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The relationship between photosynthesis and respiration.

The Energy Relationships in Cellular Respiration and Photosynthesis: the Balance Sheet. Online biology textbook - [e]

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Photosynthesis Science Fair Projects and Experiments

In the same year that he jump-started his return to photosynthesis by publishing computational papers that utilized the new reaction center structure, Schulten took a job at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Soon after that, in 1989, Schulten founded the Theoretical Biophysics Group there at the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology, an interdisciplinary center at the university. Eventually the group at Beckman became known as the Theoretical and Computational Biophysics Group. It is through this group that Schulten and collaborators were able to start to piece together the many steps in photosynthesis and begin to understand it on a grand scale

I am going to use a range of filters who's wavelength range from blue (shortest) to red (longest).

Figure 1. An example of the relationship between the positioning of a pH microelectrode in relation to coral during the dark and sunlight. Data based on Kuhl et al 1995.

Photosynthesis Experiments (with videos & activities)

William A. Arnold. Personal Perspective: Experiments. Photosynthesis Research, 27:73-82, 1991.

This analysis and discussion activity helps students to understand the relationships between food, cellular respiration, energy, physical activity, and changes in body weight. At the end of the activity, each student asks and researches an additional question using recommended reliable internet sources. (NGSS)

Therefore, scientists rely on to infer changes in CO2 caused by photosynthesis. pH microelectrodes have a very rapid response time and are extremely small in size (approximately 10μm to 500μm in diameter). The pH microelectrodes can be deployed in either the lab or field for CO2 experiments.

ATP production and water splitting are related but not depen-

The one main thing I would change if I did the experiment again would be the way of calculating the photosynthetic rate.

Schulten also weighed in on why the team of Ritz and Damjanović made remarkable achievements. Xiche Hu's work on the light-harvesting protein was the first time in Schulten's group that someone had worked on structural biology. “This structure determination was very new for us; but particularly relative to the structural biology, we were really excellent quantum biologists,” notes Schulten. This second hat that the team wore, of quantum physicists, was a natural one for Schulten's group to embrace since they could draw on years of experience, and this resulted in explanation of the quantum physics behind light harvesting in photosynthesis in the near-record time of about three years.

When Schulten moved to Illinois in 1988 he eventually met two scientists there at the university who also worked on photosynthesis: Antony Crofts and Colin Wraight, both from the School of Molecular and Cellular Biology. Schulten even published a photosynthesis paper in 1999 with Crofts. When Colin Wraight invited Schulten to a dinner in honor of a visitor from Sheffield, Schulten and the guest from England struck up a conversation about their respective work in photosynthesis. Neil Hunter, an experimentalist, was at that point in time imaging a structure called a chromatophore that was central to photosynthetic function in purple bacteria. Always on the lookout for collaborators, Schulten and Hunter decided to join forces to model the chromatophore.

The test will be to find out the relationship between light intensity (voltage) and the rate of photosynthesis.
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    There will be a maximum level of photosynthesis during the experiment it is called a limiting factor.

  • Retinal is related to the carotenoids, ..

    An experiment was conducted to determine the relationship between a leaf’s absorption rate and color.

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    I am happy with the experiment as I proved that light intensity has an effect on the rate of photosynthesis.

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experiments about photosynthesis; experiments …

Once Hartmut Michel had his high-quality crystals, his next step was to find experts in X-ray crystallography in order to then elucidate the structure of the reaction center. Another group at the institute in Martinsried, led by Robert Huber, specialized in X-ray crystallography of proteins. In the spring of 1982 Michel gave a talk to Huber's group about his membrane protein crystallization work, seeking collaborators. Out of this seminar emerged a colleague for the project: Johann “Hans” Deisenhofer. Having joined Huber in 1971 as a PhD student, and then later converting that to a permanent position in the group, Deisenhofer did not hesitate for long to team up with Michel on the project, even though the reaction center was the largest protein at that time whose structure had yet to be determined and it was not clear that standard methods of structure determination would be suitable for the crystal.

Photosynthesis Experiment, Photosynthesis …

First, his experimentalist coworkers questioned Schulten's pure theoretical approach, which only made him improve his methods; there were also lots of good-natured jokes about him being a theoretician. Second, Schulten figured out how to apply a critical eye to experiment. “You need to know what are they doing, how are they doing it, who are the good people, and who are the not-so-good,” Schulten remarks. “So somehow you need to develop a working relationship.” Third, he learned about key directions in the field and heard about cutting-edge experiments while at the institute. In short, his time in Göttingen was not only productive in terms of research, but also because he made many contacts, with experimentalists in particular.

Elodea Plant Photosynthesis Experiment

This game helps students to enjoy reviewing vocabulary related to genetics. Each card in the deck has a target vocabulary word and two related taboo words that the student may not use as he/she gives clues so the other students in his/her small group can guess the target word. Many students have trouble learning the substantial new vocabulary required for biology, and this game lets students have fun while reinforcing their understanding of key terms.

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Schulten was surrounded by 40 or 50 experimentalists who worked in his group. Schulten calls himself a mathematician by ability, who has a love for life sciences, but acknowledges that, back in the 1970s, it was tricky to apply mathematics to a new field like biology; there was much resistance and uncertainty. Schulten realized that to tackle this precarious task of introducing mathematics to biology he would need to work on solid ground and become thoroughly familiar with the experimental side. His time in Göttingen provided just that opportunity.

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