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For example:A few nouns do not change in the plural.

The third person plural is the form of the verbused with the personal pronoun they.

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A small group of nouns that end in f can be made plural either way:

Some nouns that end in f or fe become plural by changing the f or fe to ves.

For example:Nouns ending in y preceded by a vowel usually form the plural simplyby adding s.

Plurals of proper nouns
Proper nouns form plurals following the rules given above, except thatproper nouns ending in y always form the plural simply by adding s,even when the y is preceded by a consonant.

Some nouns ending in us are made plural by changing the us to i.

Some nouns that end in o, preceded by a consonant, are made plural by adding es.

The following fairly commonly used nouns form theplural by adding es:

Most other nouns ending in o, particularly those of Spanish orItalian origin, can form the plural simply by adding s; howevera good dictionary should be consulted in cases of doubt.

Nouns ending in o
Some English nouns ending in o form the plural by adding s, someform the plural by adding es, and some can form the plural by addingeither s or es.

Some nouns ending in is are made plural by changing the is to es.

However, there are a fewcases in which only the first word forms a plural.

One of the tricky things about either, neither and both is knowing if they should be followed by singular or plural nouns and verbs.

For example:

It should be noted that when a plural is formed by adding s to wordsending in ce, ge, se or ze, the final es is pronounced as aseparate syllable.

Numbers and lettersNumbers, letters, and other symbols can form plurals by adding 's.
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  • Some nouns become plural by changing the ending to a.


  • Some nouns become plural by changing oo to ee.


  • Some nouns become plural by changing the ending a to ae.


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Some nouns become plural by replacing ouse with ice.

That’s an unusual way of putting it. Men isn’t a new word. It’s just the plural form of the same word. I guess you mean nouns that have nonstandard plural forms? A large number of them are listed in this article.

Some nouns don’t change at all between singular and plural forms.

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Some nouns only have a plural form.

Some nouns have only a singular form in ordinary usage (some of these, like money, cotton, and sugar can be plural when talking about particular kinds).

Some nouns naming animals have two plural forms.

Some nouns ending in eau are made plural by changing the eau to eaux.

Hi. What are some plural nouns that make a new word:man/men

Some nouns ending in ix or ex are made plural by changing the ix to ices.

Explanation of Irregular Plural Count Nouns - English-Zone…

Still other nouns ending in o and preceded by a consonant have both recognized plural forms: add either s or es. If in doubt, check a dictionary.

English Grammar - Nouns: The Formation of Plurals - …

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