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Endosymbiotic theory - Bio-Medicine

One law involves a trial by water, another describes the return of a slave to their master.

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The endosymbiotic hypothesis was popularized by Lynn ..

The name "Hox", a
contraction of homeobox, refers to a subset of homeobox genes, found only in
animals, that determine position along the length of an animal's body and which
are homologous in nearly all animals.

For example, when a hox gene responsible for growing a mouse eye is added to
the cell of a fruit-fly embryo that is destined to be a leg, an extra fruit fly
eye is built on the leg.
A Hox gene doesn't tell a cell how to make an eye, but only
that here is the place to make an eye.

The famous equation Newton describes for the force of gravitation is: F=Gm1m2/d

This cycle describes how
lactic acid (broken down from carbohydrates) is separated further into carbon
dioxide and water in animal tissues.

21/05/2010 · Endosymbiont hypothesis

Herophilus is also the first to describe the liver, ovaries, Fallopian tubes, to name the retina, and to measure the pulse.

Like mitochondria, these organelles
copy themselves and are not made by the cell DNA.

Plastids provide the eukaryotic cell with food from photosynthesis and gain
protection by living within the cell.

This is a primary plastid endosymbiosis and so these plastids are surrounded by
a double membrane.

Glaucophyta probably branched off the evolutionary tree before the divergence
of red and green algae from one another.

Glaucophyte plastids represent an intermediate in the transition from a
cyanobacterium endosymbiont to a plastid, because they retain the prokaryotic
peptidoglycan layer between their two membranes.

The Pre-Endosymbiont Hypothesis: A New Perspective …

Using this principle Avogadro correctly describes the molecular formula for water, ammonia, carbon monoxide and other compounds.

Hooke also is the first to use the word "cells" to describe the tiny
rectangular holes he identifies in a thin sliver of cork viewed under a
microscope, and publishes the first images of a microorganism (and protist):
the fungi in a mold named "Mucor".

In Bayer's system each star is named after the constellation associated
with it in order of brightness, for example Betelgeuse, the brightest star in
Orion is named Alpha Orionis, and Rigel is Beta Orionis.

The pre-endosymbiont hypothesis elaborated here effectively represents a synthesis of previous, ..
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  • Criticism | The Endosymbiotic Hypothesis

    Endosymbiont hypothesis

  • The evidence that supports the endosymbiotic theory includes: 1

    Endosymbiotic theory

  • The Endosymbiont Hypothesis Revisited - ScienceDirect

    This chapter highlights endosymbiont hypothesis

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and a bacterial cell the endosymbiont.

The possibility that may have an endosymbiotic origin has also been considered, although they lack DNA. proposed that they may have been the first endosymbionts, allowing cells to withstand growing amounts of free molecular oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere. However, it now appears that they may be formed , contradicting the idea that they have a symbiotic origin.

According to the serial endosymbiont hypothesis, ..

The endosymbiotic hypothesis was popularized by . In her 1981 work she argued that eukaryotic cells originated as communities of interacting entities, including endosymbiotic that developed into eukaryotic and . This last idea has not received much acceptance, since flagella lack DNA and do not show ultrastrucural similarities to prokaryotes. According to Margulis and Sagan (1996), "Life did not take over the globe by combat, but by networking" (i.e., by cooperation), and Darwin's notion of evolution driven by competition is incomplete. However, others have argued that endosymbiosis involves rather than mutualism.

The endosymbiont hypothesis theorizes that …

Pteridosperms are a group of extinct seed plants with fernlike leaves and naked

Fossils indicate that the first seed evolves from an enclosing ring of
vegetative lobes that fuse together.

A seed can be described as an "integumented megasporangium".

The endosymbiotic hypothesis was fleshed out and ..

Bronze tools will replace copper tools.

The oldest examples of true bronze (combination of copper and tin) known are
figurines of men and women from Tell Judaidah, Turkey.

Many originate from the bacterial endosymbiont.

These consist of epics and myths, hymns and
laments, proverbs and wisdom.

These writings record a belief in Gods, Goddesses, a Heaven, and an Under

There are clear similarities between the Sumerian and the later Greek stories,
for example stories about: the creation of the universe, the birth of the gods,
the hero, the slaying of the dragon, good and bad deeds of the gods, fighting
between gods, stories of a flood, plagues as divine punishment, and the dreary
Under World with its river and ferryman.

The Sumerian Flood myth tells about the creation of humans, animals and the
first cities, how the Gods send a flood to destroy humanity, how the God Enki
warns the hero, Ziusudra to build a large boat, which Ziusudra then
builds, and survives the flood.

There are many similarities between the flood story of Ziusudra, and the later
flood stories with a different hero, for example, the Babylonian "Atrahasis",
and Babylonian "Utnapishtim" of the Gigamesh epic, and "Noah" of the Old

The Sumerians believe in a variety of Gods and Goddesses.

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