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BT - Comprehensive Heterocyclic Chemistry

T1 - Reactivities of vinyl azides and their recent applications in nitrogen heterocycle synthesis

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JO - Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry

The corresponding b-hydroxyacetophenone can be converted into the corresponding oximes via reaction with hydroxylamine hydrochloride in the presence of an appropriate base, such as potassium hydroxide or sodium, sodium acetate or pyridine, preferably aqueous potassium hydroxide or aqueous sodium acetate, in a polar solvent such as methanol, ethanol or water, and preferably ethanol, at a temperature from about room temperature to about 120oC.

T1 - General method for synthesis of 2-heterocyclic N-methyliminodiacetic acid boronates

AB - A wide range of 2-pyridyl and other difficult-to-access heterocyclic N-methyliminodiacetic acid boronates can be readily prepared from the corresponding bromides via a new method involving direct transligation of 2-heterocyclic trialkoxyborate salts with N-methyliminodiacetic acid (MIDA) at elevated temperatures.

T2 - Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry

JF - Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry

Efficient synthesis of amides directly from esters and amines is achieved under mild, neutral conditions with the liberation of molecular hydrogen. Both primary and secondary amines can be utilized. This unprecedented, general, environmentally benign reaction is homogeneously catalyzed under neutral conditions by a dearomatized ruthenium−pincer PNN complex and proceeds in toluene under an inert atmosphere with a high turnover number (up to 1000). PNP analogues do not catalyze this transformation, underlining the crucial importance of the amine arm of the pincer ligand. A mechanism is proposed involving metal−ligand cooperation via aromatization−dearomatization of the pyridine moiety and hemilability of the amine arm.

The formylation is a key process in organic synthesis with the resulting aldehydes the formation of Hydrazones which acts as 'crossrods' intermediates. The formylation of the N-substituted Phenyl succinamide resulted into dihalovinyl aldehyde intermediate. These halovinyl-aldehyde intermediates derivatives were demonstrated for future scope and top-up of the innovative work in heterocyclic chemistry.

N-Heterocycle synthesis - Organic chemistry

Benzo-fused N-Heterocycle synthesis - Organic chemistry

The reaction ring closure preferably by heating oxiracetam when the distillation temperature in the appropriate base, such as pyridine, or by heating oxiracetam at a temperature of about 130oC in a polar solvent such as DMF or DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide) in the presence of several equivalents of the appropriate base, such as pyridine or 2,6-lutidine.Alternatively, the ring closure may be effected directly from the oxime using its reaction with acyl - or sulphonylchloride, such as oxalyl or thionyl chloride, in the presence of an aromatic amine, such as pyridine (see , Kalkote and others, Aust, J.

As a result of this reaction is an intermediate compound of formula XXX, which is then subjected RA is of, after which the free base or its salt alkylate using the compounds of formula WL, where W is as it was defined above, and L is phenyl-(C1-C6)-alkyl, pyridylmethyl or a group of the formula K.Suitable and preferred bases, solvents and conditions for the reaction of compounds of formula XI with a nucleophile of the formula XIX are bases, solvents and conditions similar to those described for the reaction of compounds of formula XI with a nucleophile of the formula XII to obtain the compounds of formula I-D.

Heterocyclic chemistry is the branch of organic chemistry dealing with the synthesis, ..
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    Synthesis of N-Heterocycles

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    Heterocycle synthesis is one of the largest areas of modern organic chemistry

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    Heterocycle Synthesis

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Gold-Catalyzed Heterocycle Synthesis Using …

If Y is NR4(CH2)m(i.e., Z is-other4), the amine of formula XII is usually subjected to reaction with the appropriate compound of formula XI or in the absence of solvent or in a polar solvent such as dimethylformamide (DMF), dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO), THF or pyridine.

Ru-, Rh-, Pd-catalyzed Heterocycle Synthesis

Mesilate or toilet can be obtained under standard conditions through the implementation of the reaction between the alcohol and methylsulfonylamino or p-toluensulfonate in the presence of a base, such as triethylamine, Diisopropylamine or pyridine.

The Heterocyclist | A blog about heterocyclic chemistry

Preferably, if the reaction is carried out using diisopropylamide lithium in THF at about -78oC followed by warming to room temperature.If the reaction produces an intermediate alcohol, it can be digidrirovanny with obtaining the olefin in the standard acidic conditions using acids such as dilute hydrochloric acid, p-toluensulfonate acid, or p-toluensulfonate pyridinium, and preferably using p-toluensulfonate acid in a solvent such as benzene, toluene, THF or methylene chloride, at a temperature of from about 0 to about 130oC.

in Heterocycle Synthesis, Name ..

Preferably, if the reaction proceeds in benzene in the presence of pyridine at about 90oC (temperature distillation).The compounds of formula I-B can be obtained by deprotonation of compounds of formula II using a base in the presence of or followed by addition of an alkylating agent of the formula III, where R10is phenyl or cinnamyl, and W is the same as it was defined above.

Synthesis of new heterocycles of the benzo[a] quinolizine group V

For example, the compounds of formula III, where W is the iodide can be obtained by reaction of the hydroxy-protiviti with iodide and triphenylphosphine in the presence of a base such as pyridine or imidazole in nonpolar solvent such as benzene or toluene, at a temperature from about room temperature up to about 130o.

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