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The genealogy of governmentality

(2011)The governmentality of school autonomy and self-management: A Foucauldian analysis. PhD thesis, Murdoch University.

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Governmentality and the risk society: Economy and …

The perspective of this thesis is informed by the theoretical, analytical and historical insights of Foucauldian studies of government, or governmentality. Foucault’s studies have increasingly influenced sociological and historical studies in education. His notions of power and discipline have been elaborated and applied in the study of the micro power relations of schooling. Unfortunately, while the study of schooling as a technology for disciplining the individual’s mind and body has received most attention, Foucault’s studies in government have been less widely understood, elaborated and used. This thesis explores Foucault’s genealogy of the formation of the modern liberal state (and governmentality) and the rich and subtle insights it provides into the complex relationship between the state, politics, society and the government of education.

Instead in this paper I want to show why the concept of governmentality occupies a central

I explore Foucauldian studies in government with the aim of teasing out their implication for our understanding of the relationship between selfmanaging school reforms and the state, politics and government. In particular, I argue that the trend in public schools towards school autonomy and self-management cannot be adequately understood without understanding the inherent dilemma embedded within the discourses of politics and government of modern liberal democracies. This problem can be described as an agonistic tension in liberal governmentality between political and governmental authorities enabling individual and economic freedom, whilst needing to secure the state and the welfare of its constituent elements under the condition of freedom.

Governmentality and the risk society References; Citations ..

22/06/2015 · Governmentality as critique: the diversification and ..

Examines the movement of people across national borders, governmentality and the role of state practices to control populations, and issues of citizenship, belonging, and identity. Examples are drawn from the United States, Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

Examines the movement of people across national borders, governmentality and the role of state practices to control populations, and issues of citizenship, belonging, and identity. Examples are drawn from the United States, Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

Whither Governmentality Research

Foucault's thoughts on political discourse and governmentality are supplemented by the ..

Examines the movement of people across national borders, governmentality and the role of state practices to control populations, and issues of citizenship, belonging, and identity. Examples are drawn from the United States, Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

Theory of public goods, externalities, voting models, analysis of bureaucracy, the Tiebout model, income redistribution, intergovernmental grants.

Michel Foucault's lecture at the Collège de France on neo-liberal governmentality.
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    The principal aim of this article is to overcome the methodological deficit in governmentality research and ..

  • A governmentality inspired study of the first frik..

    Hamilton, Scott (2017) Governing through the climate: climate change, the anthropocene, and global governmentality

  • A governmentality inspired study of the first frikommuneforsøg

    Places or polygons? Governmentality, scale, and the census in the Gay and Lesbian Atlas

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Governmentality thesis - U of h college essay

Using a sociological approach, this study examines China’s reform of open educational resources (OER), which has prompted significant changes to the nation’s higher education sector. Through an analysis of the policy processes that have driven the reform, this study demonstrates that the reform has involved and brought significant changes to its participants as resource administrators, providers, and receivers. By using governmentality as a poststructuralist analytical framework, this study shows the particular ways in which the reform process has been governed and the ways in which the governing practices have changed the conduct of higher education. The study reveals the power relations exercised through the reform and offers a critique of China’s higher education sector.

Criminology and Terrorism: Which Thesis? Risk Society …

Examines, analyzes, and evaluates the humanitarian phenomenon, the actors involved in it (including states, international organizations (IOs), and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs)), the rise of a body of international humanitarian law, and the problems and debates associated with international humanitarianism today.

Gabe Mythen, Sandra Walklate; Criminology and Terrorism: Which Thesis

The Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) of the European Union came into being on 1 March 2007 and represents a new institution for human rights protection in the EU. This thesis undertakes a critical analysis of the FRA from a governmentality perspective. Governmentality refers to a particular critical standpoint, inspired by the work of Michel Foucault, which is concerned with power relations as processes of government. The features of the FRA, its structure and functions, are framed using "governance talk". The particular features which this thesis is interested in analysing are: the multiplicity of actors which make up the network structure of the Agency, their classification as experts, and the collection of information and data as statistics. The thesis demonstrates that these features, conceptualised as governance in institutional discourse, are actually features of governmentality. I therefore suggest that the rights discourse of the FRA is a discourse of governmentality. Moreover, I show how governmentality necessarily involves self-government: the actors and experts in the FRA's rights discourse govern themselves. This has significant implications for rights discourse: it reveals processes of governing (through) rights. On the one hand, we witness processes of the government of rights through experts and statistics. On the other, we are alerted to government in the name of rights. The thesis therefore intervenes within the EU's rights and governance discourses: it exposes the relations of power (as governmentality) that conventional "governance talk" tries to hide. It highlights the elusive novelty of theorising, and of critique, in EU legal scholarship on rights. By presenting a new perspective on the rights discourse of the FRA using governmentality, this thesis seeks to contribute to EU legal scholarship on rights, filling a glaring and significant gap in the literature.

Foucault, Governmentality and Critique | Michel …

Introduction to non-governmental organizations, including their role in U.S. society and the international community. Explores varying definitions of NGOs and the characteristics held in common by all NGOs.

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