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Nomenclature of Alcohols and Ethers

Alcohols and Ethers

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Synthesis and Reactions of Ethers

The property of ether in collodion is to communicate tenacity tothe film, which, owing to the excess of this fluid, frequently peelsoff from the glass in one adherent sheet; beside this, ether is moreliable to decomposition than alcohol, and is perhaps one of thecauses of the want of permanency in collodion, although mostprobably pyroxyline is the principal cause. This want of stability,even in normal collodion, is increased by the quantity of aircontained in the same vessels, giving rice to an ethereal effluviawhich it did not possess before. This decomposition is much morerapid when the collodion is exposed to light.

>alcohol and ether; when the solvents evaporate, a clear plasticlike film is formed

Oxidation−reduction condensation via alkoxydiphenylphosphines (diphenylphosphinite esters) (1), generated in situ from chlorodiphenylphosphine (2) and alcohols, 2,6-dimethyl-1,4-benzoquinone (3), and phenols proceeds smoothly to afford alkyl−aryl ethers in good to high yields under neutral conditions. In a similar fashion, a new and efficient method for the preparation of symmetrical or unsymmetrical dialkyl ethers in good to high yields is established via tetrafluoro-1,4-benzoquinone (fluoranil) (4), alcohols, and 1 formed in situ from BuLi-treated alcohols and 2. This method is applicable also to the etherification of chiral secondary or tertiary alcohols with retention or inversion of configurations. The inverted ethers are afforded by treating chiral alkoxydiphenylphosphines and achiral alcohols, while the reaction of achiral alkoxydiphenylphosphines and chiral alcohols forms retained ethers.

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Collodion iodized with the ammonium salt is the least stable;whilst a cadmium collodion is the most permanent. Collodion in whichthe alcohol is in larger abundance than the ether is more stable,and at the same time more fluid; it adheres well to the glass, formsno rides in flowing, and is in fact quite structureless.

A further way to improve the octane rating is to add an oxygenated compound. The favoured compounds are alcohols (methanol and ehanol) and one of three ethers MTBE (methyl t-butyl ether), ETBE (ethyl t-butyl ether), TAME (t-amyl methyl ether).

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Ether, sometimes denominated, but very wrongly, sulphuric ether,is obtained by decomposing alcohol by means of sulphuric acid. Onemethod consists in the distillation, of equal weights of rectifiedalcohol (spec. grav. .835 and sulphuric acid. As soon as ebullitioncommences, a colorless and highly volatile liquid passes over and iscondensed into a receiver surrounded with ice or snow. This methodis far from being a profitable one; for at a temperature below260° Fahr. alcohol distils over; and, if' the heat be greaterthan: 310°, another of the numerous hydrocarbons, olefiant,gas, is generated, together with other gaseous and liquid bodies. Bya second method the sulphuric acid is maintained at a temperature ofabout 300° Fahr., and a, stream of alcohol is made to enter theacid gradually. lit this way a large quantity of alcohol becomesconverted into ether. There are two stages in the preparation ofether; by one an impure and crude ether is the result; by the latterthe ether is rectified. The minutia; are as follows

Although an equivalent of water is the only difference betweenalcohol and ether, yet no direct means have yet been discoveredwhereby an atom of water can be so combined with ether as to formalcohol, nor abstracted from alcohol constitutionally so as to leaveether. It is supposed, therefore, that the elements that enter intothe formation of ether, and water and ether, owe their difference toa differ. Once in the grouping of the elementary atoms.

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    Synthesis of primary, secondary, and tertiary alcohols from aldehydes and ketones using Grignard reagents.

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    Controlling the reaction of alcohols with acid to either ether synthesis or elimination

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THE next ingredients employed in the manufacture of plain ornormal collodion are alcohol and ether. Both these substances belongto a group of hydrocarbons whose basic compound radical, althoughhypothetical, is denominated , consisting of fourequivalents of carbon combined with five of hydrogen, andrepresented in symbols by C4 H5 Ether is theoxide of this base, and alcohol the hydrated oxide; that is,chemically regarded, the only difference between ether and alcoholis, that the latter contains one equivalent of water,constitutionally combined, which is wanting in ether. Thehypothetical compound base, ethyle, enters into combination withseveral of the alkaloids and acids, giving rise to distinct chemicalcombinations. This fact will lead us to seek a clue for variousuntoward and, as yet, unaccountable phenomena in the constitution ofsensitized collodion, and its frequent want of permanency.

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Take of alcohol, four sulphuric acid, potassa, six distilled water, . Add gradually fourteen fluid ounces of the acid totwo pints of the alcohol in a tubulated retort, and drake frequentlyin order to produce an intimate mixture. Connect the retort, whenplaced on a sand-bath. with a proper condensing apparatus, furnishedwith. a long connecting-tube, so as to remove the vapors, if anyshould escape, as far as possible from the flame. Explosions arevery apt to take place in the preparation of ether, unless greatcaution be taken. The temperature now raised quickly untilebullition commences. As soon as half a pint of ether has distilledover, the remainder of the alcohol previously mixed with two fluidounces of the acid is allowed to enter gradually through thetubulated aperture by means of a tube dipping beneath the mixture inthe retort, and in quantity as near as can be equal to that whichdistills over. In this way continue the distillation until aboutthree prints have passed over into the condenser.

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Neither of the preceding fluid, taken separately, dissolvespyroxyline, a mixture of the two is required to perform thisoperation; the proportion in which they exist to this mixture, inorder to attain to the maximum degree of photographic excellence, isa problem which has not yet beep absolutely solved. When there is alarge excess of ether over the alcohol, the former menstruum willeasily dissolve from one to one and a half per cent of the preparedcotton; and this proportion will scarcely exceed, under the mostfavorable conditions, from two to three per cent without producing aprecipitate in the solution. On the contrary, if the, alcohol, inits purest state, exists in the, mixture in greater quantity thanthe ether, three per cent of pyroxyline is easily dissolved,producing a collodion of the proper consistency; the mixture,however, will dissolve from eight to ten per cent without producingany deposit in the collodion.

of the primary alcohol 2 and its TMS ether 2 in 55% ..

of normal)or plain collodion is a fact that can easily be verified; butexperience shows also that the iodides and bromides when dissolvedin pure alcohol and ether are not decomposed, or at any event in avery trifling degree, when properly protected to accurately closedbottles; the fluid does not change color materially, nor does itallow the presence either of free iodine or bromine; furthermore thesolutions in question, when kept for any length of time, produce thesame sensitive effects on plant collodion as if they were freshlymade. The decomposition in collodion does not seem, therefore, to besuperinduced by ether, alcohol, the iodides, or the bromides; foreach, taken separately or in combination, when pure and properlyprotected, is not liable to any perceptible decomposition. But VanMonckhoven maintains, and all photographers are aware of the fact,that there is a very perceptible difference between freshly-madeplain collodion and old plain collodion. The difference is this: ifa plate be coated in newly-made plain collodion and then immersed ina solution of nitrate of silver and exposed before an object, andafterward submitted to the action of the developing fluid, no tracesof the picture will appear; on the contrary, if the plain collodionbe old, and a plate be treated with this as in the preceding case,the film will be whitened by the sensitizing solution, and twill besensitive tip the action of light when exposed before an object, andwill yield a picture. A second difference is this: the collodion,before thick and consistent, becomes thinner and exhales alt odor ofnitric ether as it grows older.

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