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The way in which they go about keeping people equal is wrong.

"The year was 2081, and everyone was finally equal."

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If people were given access to equal opportunities, hopefully, the world would become a better place. Ironically, globalization allowed goods, capital and business know no borders, yet people who are not able to move as freely – even for the purpose of traveling, not mentioning immigration. Inequality, poverty and lack of education slow down the progress in science and research. There could be a cure for cancer trapped inside the mind of a child who might not even know what cancer is. Yet given the opportunity, he would excel in medical research and come up with ground-breaking invention. Besides, it provokes tensions between classes and/or nations, when underprivileged groups seek for alternative (oftentimes violent) means to compensate for the inequality. Perhaps, such a noble goal of providing people with equal opportunities will never be fully achieved. For example, giving equal climate conditions but should be strived for. However, it is worth striving for.

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I started to think back to the origins of the concept of equality, and of course, mathematical equations came up in my mind right away. Sadly, I was thinking, in mathematics equals means the same, so unless we step away from this concept or adjust it for our purposes, that is where it will eventually lead us. Or will it? Because then I remembered that while "three plus three equals six", there are still properties and characteristics that make a clear distinction between the two. Obviously, both sides of such an equation do not look the same. Their very essence is also different – on the left side there is a sum of numbers, while on the right it is merely one digit.

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Symbolism is very important in the story. First of all, it is the protagonist himself – Harrison Bergeron, an unsuccessful rebel. Everything about him is asymmetric and astonishingly different thus he becomes a symbol of defiance and outbreak. Secondly, it is the bags and devices that citizens have to wear. It is not just a figure of speech that there are obstacles to their freedom, it is literal hindrance that they wear. Perhaps, it is also not a coincidence that people spend their quiet days in front of the television rather than reading books. This way television is portrayed as a tool that can be utilized to oppress people without them even realizing it.

As mentioned before, the main character is Harrison, son of Hazel and George Bergeron. Harrison’s father is portrayed as a man of exceptional intelligence – or he would have been of one, if not for the handicapping devices he is bound to wear. Harrison has probably taken a lot after him – he is tall, smart and handsome. He is also outstandingly strong; in fact, there are just not enough weights to counterbalance his might. Therefore, he represented a particular challenge to the government because they could not manage to handicap him enough to make him average. Perhaps, that is why the escape became possible. Harrison is also a very masculine figure. Indeed, he manages to overcome the repressive system but it was not out of altruistic motives. Quite on the contrary, he immediately proclaims himself the Emperor which means that he is power-thirsty ("I am the Emperor! Everybody must do what I say at once!"). He is definitely aware of his superiority, and his arrogance is displayed in his speech ("Even as I stand here, crippled, hobbled, sickened - I am a greater ruler than any man who ever lived!"). I sensed something savage-like in him because his actions and gestures are very short and abrupt. However, he displays surprising delicacy when he touches the ballerina to take the hindrances off her, and a moment later he is shown to be able to move gracefully while dancing.

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These short stories and film include Technology Can Push Our Buttons, There Will Come Soft Rains, Harrison Bergeron, The Pedestrian and Wall-e.

Auden's poem entitled "The Unknown Citizen" and Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.'s short story entitled "Harrison Bergeron" is a portrayal of a conflict between individualism and government control.

Harrison Bergeron By Kurt Vonnegut English Literature …The english literature essay below has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies When I finished reading Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut, it left me wondering whether this is where society is going with its beloved idea of equality"Harrison Bergeron By Kurt Vonnegut EssayHarrison Bergeron By Kurt Vonnegut Term paper While the free essays can give you inspiration for writing, they cannot be used 'as is' because they will not meet your assignment's requirements"Harrison Bergeron" by Kurt Vonnegut - WriteWorkHarrison Bergeron Essay Harrison Bergeron ' by Kurt Vonnegut the theme of the story was based on his satirical view of the human's desire to achieve equality

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    In "The Pedestrian," Ray Bradbury has chosen to make a statement on the effects of these improvements.

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Overall, I liked the story because sometimes I do notice similar trends in the modern society. However, I found it overly simplistic – I think that if people wanted to implement such "equality", they would find more sophisticated hindrances (for example, performing surgeries on fellow citizens to disable them rather than hanging bags full of birdshot). But it is merely a detail to the story so it should not be taken too seriously. I agree with Vonnegut that such form of equality should not be present in the society. And in general, while full and complete equality is neither possible nor desirable, it also depends on how we define it – a question that I will further explore in the subsequent essay.

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When I finished reading Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut, it left me wondering whether this is where society is going with its beloved idea of equality. Are we doomed to become alike and average if people were finally to become equal?

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So I realized that there are two streams of thought on equality when we discuss it. One of them implies equal opportunities, but the other encourages homogeneity. While both are probably unattainable, the choice of pursuing them or not will affect the progress of humankind.

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The story is set in the future (year 2081) in the country that exists today - the USA. However, it is not America as we know it – in their search for equality, people have achieved a totalitarian government, disguised as evolved democracy. The reader is introduced to the story through a family couple (George and Hazel Bergeron) who are watching television in their living room and having a conversation. The reader finds out about the new system of hindrances that allow to make everyone "equal" – or equally average (in particular, the husband has a noise-making device in his ear which prevents him from thinking freely thus diminishing his exceptional intelligence). The protagonist is introduced as a fourteen year old son of the couple who was taken by the police some time ago. That is why the conflict arises: Harrison Bergeron escapes from the jail, takes off the hindrances and proclaims himself the Emperor. Thus, it is a conflict of man vs. society. The climax of the story is the dance of Harrison with a beautiful and graceful ballerina who joins in his revolt – the dance that lasts only a fleeting moment but represents the freedom this society has forfeited. It is then immediately followed by the resolution – Harrison is shot by General Diana Moon Glampers, the antagonist who represents this authoritarian society as a whole.

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