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In , a prosthesis, prosthetic, or prosthetic limb (from , "addition, application, attachment") is an artificial device extension that replaces a missing part. It is part of the field of , the science of using devices with human , , and to assist or enhance motor control lost by , , or . Prostheses are typically used to replace parts lost by injury (traumatic) or missing from birth () or to supplement defective body parts. Inside the body, are in common use with artificial and seeing less common use but under active technology development. Other medical devices and aids that can be considered prosthetics include , , , , and .

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Unlike neuromotor prostheses, neurocognitive prostheses would sense or modulate neural function in order to physically reconstitute or augment cognitive processes such as , , language, and memory. No neurocognitive prostheses are currently available but the development of implantable neurocognitive brain-computer interfaces has been proposed to help treat conditions such as , , , , and . The recent field of concerns the development of technologies to augment human cognition. Scheduling devices such as remind users with memory impairments when to perform certain activities, such as visiting the doctor. Micro-prompting devices such as PEAT, and have been used to aid users with memory and executive function problems perform .

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The significance of visual field on mobility and visual acuity has been demonstrated in previous studies on low vision patients. Simulation studies on subjects with normal vision have also reached the same conclusion. Current electrode arrays, implanted in animal or human, provide a limited visual field and are unlikely to be of significant help in providing mobility. Increasing the size of the electrode array appears to be the best option in order to increase the visual field in patients implanted with a retinal prosthesis. However, implantation of a large electrode array brings on new challenges. Most importantly, as the size of the electrode array increases, the conformity of the array to the curvature of the eye becomes more imperative. We have designed wide field electrode arrays, which can conform to the curvature of the eye and can be implanted through a small scleral incision.

European Medical Tourist (EMT) provides elite surgeons. We look doctors who are leaders in their field. This means authoring publications, heads of the department or have thriving practices, and who have a PhD and professorship in addition to their MD degrees. These elite surgeon focus on advanced medicine not yet fully-available in the US. We also observe them in the OR. We are looking at their manual skill, scrub nurses and how well they are organized and work together as a team. After all it is the surgeon that has the primary affect on the patient, not the hospitals or any medical marketing group. Learn about quality in medicine with EMT.

European Medical Tourist (EMT) provides elite surgeons

We look doctors who are leaders in their field.

Robotics research at the Control Systems Technology group of the department of Mechanical Engineering focuses on the role of robotics for care (domotics) and cure (medical robotics). Furthermore, new efforts are being dedicated to robotics for food processing and agriculture.

The transition from (static) ICT domotics towards moving intelligent systems is starting. Autonomous and tele-operated robots are being developed to work in household situations and to support elderly. In this application field we are focussing on the design of low cost standardized care robots, and perform research into the domain of environmental aware and self-learning systems (see e.g. RoboEarth). An important demonstrator here is the AMIGO robot.

A different field of robotics for healthcare is the use of robots in the operating theatre. Here, robotic minimally invasive surgery solves challenges surgeons cope with while performing conventional minimally invasive surgery. We developed the surgical robot Sofie, being a compact rigid design, allowing force-feedback, high precision control and easy access to the patient. A second application is a master slave robot for eye surgery, in particular vitreo-retinal eye surgery.
An important resource for extending our knowledge in robotics is the RoboCup competition. At the TU/e, we are competing in the Middle Size, Humanoid soccer and the @Home leagues. The combined experiencefrom all our efforts in robotics has brought as at the world leading position in this competition.

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The present and the future for cannabinoid medications lay in the scientific approach to clinical research. The primary research has taken place in Israel under the direction of Dr. Raphael Meshoulam. He and many other pioneers in the field of cannabinoid medicines are creating new and exciting possibilities. In a 1999 report, the Institute of Medicine stated that ‘the future of medical marijuana lies in classical pharmacologic drug development”. In fact since the discovery of the endocannabinoid system in the human body, researchers around the world have developed potential medications to treat a variety of illnesses, including addictive disease.

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Berkeley, CA - April 30, 2003 - Robert Ward, founder and CEO of the Polymer Technology Group, Inc. (PTG), was recently presented with the 2003 Society For Biomaterials Technology Innovation and Development Award. This prestigious award formally recognizes biomaterials research that has been successfully applied towards development of a novel medical product or technology that significantly benefits medical and surgical patients. The award, which was presented at the 29th Annual Meeting of the Society For Biomaterials, is a major acknowledgment of Ward's lifetime of contributions to this vital field.

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Since founding PTG, Ward has continued to advance the field of biomaterials with new innovations. In December 1996 he patented technology, in which a polyurethane can be tailored during synthesis to yield an alternative surface chemistry (i.e., silicone, sulfonate, PEO, fluorocarbon, or hydrocarbon) without significantly altering the mechanical properties of the base polymer. This technology is currently in use in the world's first prosthetic cervical spinal disk and in a clinical ventricular-assist device. He also patented the first true thermoplastic silicone-polyurethane co-polymers, silicone-polyetherurethane and silicone-polycarbonate-urethane, which exhibit the mechanical strength of polyurethanes with many desirable properties of silicone, including in vivo biostability that significantly exceeds silicone-free thermoplastic polyurethanes. Investigations are underway for incorporating these polymers into new medical devices as well as improving existing devices.

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