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Artificial gene synthesis - Wikipedia

132. Brown MD, Schatzlein AG, Uchegbu IF. Gene delivery with synthetic (non-viral) carriers. 2001;229(1-2):1-21

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How gene codon optimization works? - ResearchGate

General codon optimization workflow. In the step of codon optimization, either ICO, CCO or MOCO can be used to optimized the sequence.

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Chemical vectors for gene delivery based on only one kind of pure materials, such as lipid or chitosan, have not only their special advantages but also their intrinsic deficiencies which are difficult to resolve. To improve the transfection efficiency and reduce the cytotoxicity, many researchers have focused on combining two or more kinds of materials to enhance the transfection efficiency and at the same time avoiding the side effects to the cells []. Dendron-bearing lipids with PAMAM G1 designated as DL-G1-2C18 have been synthesized. In spite of less efficient cellular uptake of the lipoplexes, they generated free pDNA molecules in the cytosol more effectively than other lipoplexes did [].

How gene codon optimization works

Earlier results suggest, that a minimum of RNA background is generallyneeded and that it enhances RT synthesis efficiency rate.

Each month, over 2 million base pairs DNA sequences including genes, genomes, biological pathways are delivered globally. By using our proprietary pEASY® and assembly platforms, the only thing you need to do is to tell us the DNA or amino acid sequences you are interested in. According to the DNA or amino acid sequences you provided, we will de novo synthesize the error-free DNA sequences and clone them into any vector as requested. In order to provide our customers with the highest quality output, Sanger sequencing will be conducted before each of these steps in order to verify the sequence accuracy. With our professional research team and effective systems in place, we promise you a one-stop location that will satisfy all of your gene synthesis needs.

Admittedly, for protein expression, optimizing codon usage alone is not sufficient to perfect the design of synthetic genes. Many other factors can potentially interfere; for example, mRNA secondary structure can affect gene transcription. Additionally, cryptic splice sites, polyadenylation signals, and other regulatory elements ought to be avoided, as they can lead to undesirable processing of mRNA. GC content has a direct impact on the binding stability and annealing temperature of DNA sequences. Translation initiation and termination efficiency also influence protein output and solubility. Only by taking all of above factors into consideration can gene synthesis codon optimization achieve maximum value.

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Gene Synthesis Codon Optimization | Synbio …

Multi-objective codon optimization solution. The optimal solutions generated by MOCO lies on the pareto front (region in yellow).

Unlike traditional implementations of genetic algorithm where individuals in the population are represented as as 0–1 bit strings, the presented CC optimization algorithm represents each individual as a sequential list of character triplets indicating the respective codons. Therefore, the codons can be manipulated directly with reference to a hash table which defines the synonymous codons for each amino acid. As a result, the protein encoded by the coding sequences is always the same in the genetic algorithm since crossovers only occur at the boundary of the codon triplets and mutation is always performed with reference to the hash table of synonymous codons for each respective amino acid.

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    is the process of synthesizing a gene in vitro without the need for initial template DNA samples

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    Gene synthesis specifications, price and cycle and related gene synthesis service matters needing attention.

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Gene Synthesis and Synthetic Genes from …

The proposed CC optimization framework can complement and enhance the capabilities of current gene design tools, with potential applications to heterologous protein production and even vaccine development in synthetic biotechnology.

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Cloned recDNA and genomic DNAare very stable and generate highly reproducible standard curves evenafter a long storage time, in comparison to freshly synthesized RNA.

Computational codon optimization of synthetic gene …

To overcome problems associated with oligonucleotide qualityseveral elaborate strategies have been developed, employing eitherseparately prepared fishing oligonucleotides,mismatch binding enzymes of the mutS family orspecific endonucleases from bacteria or phages.Nevertheless, all these strategies increase time and costs for genesynthesis based on the annealing of chemically synthesizedoligonucleotides.

Computational codon optimization of synthetic gene for protein ..

In this study, we applied novel computational procedures to generate DNA sequences exhibiting optimal ICU and CC in Escherichia coli, Lactococcus lactis, Pichia pastoris and Saccharomyces cerevisiae based on information obtained from omics data analysis. While E. coli and S. cerevisiae has been model organisms for recombinant protein production studies, we also consider codon optimization in the Gram-positive bacterium L. lactis and methylotrophic yeast P. pastoris since they are also promising candidates for expressing recombinant proteins [, ]. Assuming that the native DNA sequences of highly expressed genes have evolved to exhibit optimal ICU and CC for high in vivo expression, we demonstrated the efficacy of our computational approaches by performing a leave-one-out cross-validation on the high-expression genes for each expression host.

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The construction of customized nucleic acid sequences allows us to have greater flexibility in gene design for recombinant protein expression. Among the various parameters considered for such DNA sequence design, individual codon usage (ICU) has been implicated as one of the most crucial factors affecting mRNA translational efficiency. However, previous works have also reported the significant influence of codon pair usage, also known as codon context (CC), on the level of protein expression.

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