of the Potomac River exactly. The boundary often cuts across bays, from headland to headland, leaving Virginia with portions of the river. Often the Virginia shoreline is too far from the legal Maryland-Virginia border for customers to walk on a pier to a riverboat in Maryland.

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the Potomac Shores development on Cherry Hill Peninsula is one possible location for a riverboat gambling parlor, next to Virginia customers but licensed under Maryland laws
Source: ESRI,

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In 2014, four casinos closed in Atlantic City, leaving only eight still in operation. Maryland's market opportunity is to the south, where there is less competition.

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In the long term, Maryland gambling companies will rely more heavily upon customers from Virginia. Since Maryland authorized casino gambling in 2008 and expanded table gaming in 2012, state-permitted casinos have quickly saturated the market along I-95 to compete with gambling opportunities offered in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Delaware, and New Jersey. The last casino to be constructed, MGM National Harbor, predicted that 70% of its customers would be non-Maryland residents.

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