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Hip prostheses and hip joint systems

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Loosening of the stem component is a late complication that most often occurs 5-10 years after total hip replacement. It can be confirmed with X-rays. Risk factors for this include age (less than 50 years -- such people usually being more active), weight (more than 80 kilograms), and a high level of physical activity at any age. Mild trauma can fracture the femur around a prosthesis stem, especially if the bone is osteoporotic.

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Some doctors in private practice began to treat osteoarthritis with stem cells as early as 2008. Mostly, doctors did this by simply injecting directly into the affected area with the hope that the cells would latch onto the joint, turn into cartilage and provide cushioning for the joint. But this method has never been shown to have a benefit, and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has questioned the safety and efficacy of the untested therapy, which can cost thousands of dollars per injection. The method has, however, been popular among athletes.

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hip prosthesis implants : austin moore hip prosthesis broad stem: code no

Despite constant improvement in the articulation of hip replacements, a certain amount of wearing is going on over time due to friction between the ball bearing and the socket surfaces. This mechanical wearing generates very small particles of metal, ceramic, cement or plastic which in turn collect in the tissues about the hip joint. The patient’s immune system has cells which clean up these foreign particles and dispose of them. Interestingly, this normal protection response can lead to the resorption and destruction of the bone that supports the socket and the stem through a process known as “osteolysis.

Nevertheless, as a cause leading to revision hip replacement, infection is the third most common. In several studies which assess the causes of primary hip replacement failure, infection of the joint is the most challenging and potentially devastating cause with 15% of all revision hip replacement procedures being done for this reason [3]. If an artificial joint becomes infected, the pain is typically more constant than with a loose, but non-infected joint, but symptoms greatly vary with the type of infecting organism. Along with pain, symptoms include a stiffening of the joint, making movement quite difficult. On rare occasion, a prosthetic joint infection can make the patient systemically ill with fever, chills, weight loss, and lethargy.

Fractured stem in total hip replacement

Total Hip Replacement Stem Type without Cement ..

In conjunction with the reconstruction of any bone defects, the surgeon will need to determine which of the many revision prostheses available is right for the current situation. In most systems used today for this type of surgery, manufacturers of these implants have multiple and variable attachments to the implants which allow the surgeon to create the tightest and most stable construct possible while maximizing the normal motion of the hip.

Revision hip replacement surgery is much different from that of performing primary hip replacement surgery as there are many variables that occur during surgery that, while anticipated, can change the course of the surgical procedure to one of increased difficulty and operative time. For instance, in almost all revision hip surgery procedures there will be bone loss around the implant. This occurs from either a biologic event such as osteolysis, where the bone is dissolved away through a complex series of biologic interactions between the plastic or cement debris and the cells of our bodies that clean up such things; or from infection, where the offending organism chews away at the bone; or from the resultant fracture of weakened bone in the removal of the implant.

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    The Gruen zones is a system of dividing the interface between the bone and the stem of the hip prosthesis

  • Stem Cells Could Replace Hip Replacements

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Joint replacement surgery removes the damaged, painful parts of the hip and replaces them with a prosthesis made of metal and plastic. The artificial joint can relieve pain and improve mobility when your natural hip can no longer do its job. An artificial ball and metal stem replace the worn head of the thigh bone, and a metal cup and artificial liner replace the worn socket of the pelvis. The prosthesis allows the hip joint to move smoothly so that patients can enjoy a greater range of pain-free movement.

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The stem anteversion and head position of the Metha Short Hip Stem, guided by the femoral neck upon implantation, are anatomically accurate, to restore natural biomechanics and ensure excellent joint stability.

Stem-fixation is also either with ..

The titanium used to make the hip is more durable and has been printed to match the patient’s exact measurements – this should improve fit and could recue the risk of having to have another surgery.

“The bone graft material that has been used has excellent biocompatibility and strength and will fill the defect behind the bone well, fusing it all together.”

Over the past decade Mr Dunlop and , at the University of Southampton, have developed a translational research programme to drive bone formation using patient skeletal stem cells in orthopaedics.

A lucency at the metal-cement interface along the ..

The most common situations that lead to the need for a revision hip replacement are instability / dislocation, mechanical loosening and infection. According to one national review study, instability issues account for 22% of all revision hip replacements, aseptic loosening for 20% and infection the cause of 15% of yearly revision hip replacement surgeries [3]. Periprosthetic fracture, component failure and osteolysis-related wear are the causes for the remaining revision hip replacements done each year. Of great concern looking forward is that infection by the year 2030 will account for 48% of all revision hip replacements that will be done [4]. This has grave economic implications as infection is one of the most expensive complicating events related to joint replacement surgery.

A hip prosthesis is provided for insertion into a femur

Guilak said that the ultimate success of this new technique may depend on the gene-therapy element, which would help thwart new damage to the new cartilage. "We have modified the stem cells genetically to give them the ability to release on demand, which has not been done in bioartificial cartilage previously," he said.

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