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Synthesis of graphene paper from pyrolyzed asphalt

Graphene layers have been transferred directly on to paper without any intermediate layers to yield G-paper. Resistive gas sensors have been fabricated using strips of G-paper. These sensors achieved a remarkable lower limit of detection of ∼300 parts per trillion (ppt) for NO2, which is comparable to or better than those from other paper-based sensors. Ultraviolet exposure was found to dramatically reduce the recovery time and improve response times. G-paper sensors are also found to be robust against minor strain, which was also found to increase sensitivity. G-paper is expected to enable a simple and inexpensive low-cost flexible graphene platform.

Graphene synthesis process and its current and future applications explained in brief

His first report on the CVD synthesis of graphene (, 706 (2009)) has recorded the world highest citations in chemistry among the papers published since 2009.

Synthesis of graphene paper from pyrolyzed asphalt, …

Graphene paper, we will at some on arbitrary substrates by synthesis vapor deposition

GSI produced world best quality graphene film with excellent surface coverage (>95%), high carrier mobility (>3500 V.s-1m-1), low sheet resistance (250~400 Ω/sq), uniformity monolayer graphene on a variety of substrates such as flexible polyethylene terephthalate (PET), thin flexible glasses, SiO2 wafer, quartz glasses...etc are ready for commercialization in the sectors electronic applications. In parallel to developing graphene synthesis (CVD) equipment, GSI is also continuously R&D investing in improving graphene synthesis and transfer technology for lowering production cost and improving graphene quality.

Prof. Hong’s group pioneered the CVD synthesis of graphene . The corresponding Nature paper has been recording No. 1 citation rate in chemistry.

Graphene: synthesis and applications - Materials Today

electronic properties of graphene

1. Top Down Method Graphene can be produced by exfoliation of bulk graphite including mechanical cleavage using Scotch tape, direct liquid phase exfoliation of graphite/ graphite intercalation compound with the help of ultrasonication or via oxidation of graphite to graphite oxide (GO), exfoliation of GO to graphene oxide by ultra sonication followed by reduction process to restore electronic propeties(reduced graphene oxide-RGO). Graphene produced from graphite by direct exfoliation methods have relative high crystal quality (high electrical conductivity, less crystal defect) but the production yield are still so low that is not enough for practical application. Product are usually contaminated by organic impurities and its is difficult to control the number of graphene layers (whereby increasing the number of layers decrease its optical transparency).

An improved method for the preparation of graphene oxide (GO) is described. Currently, Hummers’ method (KMnO4, NaNO3, H2SO4) is the most common method used for preparing graphene oxide. We have found that excluding the NaNO3, increasing the amount of KMnO4, and performing the reaction in a 9:1 mixture of H2SO4/H3PO4 improves the efficiency of the oxidation process. This improved method provides a greater amount of hydrophilic oxidized graphene material as compared to Hummers’ method or Hummers’ method with additional KMnO4. Moreover, even though the GO produced by our method is more oxidized than that prepared by Hummers’ method, when both are reduced in the same chamber with hydrazine, chemically converted graphene (CCG) produced from this new method is equivalent in its electrical conductivity. In contrast to Hummers’ method, the new method does not generate toxic gas and the temperature is easily controlled. This improved synthesis of GO may be important for large-scale production of GO as well as the construction of devices composed of the subsequent CCG.

Graphene oxide paper or graphite oxide paper is a material fabricated from graphite oxide
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