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Photosynthesis in Elodea Lab Essay - 602 Palabras | Cram

The rate at which they floated was a measure of how fast photosynthesis occurs.

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Photosynthesis in Elodea Lab Essay; ..

In this exercise, students at different tables varied the intensity of light responsible for photosynthesis in the spinach disks by varying the wattage of the bulbs. Recall that these disks were submerged in a sodium bicarbonate solution and subjected to a vacuum. This resulted in the utilization of carbon from the sodium bicarbonate as their primary source of carbon for photosynthesis (as opposed to carbon dioxide). The reasoning behind this is that the sunken disks in solution will produce oxygen as a product of photosynthesis and float to the surface. We should be able to count the number of disks as a representation of the rate of photosynthesis occurring in each experimental setup.

19/01/2018 · Photosynthesis Lab for AP biology where students use a sprig of elodea

Some guidelines: This experiment will not work with a terrestrial (land) plant. An aquatic plant such as a water hydrilla or Elodea needs to be used. As the plant is placed in an aquatic environment, there is a need to supply the plant with carbon dioxide. Hence, addition of sodium hydrogen carbonate to water is necessary to provide the aquatic plant with carbon dioxide gas. There is no need to destarch the plant as we would not be testing the leaf for starch. Instead, we would be collecting the gas produced and testing if it is oxygen gas using a glowing splint.

Elodea and Photosynthesis Lab Flashcards | Quizlet

would be more prepare next time so that I could get ready the
apparatus more quickly and get on with the experiment, I would finally
have left a gap of time between when the lamp was moved to a new
distance and the recording of the bubbles began so that the Elodea
could adapt to the new changes before running straight on with the
next set of the results.


Input - Light intensityis to be varied by increasing and decreasing
the distance from the light source to the plant

Output - The rate of photosynthesisis to be measured by counting the
bubbles of oxygen produced by the plant every two minutes, and
therefore finding the rate of photosynthesis

Control - The amount of water available to the Elodea will stay the
same level in the 400 cm3 beaker.

Elodea photosynthesis simulation lab - Dr. Pineda's …

Our hypothesis that an increase in carbon dioxide concentrations leads to an increase in the rate of photosynthesis is supported by our experiments’ results.

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  • The rate of photosynthesis of the aquatic plant, elodea, ..

    13/01/2018 · Photosynthesis Lab for AP biology where students use a sprig of elodea

  • Data from respiration/photosynthesis experiment with Elodea ..

    Table 1: Data from respiration/photosynthesis experiment with Elodea beaker treatment weight ..

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    Photosynthesis Lab for AP biology where students use a sprig of elodea

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