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The alcohols derived from this reaction are called Guerbet alcohols.

Due to the specific branching pattern of the alcohol products, the Guerbet reaction has many interesting applications.

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The Guerbet reaction is named after Marcel Guerbet (1861-1938) [1]

The Bachman research group is focused on how a variety of areas. We are preparing new potential metallodrugs using synthetic inorganic chemistry. We are also using synthetic organic/organometalic chemistry approaches to develop novel solar dye molecules with bridged inorganic and organic units. Our synthetic interests have traditionally been focused on liquid crystalline metal-containing materials (molecular and ionic) for many years. More recently we have also taken on the analysis of cultural artifacts and art by instrumental methods.

The Guerbet reaction, named after Marcel Guerbet (1861–1938), is an ..
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“Review of Catalytic Systems and Thermodynamics for the Guerbet Condensation Reaction and Challenges for Biomass Valorization.” 5.8 (2015): 3876–3902.

Guerbet Alcohols: From Processes under Harsh Conditions …

In comparison to their linear isomers, branched-chain Guerbet alcohols have extremely low melting points and excellent fluidity.
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Oxidation is a key reaction in organic synthesis and will likely play a significant role in the development of value-added chemicals from biomass. The application of heterogeneous catalysis and molecular oxygen to oxidation reactions offers a green alternative to traditional, toxic chemical oxidants. However, making comparisons of catalyst performance (reaction rate, product selectivity) between reports in the literature is difficult because of inconsistencies in the ways results are reported. Herein, we examine the literature on supported metal catalysts for the oxidation of molecules of interest in biomass conversion (primary alcohols, polyols, 5-hydroxymethylfurfural, and various sugars). Reaction rates are calculated and compared in a consistent manner and recommendations for avoiding common pitfalls in kinetic investigations are made.

Reproduced from with permission from The Royal Society of Chemistry.

Guerbet alcohols have been known for over 100 years since Marcel Guerbet pioneered the basic chemistry in the 1890s. This chemistry has made possible the synthesis of a regiospecific, beta-branched hydrophobe which introduces high-purity branching into the molecule. The ability to capitalize upon this reaction sequence and develop derivatives has resulted in the preparation of many materials that find use in applications where liquidity and lubrication are important, such as in metal lubrication, plastic mold release, paper processing, synlube, and personal care products. The chemistry results in a unique class of materials that remain underutilized to this day.

Heterogeneous Catalysts for the Guerbet Coupling of Alcohols

Review of catalytic systems and thermodynamics for the Guerbet condensation reaction and challenges for biomass valorization.
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“One-pot Preparation of Ni-Cu Nanoparticles Supported on γ-Al2O3 as Selective and Stable Catalyst for the Guerbet Reaction of 1-octanol.” 98 (2017): 94–97.

This method provides an alternative direct route to β-alkylated primary alcohols which are prepared by aldol condensation of aldehydes followed by hydrogenation.

“One-pot Preparation of Ni-Cu Nanoparticles Supported on γ-Al2O3 as Selective and Stable Catalyst for the Guerbet Reaction of 1-octanol.”  98: 94–97.
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  • Various primary alcohols undergo the Guerbet reaction under the ..

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  • Mixed carbon length synthesis of primary guerbet alcohols

    Guerbet reaction

  • Guerbet Chemistry | Alcohol | Catalysis

    Synthesis and characterization of dialkyl carbonates prepared from mid-, long-chain, and guerbet alcohols

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Synthesis of Guerbet Alcohol Acrylate Aided by Microwave

Rob Bachman earned his B.A. and Ph.D. in Chemistry at Rice University with a focus in inorganic, organometallic and organic chemistry. Prior to beginning his faculty career, Professor Bachman worked at the Technical University of Munich as an Alexander von Humboldt Fellow investigating the unique chemistry of gold. Professor Bachman's current research focuses on the construction of new metal-containing liquid crystalline materials with interesting, and potentially useful physical properties. He has also been active in a collaborative effort to study the water chemistry of local reservoirs. Professor Bachman teaches a variety of upper level courses in inorganic chemistry, including Inorganic Chemistry, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Structural Methods, Materials Chemistry and Advanced Environmental Geochemistry. At the introductory level, he teaches Advanced General Chemistry and participates in the department's General Chemistry program. He has also recently developed interests in the analysis of cultural artifacts and art objects as a teaching opportunity.

Guerbet alcohols, C24-26, branched and cyclic

Pristine and supported Ni-Cu NPs were evaluated as (de)hydrogenation catalysts for the Guerbet reaction of 1-octanol and compared with a classic impregnated and "ex-situ" reduced NiCu on gamma-Al2O3 catalyst.

The Guerbet reaction , named after Marcel Guerbet ..

Alcohol coupling, also known as the Guerbet reaction, is a potentially important process to increase the value of short chain alcohols. Metal oxides, metal phosphates, and supported transition metals, such as copper, are important components of heterogeneous catalysts for the reaction. However, the wide variety of catalyst compositions, reaction conditions, and reactor configurations used to study the reaction complicate a direct comparison of various catalysts. In this review, rates over different catalysts will be compared, the influences of the acid and base properties of the catalyst on product selectivity will be presented, and possible reaction paths to accomplish alcohol coupling will be discussed.

"Guerbet Reaction of Primary Alcohols Leading to -Alkylated ..

The "in-situ" prepared supported NiCu NPs showed an enhanced kinetics when compared to the unsupported pristine Ni-Cu NPs, showing a beneficial effect of the metal support interaction, however the classic impregnated catalyst showed overall the best kinetics, selectivity and stability for the Guerbet reaction of 1-octanol.

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