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DRUG SYNTHESIS « New Drug Approvals

By definition, conviction of any criminal offense comes with the possibility of jail and sometimes prison time. However, some drug convictions (especially drug possession charges) result in either no custody time or a very short jail sentence. Many delivery / manufacturing charges will result in a prison sentence of a year or more if the amount of drugs involved is large or if a sale is made to a minor or if the defendant has a significant prior record of convictions.

Synthesis of Essential Drugs - 1st Edition - Elsevier

This book presents the synthesis of various groups of drugs in an order similar to that traditionally presented in a pharmacology curriculum. This was done with a very specific goal in mind – to harmonize the chemical aspects with the pharmacology curriculum in a manner useful to chemists. Practically every chapter begins with an accepted brief definition and description of a particular group of drugs, proposes their classification, and briefly explains the present model of their action. This is followed by a detailed discussion of methods for their synthesis. Of the thousands of drugs existing on the pharmaceutical market, the book mainly covers generic drugs that are included in the WHO’s Essential List of Drugs. For practically all of the 700+ drugs described in the book, references (around 2350) to the methods of their synthesis are given along with the most widespread synonyms.

Synthesis of Essential Drugs - ScienceDirect

describes methods of synthesis, activity and implementation of diversity of all drug types and classes. With over 2300 references, mainly patent, for the methods of synthesis for over 700 drugs, along with the most widespread synonyms for these drugs, this book fills the gap that exists in the literature of drug synthesis. It provides the kind of information that will be of interest to those who work, or plan to begin work, in the areas of biologically active compounds and the synthesis of medicinal drugs.

This webinar will feature two presentations: The first will be a review of some of the most important synthetic strategies that allow chemists to make key structural changes to the sugar-portion of nucleosides. The second presentation will showcase a recent medicinal chemistry program carried out by Peakdale Molecular in partnership with Idenix Pharmaceuticals. This program is focused on the development of experimental nucleoside analogues containing locked nucleic acids for the treatment of HCV and will highlight the problems nucleoside chemists face when working to develop new antiviral drugs.

The online version of Synthesis of Essential Drugs by R.S

The response of the pharmaceutical industry to these threats has been rapid. Breakthrough antiviral drugs, such as Tenofovir and Sofosbuvir, are transforming the prognosis for newly infected patients. These antiviral drugs would not exist if it wasn’t for the skill and ingenuity of medicinal and organic chemists in inventing methods for the synthesis of nucleoside analogues.

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  • Designer drugs include psychoactive ..

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