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Upper Limb Prosthetic Solutions - Hanger Clinic

McFarland, L. V., S. Winkler, M. W. Jones, A. W. Heinemann, G. E. Reiber, and A. Esquenazi. 2010. Unilateral upper limb loss: Satisfaction and prosthetic device use in service members from Vietnam and OIF/OEF conflicts. 47(4):275-298.

Upper extremity artificial limbs deals with the prosthetic fitting of upper limb amputations.

4-8. Relative to the upper extremities, the primary functions of the lower limbs are more limited and concern primarily maintenance and achievement of upright stance and various types of locomotion (walking, running, hopping, jumping, stair climbing). In contrast, the primary functions of the upper extremities include self-care, interaction with the environment and others, self-expression, and fine and gross motor activities.

Types of Upper Extremity Prostheses | P and O Care

Baschuk, C. 2016. Application of elevated vacuum suspension in upper-limb prosthetics.  12(3).

This chapter provides an overview of the various levels of amputation and congenital limb absence, their prevalence, and the types of prosthetic devices commercially available for each level. In addition, it reviews relevant clinical considerations pertaining to upper-extremity prostheses (UEPs), including their role in helping to mitigate the effects of impairments due to missing limbs. The evaluation and monitoring of individuals who need UEPs, the training and adaptation required to use such a device, and considerations of access and availability are addressed in turn. The chapter ends with findings and conclusions. Note that the discussion of prostheses and amputation, unless otherwise specified, applies to persons with congenital absence of a limb as well as to those with acquired amputation.

Upper-extremity (upper-limb) amputations are defined by the level at which they occur (see ). Although congenital limb absence is properly defined with a slightly altered taxonomy, individuals are fit with prosthetic devices according to the corresponding amputation level regardless of whether the limb deficiency is congenital or acquired (). The remaining part of the limb is often referred to as the “stump”; however, the more accepted term in the United States and the term used in this report is “residual limb.”


Burger, H., and Č. Marinček. 1994. Upper limb prosthetic use in Slovenia.  18(1):25-33.

PVC gloves resist some chemicals but can absorb stains and require prompt cleaning if soiled, to prevent permanent marking.

Silicone has recently been refined for utilization in upper extremity restorations.

In summary, although research in the United States is lacking, international studies suggest that male sex, younger age, medium or high level of education, prosthesis use, good general health (fewer comorbidities), and positive attitude are predictors of work participation among upper-limb amputees (; ; ; ; ). Importantly, issues of prosthesis reliability and the need for repair also impact device use in the work environment and may contribute to work interruptions.

Hanson, W. 2003. Upper limb prosthetic components: Function vs. appearance.  13(6):29.
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  • Prostheses (Upper Extremities) | Michigan Medicine

    Level of education has not been associated with prosthesis use among individuals with upper-limb amputation ().

  • Upper Extremity Prosthetics | NovaCare Rehabilitation

    Biddiss, E., and T. Chau. 2007b. Upper-limb prosthetics: Critical factors in device abandonment. 86(12):977-987.

  • Upper extremity amputations and prosthetics — …

    Biddiss, E., D. Beaton, and T. Chau. 2007. Consumer design priorities for upper limb prosthetics. 2(6):346-357.

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T1 - Upper extremity amputations and prosthetics

4-7. Comprehensive efforts to study the impact of upper-limb loss, prosthesis use, and amputation rehabilitation on activity and participation, including work participation, are needed. Such research may not only enhance knowledge in these areas but also inform the development of rational resource utilization, including informing cost-benefit analyses and coverage for devices and related services. [Findings 4-13, 4-15, 4-16, 4-22, 4-26]

Upper Limb Prosthesis in Delhi|Artificial Limb in India

4-15. The only U.S. data available on vocational reintegration following upper-extremity amputation come from the military health care system. The committee could find no other studies examining the impact of prosthetic devices and rehabilitation strategies on work participation in the United States.

Upper Extremity Prosthetics | ASA Prosthetics

Alley, R. D. 2004. The prosthetist’s evaluation and planning process with the upper extremity amputee. In . New York: Demos Medical Publishing, Inc. Pp. 125-132.

Upper Extremity Prosthetics | Select Physical Therapy

4-5. Upper-extremity limb loss or deficiency results in a wide range of significant impairments to body functions and resulting limitations on activities and participation.

Upper limb prosthetics has lagged ..

4-4. The complex function of an upper extremity is far more difficult to replace with a prosthesis relative to the function of a lower extremity.

Upper Extremity Prosthetics Utilizing Silicone Prosthetics

Biddiss, E., and T. Chau. 2007a. The roles of predisposing characteristics, established need, and enabling resources on upper extremity prosthesis use and abandonment. 2(2):71-84.

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