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Science Kids at Home: What is a Hypothesis?

How do you write a hypothesis

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Writing a Hypothesis for Your Science Fair Project

Why is it useless? By drinking the coffee, you introduce a second independent variable, so you will not know whether the faster race time is due to the pasta or the coffee. Experiments can have only one independent variable. If you want to know the effect of caffeine (or extra sleep or improved training) on your race time, you would have to design a second (or third or fourth) experiment.

To get the energy their bodies need, the larger animals eat more food

Experiments must have the ability to be duplicated because the “answers” the scientist comes up with (whether it supports or refutes the original hypothesis) cannot become part of the knowledge base unless other scientists can perform the exact same experiment(s) and achieve the same result; otherwise, the experiment is useless.

Riemann hypothesis - Academic Kids

Suppose that you wonder whether you can run a marathon faster when you eat pasta the night before or when you drink coffee the morning of the race. Your hunch is that loading up on pasta will give you the energy to run faster the next day. A proper hypothesis would be something like, “The time it takes to run a marathon is improved by consuming large quantities of carbohydrates pre-race.” The independent variable is the consumption of pasta, and the dependent variable is how fast you run the race.

Once an experiment is designed properly, you can begin keeping track of the information you gather through the experiment. In an experiment testing whether eating pasta the night before a marathon improves the running time, suppose that you eat a plate of noodles the night before and then drink only water the morning of the race. You could record your times at each mile along the 26-mile route to keep track of information. Then, for the next marathon you run (boy, you must be in great shape), you eat only meat the night before the race, and you down three espressos on race morning. Again, you would record your times at each mile along the route.

Distinguishing Between Hypotheses, Theories and Facts

If you wanted to test which type of paper airplane was the best, what would you want to consider? Would you use different types of paper? If so, would you use lightweight, smooth or even paper that might have a special coating? Would you change the way the paper was folded and therefore change the design?

If you want to do a project to see if your theory is correct, download the paper airplane worksheet and you can prove which one flies best

So, maybe it took you less time to reach each mile along the marathon route after the night of pasta eating, but your race times after drinking the coffee matched those of the control. That would support your initial hypothesis, but it would refute your second hypothesis. There’s nothing wrong with being wrong, as long as the information is useful. Knowing what doesn’t work is just as important as knowing what does.

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Free and Printable English Activities for Kids

A different hypothesis is that the key events in human evolution were shaped not by any single type of habitat (e.g., grassland) or environmental trend (e.g., drying) but rather by environmental instability. This idea, developed by Dr. Rick Potts of the Human Origins Program, is called variability selection. This hypothesis calls attention to the variability observed in all environmental records and to the fact that the genus Homo was not limited to a single type of environment. Over the course of human evolution, human ancestors increased their ability to cope with changing habitats rather than specializing on a single type of environment. How did hominins evolve the ability to respond to shifting surroundings and new environmental conditions?

Language Acquisition vs Language ..

Overall, the hominin fossil record and the environmental record show that hominins evolved during an environmentally variable time. Higher variability occurred as changes in seasonality produced large-scale environmental fluctuations over periods that often lasted tens of thousands of years. The variability selection hypothesis implies that human traits evolved over time because they enabled human ancestors to adjust to environmental uncertainty and change. The hypothesis addresses the matter of how, exactly, adaptability can evolve over time.

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