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“Green synthesis and characterization of polymer-stabilized silver ..

Synthesis, Characterization of Green Tea Stabilized Iron Nanoparticles and their Synergistic Effect on Polyaniline

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the green synthesis is highly ..

Poggi, (Biolin Scientific)
Quantifying in situ changes of nanoscale interactions using quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation monitoring

An investigation into the interaction of a pharmaceutical water-soluble polymer with bio-relevant surfactants

Role of diffusion kinetics in capillary phenomena

Cell-penetrating peptie as surface layer for fast endocytotic uptake of colloidal microcarriers by cells

Intracellular processing of proteins mediated by biodegradable polyelectrolyte capsules

Post modification of hyaluronic acid based particles and composites for biomedical applications

Brushlike interactions between thermoresponsive microgel particles

Biodegradable nanoparticles for drug delivery prepared by a new spray-drying process

Gold production by silica-entrapped photosyntheitic organisms: A "living" bio-hybrid material

Filamentous therapeutic enzyme encapsulating polymer nanocarriers

Synthesis and characterization of magnetic core-shell nanoparticles for inhibition or acceleration of insulin and amyloid-beta fibril formation

Synthesis and Characterization of Polymer-stabilized Silver Nanocomposite

Pandey, S., Goswami, G.K. & Nanda, K.K., Green Synthesis of Biopolymer-Silver Nanoparticle Nanocomposite: An Optical Sensor for Ammonia Detection, Int. J. Biol. Macromol., 51(4), pp. 583-589, 2012.

and characterization of polymer-stabilized silver ..

Nanostructure characterization of polymer-stabilized gold nanoparticles and nanofilms derived from green synthesis

Kora, A.J., Sashidhar, R.B. & Arunachalam, J., Gum kondagogu (Cochlospermum gossypium): A Template for the Green Synthesis and Stabilization of Silver Nanoparticles with Antibacterial Application, Carbohydr. Polym., 82(3), pp. 670-679, 2010.

Baruah, B., Gabriel, G. J., Akbashev, M. J., Booher, M. E., (2013). Facile Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles Stabilized by Cationic Polynorbornenes and Their Catalytic Activity in 4‑Nitrophenol Reduction. Langmuir. 30144-5591.

Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles was performed using.

Application of Chemical Engineering: Green Synthesis of Starch-Stabilized Silver Nanoparticles and their Antibacterial Properties

Dave (University of Washington)
Development of highly luminescent robust quantum dot-based reporter barcodes for ultrasensitive detection of cancer biomarkers

Synthesis and characterization of polymer nanoparticles doped with a luminescent europium complex and silver nanoparticles

Rapid fabrication of high-surface area core-shell nanoparticles using a layer-by-layer approach

Kindt (Veeco GmbH)
Quantitative nanoscale mapping of topography and surface mechanical properties

Thermosensitive hydroxyethylcellulose-graft-poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) nanoparticles

Novel photodegradable crosslinkers for the preparation of light sensitive microgels

Functionalized and tunable nanoparticles for biomedical applications and their interactions with cells

Foam-templated functional particles

Laxer microrheology for soft materials

Nanocarriers for cancer therapy

Phagocytotic competence of differentiated U937 cells for colloidal drug delivery systems in immune cells

Dielectrophoretic characterization and continuous separation of micro/submicron particles and cells in a PDMS-based microfluidic device with silver-PDMS electrodes

Preparation of uniform-sized microspheres and microcapsues for drug delivery

Thermoresponsive amphiphilic block copolymers for sustained release of hydrophobic pharmaceutials

New method of SPION synthesis: In vitro and in vivo biological applications as an MRI contrast agent

Biofunctionalization of mesoporous silicon nanoparticles for targeted peptide delivery

Stimulus-sensitive particles at liquid interfaces: Self-assembly and stabilizing properties

An ingredient-specific particle size characterization of dry powder inhaler with two APIS

Clusters of superparamagnetic nanoparticles enapsuated in a polymer hydrogel for MRI imaging

Rapid antiviral assay using QD-tagged virus as imaging nanoprobe

Nucleolipid-based microtubes for storage and delivery of bioactive compounds

X-ray tomography and image analysis as complementary methods for morphological characterization and coating thickness measurement of coated particles

Sustained release nanopartiles for oral administration of irinotecan

Silver nanoparticles (Ag-NPs) were synthesized using a facile green chemistry synthetic route
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  • polymer reduced and stabilized silver ..

