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Protein Synthesis Summary - Cronodon

Internal iron exchange is primarily in response to the need for iron for haemoglobin synthesis.

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The organs mainly involved in heme synthesis are the liver ..

Iron overload also occurs in individuals with certain types of anaemia, particularly when there are abnormalities in haemoglobin synthesis such as thalassaemia major.

Iron turnover and haemoglobin synthesis

Dr. Dunham serves as Vice President of Research and Clinical Affairs of Hemanext since January 2015. Prior to joining Hemanext, Dr. Dunham held researcher and senior positions at both specialty chemical and healthcare companies including 14 years at Baxter Healthcare. His experience at Baxter included leading the corporate R&D group comprising the global centers for Sterility Assurance, Particle & Imaging, Human Factors & Industrial Design, Pre-clinical, Toxicology, and Histology, Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Organic Synthesis and Analytical Chemistry, Advanced Engineering and Prototyping, and Stability Operations teams. Dr. Dunham has extensive experience applying this broad range of technologies across a diverse range of pharmaceutical and medical device products from development through product support. He is a graduate of the Northern Illinois University, the University of Colorado at Boulder, and had post-doctoral research experience at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center School of Pharmacy.

Haemoglobin Synthesis and Catabolism - Introduction …

Hemoglobin synthesis [Online].

The ultrastructure of the haematopoietic cells in the polychaetes Neoamphitrite figulus Dalyell, Lanice conchilega (Pallas), Arenicola marina (L.), Myxicola infundibulum Renier, Megalomma vesiculusom (Montagu), Sabella penicillus L., are compared: all show similarities in having well developed Golgi, granular endoplasmic reticulum and haemoglobin or chlorocruorin in vesicles, and numerous mitochondria. The porphyrin byproducts of synthesis are combined with iron as haematins within electrondense granules built up from multi-lamellar organelles. The structure of the basal lamina which alone separates the cells from the lumen of the vessels is described and evidence is presented for the method of release of the haem into the plasma by “reverse pinocytosis”. The cycle of synthesis within the cell is discussed and the process of haem synthesis in annelids is reviewed. The structure of the haemoglobin-containing coelomocytes of Neoamphitrite figulus is briefly described.

Porphyrin and Heme Synthesis and Bilirubin Metabolism

The Heme and Porphyrin synthesis page describes the processes of ..

iron must be conserved for new heme synthesis
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    The anaemia of iron deficiency is caused by defective synthesis of haemoglobin, ..

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