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Noiles fully constrained tricompartmental knee prosthesis …

Patent US9579209 - Constrained knee prosthesis - Google Patents

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Constrained prosthetic knee with rotating bearing - Google …

There is no mechanical connection between the thigh and the shin section of the joint. Minor bone resection and preservation of ligament structures ensure long durability.The individual prosthesis types are available in different sizes.

Patent US8808388 - Constrained knee prosthesis - …

Methods We evaluated 11 patients in which we used the constrained implant hinge associated to rotating tibial basis, with minimum follow-up of two years. Gunston introduces first cemented surface arthroplasty of knee joint. minimally constrained prosthesis that depends on an intact PCL to provide stability in. Non-constrained total knee prosthesis. The femoral and tibial components are independent of each other. A groove is present in the posterior aspect of the tibial.

Constrained prosthetic knee - Hexcel Corporation

9/30/1980 · A constrained prosthetic knee having as its ..

Second Sight Medical Products, Inc. submitted an application for new technology add-on payments for the Argus® II Retinal Prosthesis System (Argus® II System) for FY 2014. The Argus® II System is an active implantable medical device that is intended to provide electrical stimulation of the retina to induce visual perception in patients who are profoundly blind due to retinitis pigmentosa (RP). These patients have bare or no light perception in both eyes. The system employs electrical signals to bypass dead photo-receptor cells and stimulate the overlying neurons according to a real-time video signal that is wirelessly transmitted from an externally worn video camera. The Argus® II implant is intended to be implanted in a single eye, typically the worse-seeing eye. Currently, bilateral implants are not intended for this technology. According to the applicant, the surgical implant procedure takes approximately 4 hours and is performed under general anesthesia.

With regard to the first criterion, whether a product uses the same or a similar mechanism of action to achieve a therapeutic outcome, the applicant indicated that the GORE IBE device is based on the same design principles as other endovascular repair devices, and its use differs because of the specific target site for implantation. Consequently, it has a different shape and method of delivery from other endovascular devices. The GORE IBE device is similar to the GORE® EXCLUDER® AAA Endoprosthesis, primarily differing in device dimensions to fit within the iliac artery anatomy. With regard to the first criterion, we expressed concern in the FY 2017 IPPS/LTCH PPS proposed rule () that the GORE IBE device has a similar mechanism of action to other stenting grafts used to treat patients with abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAAs) because it repairs the abdominal aortoiliac aneurysm from the inside and is inserted in a similar manner to other abdominal aortoiliac endovascular aneurysm repair devices.

and titled “Constrained Knee Prosthesis ..

The present invention provides an improved constrained knee prosthesis ..

Signs of prosthesis failure :

Pain with movement, usually at the anterior groin and medial thigh;

Frequently an audible pop can be heard with dislocation, patient knows"something isn't right"; Abnormal positioning/shortening of limb;

Inability to weightbear (Pellegrini & McCollister, 1990, p.2752).

Constrained prostheses are used in unstable knees due to their ability to resist varus and valgus transformative forces across the knee. Aseptic Loosening of implants is caused by osteolysis. It is most significant factor limiting longevity of THA. Revision for loosening is 4x higher than next leading.

Constrained prosthetic knee with rotating ..
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    Another example includes a knee prosthetic having a mobile PS post, but otherwise a fully constrained knee prosthetic

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    Constrained prosthesis knee

  • TKA Revision - Recon - Orthobullets

    The history and intraoperative examination are consistent with an iatrogenic MCL injury that is irreparable

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