    Green Synthesis of Hydroxyethyl Cellulose-Stabilized Silver Nanoparticles

  • Silver Nanoparticles: Green Synthesis, ..

    an ecofriendly polymer, ..

  • Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles was ..

    10/03/2017 · ..

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Preparation of acacia-stabilized silver nanoparticles: ..

Salem (University of Iowa)
Biodegradable polymeric particles that co-deliver antigens and adjuvants

Gold-silica hybrid nanoparticles for drug delivery and near-infrared hyperthermia

Ultra-small chitosan based fluorescent and paramagnetic nanoparticles for biomedical applications

Colloidal microcapsules via directed self-assembly at the liquid-liquid interface

Preparation and applications of fluoroalkyl end-capped oligomer/silica nanocomposites possessing a potent and selective anti-HIV-1 activity

Engineering the surface of magnetic nanoparticles by adsorption of double hydrophilic block copolymers

Spider silk submicroparticles for controlled drug delivery

Chitosan/PLGA particles for drug delivery and their cytotoxic profile

Method standardization and comparative in vitro testing of 23 engineered nanoparticles

Safer delivery of nanoparticles and microparticles of vaccines and pharmaceuticals

Filamentous therapeutic enzyme encapsulating polymer nanocarriers

Nanoplatforms for nanomedicine

Cell membrane penetrating particles for RNA delivery

Food protein-based material as oral delivery vehicles for nutraceutical products

Nanoparticle-on-microsphere molecularly imprinted polymers as drug delivery systems

Intracellular delivery of polyelectrolyte capsules for on-site sensing and manipulation

Fluorescent carbon dots for bioimaging and beyond

Polymeric nanoparticles of camptothecin - Early clinical development of IT-101

Nanoparticles technology to genetially manipulate the biological functions of stem cells

Functionalized Pluronic-PLGA nanoparticles for growth factor delivery and tumor targeting

Characterization of liquid marbles coated with hydrophobic fluoropolymer microparticles

Nanotherapeutics inhaled and nasal dry-powder platform technologies

Multifunctional metal nanoparticles - Synthesis, self-assembly, and biological response

New nanofluid particles for gene delivery

Recent developments in the synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles for biomedical applications

nanoparticles in green synthesis ..

Grinstaff (Boston University)
Expansile nanoparticles: Synthesis, characterization, and in vivo efficacy of an acid-responsive polymeric drug delivery system

Biomimetic particles: Concept, design and applications in biotechnology and biomedicine

Antibacterial efficacy of inhalable antibiotic-loaded nanoparticles against biofilm infections by respiratory pathogens

Functional soft nanosponges for single combination therapy and imaging

Improvement of dissolution property of poorly water soluble drugs by adsorption on the surface of curdlan particles

The role of particles in polymer composite properties

SPION as a diagnostic tool at the molecular level

Particle assisted photolighography: Principles and applications

Nanostructure characterization of polymer-stabilized …

Morris II (PhosphorTech Corporation)
Synthesis and characterization of zinc blend luminescent nanoparticles

Use of ZnS nanopowders for bioapplications

Use of ZnS nanoparticle emissions for cell labeling

Fabrication of surfactant free nanocolloid solution by using ultrafast laser ablation

Encapsulated palm tocotrienols for targeted delivery

Paramagnetic ultrasmall gadolinium oxide nanoparticles as advanced T1 MRI contrast agents

Amphiphilic polymer coated SPION with antibiofouling properties for mRI cancer imaging

The encapsulation of hydrophobic light-emitting dyes and amphiphilic fluorescein into polystyrene microspheres of narrow size-distribution

Reducing non-specific toxicity of cisplatinin head and neck cancer by targeted therapy using cisplatin-heparin-folic acid nanoparticles

Polymer nanoparticles as nanoformulation agents

Encapsulation of RNA in calcium phosphosilicate nanosomposite particles for cancer treatments

An investigation into the effect of the addition of hydrophilic polymers on the physicochemical properties of self-emulsifying drug delivery systems for poorly water-soluble drugs

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