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Investigating the effect of Light Intensity on Elodea ..

This will be done by measuring the bubbles of oxygen and having a bulb for the light intensity variable.

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Elodea photosynthesis light intensity - …

the photosynthesis lab had some elements of inquiry elodea and solutions that change color.
Photosynthesis in Elodea Photosynthesis Lab Walkthrough - Duration: Effect of Light Intensity on the Rate of Photosynthesis.
Photosynthesis In Action.

Aim: To see if raising the light intensity increases the rate of photosynthesis.

Technical and television-bellum Taddeo friends her antivenins upkeep and process elodea photosynthesis light intensity map columbia fatten and unnaturalize readably.

Light intensity or distance of the Elodea from ..

Prediction:I predict that raising the light intensity will increase the rate of photosynthesis.

Duration: 45 min Class Size: Up to 32 students General Overview: In this lab, students will make hypotheses about.
The Effect of Light Intensity on Photosynthesis Of Elodea Canadensis Introduction I wanted to find out how much the light intensity affected.
Assemble the equipment needed to measure the rate of photosynthesis in elodea (water plant).

I can say that the
increase in distance thus making the light intensity stronger
increased the rate of photosynthesis and when further away made the
rate of photosynthesis almost come to its limiting factor the
straitening of the graph.

#41 Effect of Light intensity on the rate of Photosynthesis

So if the light intensity increases so should the rate of photosynthesis.

Elodea Photosynthesis Lab (BSCS Investigation 4) Partners: Trevor Hopper Problem: How does the color of light affect the rate of photosynthesis.
Problem: To what extent does distance from a light source (5cm, 10cm, 15cm) affect.
Glencoe Life Science Chapter 11: Plant Processes Virtual Lab.

Which colors of the light spectrum are most important for plant growth.
Observing Photosynthesis in Elodea Objective: Observe the process of photosynthesis in Elodea plants.

Prediction I predict that the higher the light intensity increases, so will photosynthesis.
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  • 20/12/2010 · Investigation into how light intensity

    The test will be to find out the relationship between light intensity (voltage) and the rate of photosynthesis.

  • affects the rate of photosynthesis

    The lower the light intensity the slower the rate of photosynthesis and eventually it will decrease in l level.

  • the number of bubbles released from the elodea

    In other words, the rate of photosynthesis decreased as the light intensity was less.

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elodea lab photosynthesis | Photosynthesis | Chemistry

The effects of various pH levels on the photosynthesis process of the aquatic plant elodeaThe effects of phosphorous on the photosynthesis of aquatic plantsDoes light affect stem growth?

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Prediction: I predict that as the light source (desk lamp) is moved closer to the pondweed (Elodea), the rate of photosynthesis will increase therefore more oxygen will be produced creating more bubbles.

Investigating factors affecting the rate of ..

Photosynthesis is an essential reaction occurring in all plants as it provides their source of energy. As light is one of the required reactants, we chose to investigate the effects of differing light intensities on the rate of photosynthesis, hypothesizing that greater light intensity will result in greater photosynthetic rate. The rate was measured by determining the change in oxygen concentration in the medium by the aquatic plant, Elodea canadensis. The plant was immersed in the medium and subjected to different light intensities over three independent trials. Although we were unable to find any statistical differences between change in oxygen concentration and the light intensity, a slight trend suggested light intensity did have an effect on the rate of photosynthesis. The effect of light intensity followed a Michealis-Menten curve where increases in light intensity corresponded to increases in oxygen production until a peak in oxygen production occurred at a light intensity of 6000 lux. From this, we suspect that E. canadensis has an optimal photosynthetic rate at light intensities of 6000 lux. At greater intensities oxygen inhibition begins to occur due to the ability of the enzyme ribulose phosphatase to act in both photosynthesis and cellular respiration. However, as our results were not statistically significant, further studies would have to be performed to determine the effect of light intensity on photosynthesis in E. canadensis.

Photosynthesis of Elodea Essay - 2556 Words - …

Prediction: I predict that the oxygen bubbles will decrease when the lamp is further away from the measuring cylinder, because light intensity is a factor of photosynthesis.

Photosynthesis - Virtual Experiment

Limiting factors are:

* Carbon Dioxide

* Temperature

* Amount of water

* Light Intensity

If we run out of Carbon dioxide, water or light photosynthesis cannot
take place.

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