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Glossary of Terms: G - Geography : Physical Geography

Gabbro An intrusive igneous rock that develops from mafic magma and whose mineral crystals are coarse.

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History of geography - Wikipedia

What is physical Geography?

Physical Geography is a sub-discipline of two much larger fields of study - Geography and Earth Sciences. The main purpose of Physical Geography is to explain the spatial characteristics of the various natural phenomena associated with the Earth's hydrosphere, biosphere, atmosphere, and lithosphere.

Spearman's Rank Correlation Coefficient - geography …

Thus the Garden of Eden, on the geographical evidence, musthave been somewhere at the head of the Gulf at a time when allfour rivers joined and flowed through an area that was then abovethe level of the Gulf. The wording in that Eden'sriver came into four heads" was dealt with by Biblical scholarEphraim Speiser some years ago: the passage, he said, refers tothe four rivers upstream of their confluence into the one riverwatering the Garden. This is a strange perspective, but understandableif one reflects that the description is of a folk memory, writtenmillennia after the events encapsulated, by men who had neverbeen within leagues of the territory.

BBC - GCSE Bitesize: Long profiles

03/04/2017 · Question: What Are Examples of a Hypothesis? A hypothesis is an explanation for a set of observations. Here are examples of a scientific hypothesis…

If … happens, … will:
If the population continues to increase at this pace, it will double in less than 20 years.As … happens, (then) … will/may happen:
As a country’s economy develops, its population will grow very slowly at first, but will then grow rapidly later and may finally stop growing.When … happens, (then) … will happen:
When the magma cools, it will form igneous rock within the crust.Because … happens, (then) … will happen:
Because the resources are used at a faster rate than they are replaced, they will be run down to levels at which they become of little use to people.If … happens, … may / might / can / could happen (possibility):If … happened, … would happen (probability):
If cultural regions were based only on language, they would be relatively easy to define.Assuming … happened, … would happen (probability):
Assuming working hours were reduced, the cost of manufacturing would increase.If … had happened, … would have happened (speculation about the past):
If a similar mudflow had hit a town in a rich country, fewer homes would have been destroyed.Unless … happens, … will not happen / … will not happen, unless … happens:
Unless more oil is found, or energy use is controlled, the world’s oil supply will not last beyond the end of the 21st century.
The population of the island will not be evacuated unless there is a real perceived threat from the active volcano.If / When … does not happen, … will happen / … will not happen:
If the rain does not fall, it will cause drought, crop failure and famine.
When the tide comes in beyond the markers, the fishermen will not be able to lay their nets.Whether … happens depends on … / … happening requires … (entails, calls for, demands, needs):
Whether river erosion happens quickly or slowly depends on hardness of rock, volume of water and river speed.
Maximising a crop harvest demands a lot of forward planning and preparation and calls for a certain amount of pure luck.A requirement (condition / prerequisite / necessity) for … to happen is … / One of the conditions for … is …:
Conditions for effective distribution (to happen) include access to wide, well-surfaced routes, and airports or ports.
One of the conditions for effective distribution is access to wide, well-surfaced routes, and airports or ports.For … to happen, … is essential (necessary/crucial/vital):
For rice to grow effectively, waterlogged conditions are essential.

It was in Saudi Arabia that Zarins encountered the Ubaidians,and there that he began developing his hypothesis about the truemeaning of the Biblical Eden. One clue lies in linguistics: theterm Eden, or Edin, appears first in Sumer, the Mesopotamian regionthat produced the world's first written language. This was inthe third millennium B.C., more than three thousand years afterthe rise of the Ubaid culture. In Sumerian the word "Eden"meant simply "fertile plain." The word "Adam"also existed in cuneiform, meaning something like "settlementon the plain." Although both words were set down first inSumerian, along with place names like Ur and Uruk, they are notSumerian in origin. They are older. A brilliant Assyriologistnamed Benno Landsberger advanced the theory in 1943 that thesenames were all linguistic remnants of a pre-Sumerian people whohad already named rivers, cities-and even some specific tradeslike potter anti coppersmith-before the Sumerians appeared.

Has the Garden of Eden been located at last? - …

Spearman's Rank Correlation Coefficient: its use in geographical field studies

The land use practices play the most important role in determining the stability factors in respect of landslide hazards. The land use map of Darjeeling Hill Areas explains that there are agricultural activities, tea and medicinal plant plantations, construction works along with forests, rivers, jhoras etc.

Think of 2 hypotheses that you could test about both the bed load data and velocity data. For example - "There is a significant relationship between the cross section of the river and the pattern of velocity within that channel."

Has the Garden of Eden been located at last
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