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Following are excerpts from narrative essays:

To know how to write an essay in an argumentative way, you have to research and backup what you say in the text.

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Following are excerpts from descriptive essays:

Remember August 25th, 1974. On that morning, you awoke to the news that Welland Canal Bridge 12 at Port Robinson lay in ruins in the canal after having been struck by a freighter, the Steelton. Port Robinson and traffic has never been quite the same. I heard the event on police scanner and called Buffalo ch. 7. What a site when I got there. No words, just heads shaking and “How?”

Following are excerpts from exposition essays:

The thesis is the most important part of the essay because it guides the entire piece. It is best to work the writing prompt into the thesis so that the reader (especially your instructor) knows that you understand the prompt. For example, if the prompt is asking whether or not students should wear uniforms, your thesis should include the words “school uniforms” and whether or not students should wear them. All too often, students fail to include keywords from the prompt and they have difficulty keeping the paper on topic.

Finally, here are excerpts from argumentative essays:

Introduction Hook Bridge Thesis

Each body paragraph provides (1) a claim, (2) evidence to support that claim, and (3) an explanation of just how the evidence proves the claim is true.
The conclusion (1) provides a sense of closure for readers and (2) gives readers an idea or question to ponder after they put the essay down.
The hook grabs the reader's attention.
The link connects the hook's subject matter to the subject matter of the thesis.
The thesis statement provides the central claim
the essay is attempting to prove.
Think of your bridge as a road map that lets your
readers know where they are going.
Your bridge - or map - is simply a way to preview for your reader the topic of each individual body paragraph.

What are three things he believes to be true about adolescence in United States society?
TODAY's Plan

Full name
SWBAT to develop the context of their essay to create a bridge from their hook to their thesis
• Brief class discussion
-Yo, take your reader to the bridge!
-Take em' on to the bridge!
-Okay, really--Hook to Thesis, yall
-Giving your reader background information.


Writing Introductory Paragraphs For Essays

How to Write an Introduction – Essay Introductions – K12reader

Essays must have an appropriate, original title; contain an introduction (with an explicit, assertive thesis, underlined), several body paragraphs supporting the thesis, and an appropriate concluding paragraph; and avoid use of you throughout. Be sure to use appropriate topic sentences and transitions to guide the reader.

From the makers of Bridget Jones’s Diary and Notting Hill, the film Love Actually is a romantic comedy about igniting laughter, wrecking havoc, breaking hearts, daring commitment and forcing choices.

They notify him briefly and efficiently that conflicting points
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  • I did and I researched everything about the bridges.

    When learning how to write an essay, sometimes the best way to learn is to look and analyze essay examples.

  • The latter is an example of early suspension bridges.

    expert advice on essay writing

  • All we need is a BRIEF review of the essay's main idea.

    The introductory paragraph should grab the reader’s attention and make him or her want to read the essay.

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""Why am I reading this essay?" you reader is asking.

Regardless of the material, natural bridges allowed man to explore the “other side.” However, man has never been satisfied with what nature gives him....

How IS your essay going to impact your reader?

The first half of the sentence should be about the previous paragraph, and the second half of the sentence should be about the following paragraph.
You need to connect
your body paragraphs with
One more thing.
Don't forget your...
Good titles serve two purposes: they (1) pique your reader's interest and (2) preview the topic of the essay.
What makes a good title?

Sometimes writing a five paragraph essay can feel a little stifling.

(10% total):
Students will also complete various shorter in-class writing assignments during the semester, including short summaries, mini-essays, and response papers. Total number of assignments during the semester will determine the point value of each; that is, if 10 assignments are required, each is worth up to one full point.

The bridge towers are not identical in design.

Rivers, canyons, and impassable trails have always hindered the migration of man, leaving him the choice to continue no further, or to “build a bridge and get over it.” The earliest bridges were made of simple materials such as stone, or even a fallen log.

So, the construction of the Tappan Zee Bridge started in 1952.

Note: As a general rule, extra credit only helps if you have already completed all of the assigned work, and will not make up for missing an essay (or two, or three). Extra credit opportunities will be, so do not ask at the end of the semester for extra credit to bring your average up.

Bridget’s Catholic School, Hobart, Indiana.

Nicknamed the "Galloping Gertie," because of its undulating behavior, the Tacoma Narrows Bridge drew the attention of motorists seeking a cheap thrill....

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