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9. Delbeke D, Segall GM. Status of and Trends in Nuclear Medicine in the United States. 2011;52:24S-8S

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Theranostics in nuclear medicine has manifested in pre-therapeutic diagnosis for PRRT. In this context the diagnosis and radiotherapy are conducted with the same ligand labelled respectively with imaging radionuclide, e.g. 68Ga and therapeutic one, e.g. 177Lu (Figure B). The radiopharmaceuticals bind to tumour-type specific receptors enabling personalized approach of accurate quantitative diagnosis and staging for subsequent selection and planning of therapeutic means as well as monitoring response to the treatment. The dosimetry estimation prior to PRRT is one of the most important prerequisites of successful treatment, and the higher spatial resolution and inherent quantitative accuracy of 68Ga/PET are of paramount importance for the dosimetry precision and treatment response evaluation. The common perception is that 68Ga is not applicable for the pre-therapeutic dosimetry due to the short half-life of 68Ga (68 min) mismatching that of therapeutic radionuclides 90Y (64 h) and 117Lu (6.71 d), and consequently resulting in different time windows of the pharmacokinetics. However, e.g. in the case of somatostatin analogues their fast pharmacokinetics may enable the utilization of kinetic analysis of 68Ga-labelled peptide for the prediction of radiation doses during PRRT with the 177Lu-labelled analogue. This might be accomplished by the combination of the respective agents, namely by either co-injection or separate use of 68Ga- and 177Lu-labelled peptides. The high accuracy at early time points could be achieved by 68Ga/PET quantitation with an error of less than 5% since the tracer accumulation in the organs at risk reaches its maximum within 2-3 half-lives of 68Ga []. The kinetics at later time points could be obtained by either blood sampling during the radiotherapy with 177Lu-labelled analogue or by imaging gammas emitted by 177Lu. The dual-tracer examination is possible since the gamma energy of 177Lu is outside the PET detection window and thus would not interfere with 68Ga/PET-CT quantitation. Such combination of the tracers would provide highly improved internal dosimetry.

gallium citrate CAS#: 27905-02-8

241. Guo H, Gallazzi F, Miao Y. Gallium-67-labeled lactam bridge-cyclized alpha-MSH peptides with enhanced melanoma uptake and reduced renal uptake. 2012;23:1341-8

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Gallium-67- (67 Ga-) citrate, Indium-111- (111 In-) IgG, ..

114. Chaves S, Mendonca AC, Marques SM, Prata MI, Santos AC, Martins AF. . A gallium complex with a new tripodal tris-hydroxypyridinone for potential nuclear diagnostic imaging: solution and in vivo studies of 67Ga-labeled species. 2011;105:31-8

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