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Fine Art MPhil, PhD - Postgraduate - Newcastle University

PhD students will normally have completed a masters level course before starting their PhD.

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Seminars topics include writing up studio-based research and practice, and preparing papers for specialist journals and conference presentation. The nature, purpose and possible forms of a Fine Art PhD are also a topic of debate.

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As a practice-based researcher myself, with two years of the academy under my belt, I’ve found that the primary method of answering these concerns is to reflect them back at the institution. Research does not take place in isolation. As with any treasured job it is the people that make a PhD worth undertaking. If you are lucky – and let’s admit it, fewer things are harder to predict than luck – the artists and academics that make up your department will be driven by similar desires as you are. Of course, I could spend the rest of this short article on the restrictions of labelling yourself a graduate of the RCA, Goldsmiths or the Slade. But reflecting back the conditions of research at the institutions that produce them comes closer to addressing what really makes academies function: exchange. To paraphrase the words of John F. Kennedy: ‘Ask not what academia can do for you—ask what you can do for your academia.’ Productive exchange begins by giving your all, whilst always expecting those around you to do the same.

Fine Art PhD at University for the Creative Arts

The Slade School of Fine Art offers a choice between the following three options within the PhD programme:

An MPhil or PhD may enhance and progress careers in the art and design sector and can open up opportunities at senior levels in the arts and the creative economy. Research degrees can be key to pursuing an academic career, and graduates may go on to research or teach in higher education institutions.

The University of Lincoln offers research programmes at MPhil and PhD level across a wide range of art and design disciplines. Research students can benefit from a range of training opportunities to develop their research skills.

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Research degrees are not always the best way to fortify the foundations of an artist’s practice. Indeed, many would argue that the very principle of artistic practice within the academy is to rock those foundations, even raze certain principles of practice to the ground. But when PhD researchers are supported to develop and sustain their thought from within their art it can often be the supervisor or established academic artist who has to rethink their assumptions, rather than the other way around. Personal exploration, issuing from practice, becomes valid as PhD research when its significance is a significance shared. A significance exchanged is a significance enhanced.

In terms of the market, artistic practice often inhabits an obscure space, cut off from the concerns of art galleries, of buyers, sellers and the aesthetically motivated public. The main benefit of taking up a practice-based research position is exposing one’s practice to the eyes of others. But this exposure always focuses both ways. Jean-Francois Lyotard writes, in , “Knowledge is and will be produced in order to be sold, it is and will be consumed in order to be valorised in a new production: in both cases, the goal is exchange.” Criticality – the enactment of research – begins in the process of exchange, a goal which, if Lyotard is to be believed, should be held in higher esteem than the art market. Taking a practice-based PhD means investing time and knowledge with other practitioners, often other artists who, having undertaken their research years before, now enact their modes of exchange as tutors, professors and PhD supervisors.

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Art Now - Visual Art/Fine Arts/Studio Art: Thesis

The Fine Art MPhil PhD offers supervision in an impressive range of practices, complimented by art history and contextual studies. Our internationally significant research profile, excellent facilities and growing number of researchers has created a stimulating environment for you to undertake your practical or theoretical research.

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You will be encouraged to take advantage of the specific research and practice expertise of our . We also have a fantastic range of resources and opportunities for interdisciplinary and collaborative research across the University. Review our fine art to ensure your research proposal is compatible with our expertise.

PhD (Fine Art) - SEN - USM Admission

We'll allocate you appropriate supervisors from within Fine Art and the University. This will be decided after a detailed discussion with you about your proposed research project.

Current PhD Topics in the Department;

Newcastle is one of the best cities in the UK in which to study contemporary visual art. Its diverse and lively arts scene goes hand-in-hand with our long and distinguished history in the research, practice and teaching of fine art.

Bailey Barnard Art, Architecture and Gift-Exchange in Ancient Greece

The Fine Art MPhil can be practice-led or theoretical, with a final text submission of 50,000 words, or an equivalent combination of studio practice and text. You are expected to complete your submission within two years full-time or four years part time.

U.S.A.T – University of Science, Art and Technology

The Fine Art PhD can be practice-led or solely text based. The final submission for a practice-led PhD is a combination of an exhibition of creative work made over the period of study and a thesis. The thesis would typically be 30,000 words, which constitutes approximately 30% of the degree. A text based PhD is submitted as a thesis of 80,000 - 100,000 words. The submission is expected to take place between three or four years of study full time, or six years part time.

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