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Page for Ethan Coen's senior thesis.

Joel David Coen ( November 29 of 1954 ) and Ethan Jesse Coen ( September 21 of 1957 ), known professionally by Coen brothers, are American filmmakers. They write, produce, direct and edit their own films together. They often alternate credits for their screenplays while sharing credit for editing with the pseudonym Roderick Jaynes.

Ethan Coen wrote the one-act comedy ..

The Coen brothers often cast certain actors more than once in their films. They have consistently worked with , (Who also did an uncredited voice in ), (Who also had an uncredited role in ), , , , , , and .

"Page for Ethan Coen's senior thesis".

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The Coen brothers' next film will be , a remake of the , based on the by Charles Portis. It is currently in pre-production with shooting beginning in in March 2010. The film will be distributed by Paramount. , who starred in the Coens' The Big Lebowski, will star as Marshall , and will also appear in the movie.

In January 2008, Ethan Coen's play premiered at the Stage 2 and opened to mostly enthusiastic reviews. The initial run closed on February 10, 2008 but was moved to a new theatre for a commercial Off-Broadway run. The commercial run began in March, 2008, and ran until June 1, 2008 at the Bleecker Street Theatre in New York City, produced by The Atlantic Theater Company and Art Meets Commerce. In May 2009, the Atlantic Theater Company produced Coen's "Offices", as part of their mainstage season at the Linda Gross Theater.

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The Coen Brothers Are Going To Have Their Own Netflix Anthology Series Techie + Gamers

The Coens often use animals that seem to have an understanding of what is happening: for example, the bloodhound who looks surprised in the cabin scene of O, Brother, Where Art Thou?, the scruffy terrier accompanying the tyke in the Rug Daniels scene of Miller's Crossing, the Pomeranian show dog (with papers) who becomes agitated with Walter during Smokey's foul in The Big Lebowski, the ever-watching and suspicious Pickles in The Ladykillers, and the pit bull who is seen through binoculars by Moss in No Country for Old Men.

In addition, the Coens often set their movies in times of American crises: Miller's Crossing during , Barton Fink in the time around the , The Big Lebowski during the 1991 , and O Brother Where Art Thou? during the . also is mentioned as an important plot point in The Man Who Wasn't There, and Hi blames his recidivism on Reagan's presidency in Raising Arizona. The Hudsucker Proxy is set at the turn of 1958/59, the period that included and the consequent escalation of the .

27/09/2008 · Here, however, the speaker is Joel Coen and the laughter is provided by Ethan, his younger brother (by three years).
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People by Last Names: C – NNDB: Tracking the entire …

The Coen brothers' reputation was seemingly enhanced with every subsequent release, but it took a massive leap forward with their next movie, 1991s . Barton Fink is set in 1941 and is the story of a New York playwright (the eponymous Barton Fink played by ) who moves to Los Angeles to write a B-movie. He settles down in his hotel apartment to commence the writing but all too soon gets writer's block and allows himself to receive some inspiration from the amiable man in the room next door (played by ), together with some industry associates. Inspiration comes from the strangest places, and the hotel is definitely unusual and a magnet for the bizarre. Barton Fink was a critical success, garnering Oscar nominations plus winning three major awards at , including the (Golden Palm). Barton Fink was the first of the brothers' films to use Director of Photography , a key figure in the brothers' circle over the following 15 years.

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In 1994, with their stock at an all-time high, the brothers were able to attempt their first big-budget feature film (co-written with Sam Raimi). The story revolves around a man who is made the head of a massive corporation with the expectation that he will ruin the company (so that the board can buy it for next to nothing); instead, he ends up inventing the and becomes both a success and a "personality" overnight. The critics were lukewarm about the Coens' work, while Roger Deakins was universally praised for his skill as Director of Photography. The film was generally criticized for being "a too far".[citation needed] Most critics viewed the film as having nothing new to say due to its constant references and homages to classic movies of the 1930s and 40s. Many were disappointed by the Coens' first attempt at the big league. Perhaps more significantly, the film proved to be a massive commercial failure, making back only $3 million of its $25 million budget.

People by Last Names: C – NNDB: Tracking the entire world

was released in 1990, a straight-ahead homage to the gangster movie genre and in many ways a remake of , one of the Ladd and Lake films of the 1940s. Starring , and future Coen brothers' staple , the film is set during the prohibition era of the 1930s and tells the tale of feuding mobs and gangster capers. The film was praised for its dialogue and characterization. Typical of the brothers' oeuvre are the touches of dark humor and plot twists that were already becoming recurring features of their work.

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Following the commercial failure of The Hudsucker Proxy, the brothers returned to more familiar ground in 1996 with the noir thriller . Set in the Coen brothers' home state of Minnesota (Fargo, in neighboring North Dakota, appears in only a couple of early scenes), the movie tells the tale of Jerry Lundegaard (), a man with a money problem, who works in his father-in-law's car showroom. Jerry is anxious to get hold of some money to move up in the world and hatches a plan to have his wife kidnapped so that his wealthy father-in-law will pay the ransom that he can split with the kidnappers. Inevitably, his plan goes wrong when the bungling kidnappers deviate from the agreed non-violent plan and local cop Marge Gunderson () starts to investigate the whole affair. A critical and commercial success, with particular praise for its dialogue and McDormand's performance, the film received several awards including a award and award for direction and two , one for and a for McDormand.

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