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Penn State Engineering: CH E Honors Thesis Guidelines

Honours Thesis Writing for Engineering and Science Students

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Information about the College of Engineering Honors Program.

Penn State honors theses are archived and can be searched electronically and downloaded. To find relevant examples of honors theses, navigate to and search on “chemical engineering.” A particularly substantial recent example is that of Michael Howard (student marshal for Chemical Engineering in 2013), from which three first-author papers were published.

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During the first year, participants gain access to merit scholarships and honors housing. Participants have the opportunity to be part of an Engineering Honors and to complete an later.

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The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers an undergraduate Honors Program for students who seek to be challenged by both independent and team projects and receive additional distinction with their undergraduate degrees.

The major focus of these programs engineering thesis is advanced engineering fundamentals and research leading to a thesis. Master engineering thesis of Engineering (MEng) Thesis Option. Aerospace engineering is the primary field of engineering concerned with the development of aircraft and spacecraft. Recipients of the Master of Science …. John W. R. The Honors Program at Ohio State is designed to meet the needs of students with superior academic ability and to promote scholarly development. or entering a engineering thesis research-intensive career, are. Preamble Engineering is an important and learned profession. The Graduate School of Operational and Information Sciences includes Graduate Resident Programs consisting of 15 technical curricula and awards Master …. EEE offers a master of science in Earth resources engineering (M. The MEng Thesis Option is research-oriented and involves the completion of graduate coursework and a thesis under the. J. This collection of MIT Theses in DSpace If you are a recent MIT graduate and would like to add your thesis to Dept. ”

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This document is intended for honors students in chemical engineering, their honors advisers, and their thesis advisers. It presents guidelines and suggestions for finding a thesis adviser, selecting a project, pursuing research, and writing the thesis. This document is intended to supplement the more general policies and information available from the Schreyer Honors College.

In addition to the requirements set forth by the Schreyer Honors College, each Schreyer Scholar in aerospace engineering must give an oral presentation of his/her honors thesis in a formal setting (preferably at the AIAA Regional Student Conference, held each April; however, the student’s honors adviser may approve a suitable alternative setting).

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Engineering Honors Program - Cockrell School of Engineering

Students exploring research with an adviser but not yet fully engaged in a research project may register for 1-2 hours of CH E 294H (which can count as professional elective). This course is typically taken only by first-year students or sophomores. Students pursuing honors research in chemical engineering should take CH E 494H (honors thesis research). SHC students can take six hours of CH E 494H for credit in the major (three hours can count as CH E elective, three as professional elective). CH E 494H serves several functions. The chemical engineering major is very demanding; during the semester, a student’s commitment to research is often in conflict with the urgency of homework, projects, and exams. Registering for CH E 494H is a commitment to spend time on research equivalent to a technical course of comparable credit hours. Grading of CH E 494H provides a mechanism to evaluate student progress in research and towards the thesis. Honors students should sign up for at least one semester of CH E 494H so that thesis work can be graded. A grade of B or better in CH E 494H courses is required by SHC for graduation with honors. Grades in CH E 494H should be based on a written statement of expectations, agreed upon by the student and thesis adviser at the beginning of the semester. The statement of expectations may contain:

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At a minimum, the scope of thesis research should be equivalent to a significant contribution to one or more published papers. This implies a standard of originality: in engineering and science departments, a thesis cannot simply be a literature review—the thesis must include original work. For students applying to graduate school, publishable research is a mark of distinction above and beyond completing an honors thesis. Ideally, a first-author paper should be published from the completed thesis. In such cases, a paper can first be prepared for submission, and then modified to conform to the thesis style and content. Thesis chapters may then correspond to the Introduction, Background, Methods, Results, and Discussion sections of a typical journal article. Honors theses vary considerably in length. As a rough guideline, theses may be as short as 25 pages of text and figures, or may extend to as many as 100 pages, depending on the substance and scope of results obtained. In short, the thesis needs to be long enough to describe the background, methods, and results at the level of detail of a published paper. Theses should be written in a scholarly manner, with end notes to cite published work to which the thesis refers. Writing should be consistent with the style of journal articles. Penn State theses must conform to a prescribed format; details are provided online at . For students working in LaTeX, style files are available online at the this address.

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Within the chemical engineering department, the honors thesis must be approved by both the honors adviser and the thesis adviser, who sign the completed thesis prior to submission.

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