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e. e. cummings - University at Buffalo

His visually directed free verse shows an even greater variety of subject and mood. Itranges from children's songs and romantic lyrics through antiwar satires and epigrammaticattacks on his contemporaries to realistic vignettes of city life and delighted responsesto the natural objects of earth and the heavens. Cummings produced a large body of work,and although he allowed himself to publish some trivia, he continued to produce poems ofwit and ingenuity, of vigorous satire, and of beauty and delicacy well into his seventhdecade. He is principally renowned for his linguistic exuberance, which delighted incontinual innovation in form and technique. Cummings was a central figure in thatremarkable generation of American writers, including Ezra Pound, Gertrude Stein,T. S. Eliot, John Dos Passos, and William Faulkner, who carried out a revolution inliterary expression in the twentieth century.

E. E. Cummings's Parentheses: Punctuation as Poetic Device

To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best night
and day to make you like everybody else means to fight the hardest
battle any human being can fight and never stop fighting.

-- E. E. Cummings

Cummings's Parentheses: Punctuation as Poetic Device

Cummings at Wikimedia Commons

A serene volume of verse, (1958), extolled the wonders of the naturalworld, honored a number of very ordinary individuals, recorded Cummings's outrage at thedisastrous outcome of the Hungarian revolution, reflected memories of childhood, andmeditated on birth, time, and death. It was a fitting close to the poet's career. Cummingsdied at a hospital in North Conway, New Hampshire, after suffering a stroke at Joy Farm.

E. E. Cummings was a combination of an unabashed Romantic in his view of life andan avant-garde modernist seeking to explore unusual means of expression. His poetrydeveloped from boyhood imitations of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow to the linguisticsurprises he brought to the literary scene in the 1920s. He continued to write sonnets allhis life, often traditional in theme--a tribute to love, an address to the moon, thepraise of a church, a prayer of thanks for the ability to respond to life--but sometimeshe chose "unpoetic" subjects--a nightclub dancer, the gurgle of water going downa sink, brothels and their customers, a denunciation of salesmen, a politician giving ahypocritical patriotic speech, a mélange of play with advertising slogans.

Cummings's parentheses: punctuation as poetic ..

In these last years, honors came to Cummings in many forms: a Guggenheim fellowship in1951; a collected edition of his poetical works, (1954), whichearned a special citation from the National Book Award Committee in 1955; appointment asthe festival poet for the Boston Arts Festival in 1957; the Bollingen Prize in 1958; and atwo-year grant of $15,000 from the Ford Foundation in 1959.

In the 1950s Cummings undertook an additional career as a reader of his poetry toaudiences in New York and on college campuses, becoming, after Robert Frost, the mostpopular performer on the academic circuit. This venture led ultimately to his holding theCharles Eliot Norton lectureship at Harvard during 1952-1953. His lectures and readings atHarvard became the autobiographical work (1953), which recountsaspects of his early life and his development as a poet.

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  • When I first read EE Cummings’ poem “i carry your ..

    The closing parenthesis in my scheme is the falling leaf of line one which has turned around in flight.

  • Throughout the entire piece we can see Cummings’ love grow more ..

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  • The Anatomy of ee cummings - a column by Hulali - All …

    E. E. Cummings

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19/08/2006 · The Anatomy of ee cummings

The key word "loneliness" is broken by a parenthesis containing fragments which, when assembled, read "a leaf falls." There is something lonely about the image of a single falling leaf.

This is perhaps Cummings’s best-known love ..

In 1946 Cummings was able to bring about a reunion with his daughter, Nancy, who wasnow living in the United States and married to Willard Roosevelt, a grandson of PresidentTheodore Roosevelt (1858-1919). While painting her portrait, he revealed to herastonishment that he was her father, and as a consequence a fresh relationship betweenfather, daughter, and grandchildren emerged. The mere reentry of Nancy into Cummings'sworld gave rise to his most successful play, (1946), a Christmasfantasy that represents his belief in the joys of love and giving and his rejection of thematerialism and false expectation that he associated with "Science." In the end,Santa Claus without his mask is revealed to be a young man, who is then reunited with anadoring woman and a child whom he had lost.

Cummings’ love poem I Carry Your Heart With Me ..

Cummings's travels in Europe and extended stays in Paris in the 1920s brought him intouch with the Dada and Surrealist movements in the arts, influences that appear in hisincreasing experiment with language and ventures into irrational modes of expression inhis poems. "The Symbol of all Art is the Prism," he declared. "The goal isdestructive. To break up the white light of objective realism into the secret glories itcontains." In a play, (1927), Cummings attempted to include theunconscious thoughts of its two principal characters, Him, a playwright, and Me, hisgirlfriend. The plunge into the unconscious was represented by a series of vaudevilleskits and circus acts, so that Cummings's jokes and verbal nonsense made for a highlyentertaining but not very coherent work.

7thAPEnglish2012 - Katherine Johnson- e.e. cummings

His first manuscript book of poems, "Tulips & Chimneys," was a gatheringof work in traditional verse forms as well as in his newest unconventional forms ofexpressiveness. It included lush lyrics from his Harvard years, tender love poems, eroticepigrams, sonnets (some crammed with literary allusion, others merely attempting to depictordinary scenes of life--on city streets, in cafés, in rooming houses), celebrations ofthe beauties of the natural world, and harsh satires directed at politicians, generals,professors, the clergy, and national leaders. The publishing world was not yet ready forsome of Cummings's poems about drunks, prostitutes, Salvation Army workers, gangsters, orbums. Thus, the original version of Cummings's manuscript did not survive the forbiddingselectivity of editors, and it eventually emerged as three books: (1923), (1925), and (privately printed) (1925).

ee Cummings since feeling is first | Love Poems & Poetry

In addition, Cummings expressed ideas through new grammatical usage: he employed verbsas nouns, and other locutions as new linguistic creations (for example, "wherelings,whenlings / daughters of ifbut offspring of hopefear / sons of unless and children ofalmost / never shall guess"). He indulged in free play with punctuation andcapitalization. Lowercase letters were the rule; capitals were used only for specialemphasis; punctuation marks were omitted for ambiguous statement; others were introducedfor jarring effects. His use of the lowercase letter "i" not only became awell-known means of self-reference in his work, but also reflected a role that he createdfor himself: he was the underling, the unnoticed dreamer, the downtrodden one, the childin the man; yet by asserting his individuality in this way, he thrust himself forward andestablished a memorable persona.

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