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etomidate vs propofol thesis - …

Sympathetic responses to induction of anesthesia in humans with propofol or etomidate.

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Etomidate vs propofol thesis: Etomidate vs propofol thesis

In conclusion, the present study demonstrates thatanesthesia for gastroscopy in elderly patients can be safely andeffectively accomplished when propofol combined with etomidate isused. It is understood that these anesthetic regimens have uniquecharacteristics, including improved hemodynamic stability, minimalrespiratory depression, reduced side effects, a rapid return tofull activity and high levels of satisfaction.

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The aim of the present prospective study is todetermine the safety, efficacy, cost effectiveness, side effectprofile and recovery time of a combination of propofol andetomidate, compared with propofol and etomidate alone, asanesthetic regimens for gastroscopy.

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Etomidate vs propofol thesis ..

The purpose of this study was to compare etomidate-lipuro and propofol and 50%, (1:1) admixture of these agents at induction with special reference to injection pain, hemodynamic changes, and myoclonus.

Ninety patients were assigned at random to three groups in which induction was performed with either etomidate-lipuro, propofol or etomidate-lipuro–propofol admixture. After monitorization with bispectral index (BIS) all agents were given with infusion with a perfuser at a constant rate of 200 ml/min till the BIS values decreased to 40. Blood pressure and heart rate were measured every 30 s at this period. Patients were asked for pain at the injection site and observed visually for myoclonus. The time BIS values decreased to 40 (BIS 40 time) and total amounts of induction doses were measured.

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General Anesthesia with Laryngeal Mask Airway: Etomidate vs Propofol for Hemodynamic Stability

Following written patient consent, 89 patients listed for various types of surgery were scheduled to be included (ASA I–II). The study used a single centre prospective, randomized, double blind controlled design. Randomization was based on computer generated random numbers. The study was approved by University Ethics Committee and adhered to Good Clinical Practise (GCP) guidelines. Patients with vascular diseases, habituation to analgesics, sedatives or antianxiety drugs; allergic diseases or sensitivity to propofol or etomidate, lipid emulsions

The syringes containing the study drugs were prepared by the same anesthesia resident to assure a proper blinding procedure. The coded syringes contained either etomidate-lipuro 2 mg/ml or propofol 1% fresenius 20 mg/ml or etofol prepeared as 1:1 mixture of propofol 1% fresenius 20 mg/ml and etomidate-lipuro 2 mg/ml. The syringes were prefilled to contain 20 ml for blinding purposes (no visual difference could be detected between syringes).

Incidence of injection pain, etofol vs etomidate-lipuro and propofol 1% fresenius
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    Etomidate vs propofol thesis

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Dexmedetomidine as an adjunct to anesthetic induction …

In conclusion, etofol (1:1 admixture of etomidate-lipuro and propofol) is associated with less pain on injection, myoclonus and with hemodynamic stability than etomidate lipuro and propofol and we think it is a valuable agent for induction.

and modeled the propofol infusion rate vs

We did not examine the cortisol levels of the groups. Although etomidate causes adrenocortical suppression, a single injection to induce anesthesia will only produce a transient and clinically insignificant interference with adrenocortical function.[] In a study by Schenarts and colleagues the use of etomidate for induction of anesthesia in emergency department, as compared with midazolam, was associated with reduced cosyntropin stimulation test response (30% of the control group response) at 3 h after administration.[] However, cosyntropin stimulation test response was back to normal at 12 h after the administration. Furthermore the reduce adrenal response to cosyntropin during the early phase after administration, the serum cortisol levels remained within the normal laboratory reference ranges during limited period of adrenal inhibition.

(etomidate) and isopropylphenols (propofol).

Hemodynamic stability is the other part of the ideal induction agent. Although propofol decreased the blood pressure Etofol is associated with hemodynamic stability as etomidate in our study.

Don't use Propofol to treat insomnia though

The induction time (Time to reach BIS to 40) is faster in Etofol group than propofol and etomidate group (etofol > propofol > etomidate). The rapid induction without any side effect is a valuable characteristic that wanted from an ideal induction agent. Both etomidate and propofol are known to have short duration of action that will allow rapid induction.

Etomidate Use and Postoperative Outcomes among …

In agreement with previous literature the use of etomidate was found to be associated with higher incidence of myoclonic activity than propofol. There were only two patients at stage 2 in etofol group where as no patient with myoclonus in propofol group. There was not any statically significance among myoclonus between propofol and etofol group (P > 0.05). Previous studies in adults have also shown that the incidence of myoclonic movements can be reduced either by premedication with fentanyl or by preinduction priming with subanesthetic dose etomidate.[] The propofol in the mixture can be act as preinduction priming in our study.

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