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“Frederick Jackson Turner reconsidered” The History Teacher vol.

In 1893 historian Frederick Jackson Turner presented his now-famous "frontier thesis" at the Chicago World's Fair.

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Turner, The Frontier in American History (1996)Turner, Frederick J.

By assuming that the Frontier, as either a place or a process, must be "culture free," Turner students and their critics reveal a cultural chauvinism and egotism, which, while diminishing somewhat in recent years, remains a barrier to seeing successive American "frontiers" in their true cultural aspects.
Woolfolk; The Safety-valve and Free Negro Westward Migration.
Turner gives Natives no agency
Mentions very peripheral
Does not reflect recent study

One of the greatest ironies of all, however, is that by trying to bury Turner they have resuscitated him.
Tuck, "The NEw American Histories"
Foundation laid for future research
The borderland theory
Most of the effects, desirable and undesirable, that were attributed by Turner to the frontier can, with equal or better logic, be attributed to migration.

Lee; The Turner Thesis Reexamined
For Consideration
What did Turner mean for the development of historical research and American history?
Why is Turner still important?
What is the problem with Turner?

Faults in Turner's Thesis
Land not actually Free
Safety valve not actually operational (indentured servants)
Cleavages not clear cut East/West
Dependency/interdependency more complex
Reflections on Turner and his Legacy

Bogue, Allan G.

In a sentence, his argument isthat the frontier was the chief determinant in American history.

Finally, Turner's characterization of the frontier as a purely western and English phenomenon completely ignores the frontier faced by the French colonists on their western and southern borders, as well as the northern frontier of English colonies like New York and Massachusetts.Turner's dismissal of the First Nations as an important element in early American history is never explicitly stated.

“Contributions of the West to American Democracy ” (1903) in F.J.

Rediscover the best-known and most influential essay by and about the American frontier by renown historian Frederick Jackson Turner (1861-1932), the University of Wisconsin-Madison professor whose famed 1894 "Frontier Thesis" was first to suggest how the American national character had been influenced by the freedom of the frontier. The Wisconsin-born historian's ideas and writings had a profound impact upon the way Americans view their past, and their place in the world.

Fifth, the frontier by its very nature reflected a contestbetween the privileged and the non-privileged; Turner maintains that this dichotomy was more inevidence outside New England and was more of a democratic revolution outside that region than inside( 1920, 106-111).

Turner The Frontier in American History (1996)Turner, Frederick J.

Missioners, who wanted to convert the inhabitants of the new lands, also propelled this new policy, and theories such as the Social Darwinism and the Manifest Destiny made people believed it was right for America to expand its frontiers and help the less fortune....


• What is the Frontier Thesis?

• The elements of the thesis explored

Things not included

• What did the Thesis teach us?

• Conclussion
The Background
The Superintendent of the Census: the Frontier is dead (1890)
All of America is, according to them, populated to an extent where Frontier life is no longer in existence

The 400th year anniversary of the Discovery of America (1892)
A lot of focus on this.

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  • Turner The Frontier in American History (1996Woolfolk, George R.

    According to Turner, "American history has been in a large degree the history of the colonization of the Great West.

  • Native Americans long dominated the vastness of the American West

    Even in hisseminal work, , there are discussions of thefrontier''s effect on the coming of the revolution.

  • Frederick Jackson Turner by Katharina Stengaard on Prezi

    Of course, as the period under scrutiny approachesthe war chronologically, the frontier moves away from the ocean.

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Frederick Jackson Turner – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Other factors like railroads and mines pulled people to move to the west and in all of these cases Americans moving west were seeking opportunity just as Turner said.

Frederick jackson turner frontier thesis quotes

Then to end the Mexican-American with the treaty of Guadalupe Hildago (1848) Mexico ceded the Texas claimed areas, and a big piece of land that is now California, Nevada, Utah, some of Arizona, and portions of Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming, to America.

Frederick Jackson Turner | American historian | …

“The Turner Thesis Reexamined” American Quarterly vol 13
Tuck, Stephen “The New American Histories” The Historical Journal vol 48 (2005
Turner, Frederick J.

Frederick jackson turner frontier thesis text

The true point of view in the history of this nation is not the Atlantic coast, it is the Great West."
Related Date
1893 -
Turner presented his views from "The Significance of the Frontier in American History" in Chicago
"Frederick Jackson Turner".

06/09/2013 · Frederick Jackson Turner ..

Bensel has maintained that sectionalism has indeed been a major force in determining the nature of modem American political development
Bogue; "Frederick Jackson Turner reconsidered"

From the beginning of the settlement of America, the frontier regions have exercised a steady influence toward Democracy.

Turner; contributions of the West on American Democracy
Why the West Was important in the shaping of American Democracy
The balance of independence and interdependency in Frontier life
The ties between east and West
Individualism, opportunism and the pioneer
Free land, free opportunity
Neglected areas in Turner's Thesis
Turner; the significance of the frontier in American History
Later Turner does write that Slavery and abolition has some significance in Frontier history, but more as a defence of his heroes (Jackson, Lincoln) than as important for frontier history.
The thesis deals badly with other Cultures than that of Turner's white pioneer society.

supporting articles to form The Frontier in American History

This perennial rebirth, this fluidity of American life, this expansion westward with its new opportunities, its continuous touch with the simplicity of primitive society, furnish the forces dominating American character.

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