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You Tube Overview of Protein Synthesis

3 Genetic Control of Protein Synthesis, Cell Function & Cell Reproduction

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Egly (1996) TIBS 21:346-350. TFIIH is a kinasethat can phosphorylate the CTD of the large subunit of RNA polymerase II (toform Pol II).This step may be required to releasePolII from the initiation complex so that it will begin elongation. 5.The general transcriptionfactors and RNA Pol II Experiments usingpurified GTIFs and RNA polymerase II examined the ability of these proteins toassemble a specific, active complex on a particular DNA segment containing apromoter and template for transcription.

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20. Initiation of eukaryotic protein synthesis depends on the formation of a crucial complex called the ternary complex. Choose the answer that correctly lists the components of the ternary complex:

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1. Scientists have discovered extraterrestrial bacteria, which arrived on earth via a meteorite. Nucleic acids and proteins were found as components of this organism. but the nitrogenous base composition of the nucleic acids was different than that of earth-based forms. Specifically, RNA from the bacteria consisted of four different bases called W, X, Y and Z; DNA contained one additional base called Q. Proteins, however, were found as components of terrestrial proteins. Your are assigned to decipher the genetic code of this creature and decide to emulate the Nobel Prize-winning approach of Khorana, Nirenberg and Ochoa by synthesizing polynucleotides and determining the structure of translation products made from these sequences. You obtain the following data:

1. Discuss the three roles of RNA in protein synthesis. Name each type of RNA molecule and briefly describe its function. Then draw a diagram indicating where these three molecules fit into the process of protein synthesis.

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(Note that absent vitamin K from malabsorption also prevents synthesis of II, VII, IX, and X.) Monitor all this by following the prothrombin times (rather than PTT, since factor VII is first to go and to return).

The structural basis for TnaC-mediated translational stalling wasaddressed by obtaining a 5.8-Å cryo-EM map of the ribosome stalled byTnaC and high concentrations of tryptophan (Fig. 8). The cryo-EM datashows that the nascent chain adopts a distinct conformation in the exittunnel. We applied MDFF to obtain an atomic model of the entire ribosomeand the stalling nascent chain (Fig. 8F). The model allowed us to mapthe contacts between TnaC and the exit tunnel, as well as proposepossible communication pathways that would lead to inactivation of thecatalytic center of the ribosome (the so-called peptidyltransferasecenter, or PTC). One of the main findings was that two criticalribosomal residues at the PTC adopt conformations that are incompatiblewith cohabitation by release factors, which catalyze termination ofprotein synthesis.

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  • Regulation of Ribosome Biogenesis and Protein Synthesis ..

    Protein Synthesis - Image Diversity: genetic code; More Bite-Sized Q&As Below

  • Learn what is protein synthesis

    The coding region carries information for protein synthesis encoded by the genetic code ..

  • molecule to a sequence of amino acids during protein synthesis

    it was appreciated that ribosomes were the site of protein synthesis and that DNA stored genetic material

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Protein Synthesis and Genetic Mutation Sections 12-3 / 14-1

Express yourself through your genes! See if you can generate and collect three types of protein, then move on to explore the factors that affect protein synthesis in a cell.

Genetic Code and Protein Synthesis

Similar to TnaC described above, the peptide SecM exists solely to stallthe ribosome synthesizing it. But unlike TnaC, which also requires thepresence of high levels of trytophan, SecM has an intrinsic stallingcapability. Stalling of the ribosome synthesizing SecM provides time fora downstream RNA helix on the same mRNA strand to unwind. Unwinding ofthis helix then allows for a new ribosome to bind and synthesize anew protein, SecA, a bacterial ATP-driven translocase that aids the passage ofnascent proteins across membranes in conjunction with SecY (see also ). When sufficient levels of SecA have been reached,SecA interacts with the SecM-stalled ribosome to pull on SecM, freeingit and allowing translation to resume (illustrated schematically inFig. 13). SecM, which serves no otherpurpose than to stall the ribosome, is released into the cell anddegraded.

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