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(See below) The effects of Brain Gym with Special Ed.

No, I disagree. Gym contains how active you are but I dont think it affects how the students act in other classes.

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[…] Has lesson observation become the new Brain Gym? […]

Coe even goes so far as to suggest that classroom observation might be the new Brain Gym. He questions both the validity and impact and points out that there isn’t even one single, solitary study that provides real evidence that observations lead to improvement in teachers’ practice. Who knew?

A total of 205 students were assigned to either the Brain Gym or the control group.

Yetanother reason, perhaps one of the most important, is that Gym detracts fromthe school altogether. In several ways, it takes away from the rest of the classesand the entire school in general. For one, there’s time. Several classes fullof students lose one class every day in Gym. Next, space, in that where thegymnasium, lockers, and offices are, plenty of other facilities could be. Idon’t know the specifics, but plenty of money, I’m sure, is spent on thephysical education budget, taking away money that could go to many more worthycauses. Another thing Gym takes away from is grades: students (such as myself)may do almost flawlessly in other classes, but still have a lower average gradebecause of “poor performance” in Gym. Conversely, students may do poorly inother classes, but perfectly in Gym, distorting their grade, however slightly,from their actual accomplishment in school. So many priceless resources arewasted on Gym. Even adding in the dubious education received and the supposedconnection between exercise and learning, is it worth it? High school coursesshould add to the school and its success, not subtract, plainly.

[…] Has lesson observation become the new Brain Gym? […]

In Part Two of the study, all students chose to do only Brain Gym for the nine-week period.

Questionaires sent to kindergarten teachers, six months after they had completed an introductory course, yielded the following information: All participants who responded to the survey used Brain Gym in class, either daily or two to three times per week; the following personal improvements were reported: an increase in joy at work, improved concentration, improved relations between teachers and children, improved working atmosphere; many participants reported that the performance of the children had increased, in particular: motor skills, learning by heart of songs and poems, concentration, speed in solving puzzles; all teachers would like to do an advanced course in Brain Gym.

Using Brain Gym with hearing impaired children in Flores, East Indonesia. Peter Winkelmann.

Brain Gym courses have been incorporated into the training component of the project as part of its program for teachers and health staff in the province.

Has lesson observation become the new Brain Gym? | …

In Part Three, Brain Gym was not used in the classroom for the eight-week period.

Results indicated that seven pupils out of twelve benefited noticeably.

The influence of Brain Gym® movements on the work of muscles and on dynamics and posture reflexes. Svetlana K.

Results indicated many improvements for individual students as well as their teachers, suggesting areas for further study.

Effects of Brain Gym® in a district-wide Canadian field study. Nancy McGovern, P.T.

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  • Many of these people also enjoy working out in the gym

    It is a model that can be taken to an administrator with a request that Brain Gym be introduced into the school.

  • People these days spend a lot of time exercising in the gym.

    It includes innovative suggestions on how a classroom teacher can use the Brain Gym activities in the classroom.

  • The Weak Shall Inherit The Gym Thesis Paper - 757928 - Efnic

    Gym Management System Thesis

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Essay about At the Gym - 832 Words - StudyMode

Her report of a year of regular Learning Gymnastics, consisting of fifteen-minute sessions in the morning and brief breaks during lessons is a follows: teaching and learning have become more animated and the concentration and participation of the children have improved; during the course of the year, the children learned by heart a record sixty songs and two plays; verbal expression has improved and readiness to ask questions has increased - a child who was to have been referred to a speech therapist improved so much that therapy became unnecessary; when the class moved on to primary school, their new teacher remarked on the increased vitality of Mrs.

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When comparing the children's abilities in mathematics, reading, writing, and sports before and after practicing Brain Gym, measurable improvements were evident, which I have documented through a number of empirical surveys.

A year of Learning Gymnastics (Brain Gym) at Dorkes Kindergarten, North Sulewesi. Peter Winkelmann.

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In 1996 Gail Dennison, educator and co-author of the Brain Gym® program, and Diane Lehman, Brain Gym Instructor and nutritional consultant to Ventura County Headstart schools, implemented a five-week experimental Brain Gym program with fifteen preschoolers.

Does Gym Help Students Perform Better in All Their …

Beginning in 1997, I practiced Brain Gym (which we also refer to as Learning Gymestics) once a week with a group of twenty deaf children at the Handicapped Children's Home (Skolah Luar Blasa, SLB), Ruteng, Wastflores, for one and one half years.

How to Motivate Yourself to Go to the Gym: 13 Steps

Fifteen of the twenty questionaires were returned, yielding positive results in the areas of communication, behavior, academic performance, and health.

Brain Gym in a program for teachers and health staff, in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Peter Winkelmann.

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