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Using Awesome Fonts with the Thesis Theme; How to edit your Custom…

Hi, I have been trying to put a border around my site using your code but nothing shows up. I aso tried changing the background color of the sidebar and nothing happened. I was able to do these things on another site that I made. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong or what it is about the site that is stopping it. Some of the site was set up by someone else, and he put some css into the custom css, is it possible that what he put is blocking the new stuff? What he put does not have any border or sidebar color so I don’t know why it would do that. Thanks.

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OpenHook makes it quick and easy to edit your custom CSS file from within the WordPress admin panel. Without it you’ll have to use an html editor and keep saving & uploading every time you tweak something and that gets old quick.

How to safely edit Custom Functions file in Thesis Theme

Thesis OpenHook also allows you create and use custom functions within the hooks Thesis uses. But that’s a whole other post and both & have done a good job of explaining hooks already. Also, Thesis 1.6 has built in functionality that allows you to edit your custom files. If you’re comfortable with PHP and using hooks, you will no longer need OpenHook, however, it’s still a great tool for those new to Thesis.

The flexibility centers around the theme’s unique use of a custom CSS (cascading style sheet) file so you can drastically change the look of your site by editing just one or two lines of code in one single file.

How to Customize Thesis WordPress Theme Using FTP

CSS code is divided up into 3 basic parts, the selector (the item you want to style), the property, and the value. In the first line above you’re styling links (a) and visited links (a:visited) by editing their color property to a value of #090 (green).

Before discovering Firebug, I used to copy the code I needed from the main stylesheet, paste it into the custom stylesheet, delete all the stuff I didn’t need and edit the selector I did need.

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    A description of the Thesis Custom CSS Stylesheet, what it does, how to activate it and how to use it.

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    How to change and customise the footer appearance in WordPress Theme Thesis in ..

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The Thesis Custom CSS Stylesheet is the tool you use to build on the colours and fonts you set up in the Design Options screen, to make your WordPress site uniquely yours.

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Once you’ve grasped the concept of how to construct CSS stylings, my best advice is to jump right in. You could spend hours digging through but at least for me, trial and error is a much more effective approach.

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In the video below, I'll show you how to customize your header using several different methods. Choose the one that is best depending on your theme.

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For example, want to know how I made my headlines orange and centered on the page? Using Firebug or peaking at the full style sheet you’d see this snippet of CSS:

How to Customize Thesis Theme from WordPress Dashboard

To really customize it though we need to take a look at adding CSS changes. CSS allows us to also change the font and size, but it also allows us to do things like changing the colour and background colour. Removing the border. Relocating it on the right-hand side of the screen.

Customize the Footer - DIYthemes

Why would we do this through CSS? With a little more CSS code we can load in custom fonts which means we can set the font for the menu to something other than can be chosen from the form menu.

php - Adding custom page template to thesis - Stack …

There are more advanced CSS changes we can make which we may cover in a later post. For now, go and play with your custom CSS – ‘Thesis -> Custom CSS’

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